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Librepilot No Receiver Activity: 5 Reasons with Easy Fixes

It’s really frustrating not getting any response from the receiver after giving the connections correctly. Actually, very simple matters are responsible for your situation. today we’ll talk about the reasons behind receivers’ inactivity or unable to arm your CC3D.

How to fix  Librepilot no receiver activity?

Receiver remaining inactive is a common issue. If you forget to reboot after making a change it occurs. To fix it, you need to reboot it. Secondly, the receiver needs to be powered. Check all the inputs and if the wiring is correct. The RX and FS must not be swapped.

Sometimes the problem looks similar but requires a different method of approach. To clear out all the confusion we will talk in detail about receiver inactivity. 

So stay with us.

Librepilot receiver

5 Causes Of Librepilot Receiver Inactivity

You have to face variety of problems before getting the satisfaction of flying your quadcopter. Suppose, you are ready to fly but you cc3d flight controller is not arming. The same problem has to be treated differently based on the reason. But don’t worry, all of them can be handled easily. 

At first, the receiver and transmitter are updated to their latest versions and bound. The Setup Wizard is used to start the transmitter. At this point, the transmitter is supposed to recognize the compatible receiver. In some cases, the receiver is not recognized.

Some reasons behind the receiver-in activity are discussed below. If you are a newbie in this, you might find the solutions helpful.

Reason 1: Not Rebooting After Making Change in Hardware Tab

Let’s talk about the most common reason first. One thing to remember is that whenever you make a change in the hardware tab, you have to reboot. If you don’t reboot, the receiver will remain inactive.


Reboot the system by disconnecting the USB and external power. If there is still no response in the receiver, debugging the receiver input will help.

To debug the receiver input, you have to go to the System tab and then to Receiver Activity Uavo. When you move one stick at a time, the input activity will be seen. 

Librepilot drone

Reason 2: Receiver is Not Powered

The receiver will not show any activity if you forget to power it. The receiver has a two-way connection. Only the USB connection is not enough. 


Your receiver will be connected to your CC3D via USB. But to activate this, we need a battery or a power supply. Power will reach the receiver after the board is powered through the output port.

As soon as it gets the power, it will turn on giving radio instructions for syncing. If there is still no response in the receiver, you may need to test your receiver. 

Here you can check for another related article recognition problem of cc3d device.

Reason 3: Non-Compatible Power Supply

If the power Voltage does not match then FC will not recognize the transmitter. The CC3D output is estimated to be 3.3v.


To provide power, the source has to be at least 5V. If your power supply is not compatible then the receiver will not respond.

This can be solved by installing “ubec”.

Another important thing is, that the BAT port on the receiver is only used for binding. So do not use it to connect. Then which one you will be using? You must use the pins labeled CH1-CH6. 

You can always seek help from the professionals. However, here is an example of a guy facing issue with librepilot.

Reason 4: Using Wrong User Input

Suppose, the transmitter and receiver are bound properly but no response is shown on the receiver. It works fine when it is connected and installed on the computer. Re-installing the firmware does not help either. The RX and TX bind but show no signal on board. 


Sometimes there arises confusion regarding which input is needed for your receiver output. You don’t need to try every input type. We will help you to configure the one required.

Is your receiver connected under the board to the server connector? If so, then you have to set the MainPort as SBus. Remove the USB and power and reconnect them. Your system is rebooted. When you connect the external power, the receiver will be powered.

receiver output

Reason 5: Swapping RX And FC

In some cases, the receiver is recognized at the start. Afterward when you move from the first screen to the second, and further forward. At one point you see that the receiver is no longer recognized. You will move the stick up and down, but still, no response is found. Powering up the motor through the transmitter does not help. 


If you mix up RX and FC,  then this problem may happen. To eliminate further confusion the right connection is given below:

The ground will be connected to the ground on the RX, positive to positive on RX, TX is not needed and RX will be connected to the cable labeled RX. For your better understanding, a picture is given below.

RX and FC

If you want 32 bits FC then the CC3D Multi- rotor Flight Controller may be for you. On the other hand, interlink controller is the charm of RealFlight 9.5S.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best flight controller?

The CopterControl, CC3D, and Atom flight controllers all are of the best quality. They are stabilized hardware run by OpenPilot firmware. They are equipped and configured to fly any type of airframe. You can use whatever you like from a fixed wing to an octocopter. 

Why CC3D is a good flight controller?

 the CC3D is very popular due to its affordability and high power.  it is equipped with many advanced features.  you can at the GPS module and enjoy the facilities even waypoint-based flights. 

How to download Librepilot?

You can download the Librepilot from their official website. All the information regarding the latest version, configuration, installation, and documentation about how all these works are available in the Librepilot Wiki. 


The situation of a receiver not responding is very frustrating. But you can see that it is caused by very simple reasons. If you had the problem of Librepilot no receiver activity? We hope you found your answer.

That’s all for today.

Take care. 

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