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LiPo Cutoff Voltage: Complete Breakdown!

You may use a LiPo battery for a short while after being discharged. But using it will bring down the voltage below the cutoff voltage.

Immediate consequences can happen if your LiPo battery goes under the cutoff voltage.

Hence, it’s important to know the right LiPo cutoff voltage.

The cutoff voltage of a LiPo battery is set to 3.7 volts per cell. It means you can use around 80% of the battery capacity. However, you may still use the LiPo battery after being discharged. But going below 2.5 volts can cause serious damage. Nevertheless, the cutoff voltage differ for cell counts.

If you want to avoid damage to LiPo, you need to know more about the topic. For that, this article will come in handy.

So, let’s get started!

What is the Cutoff Voltage of a LiPo Battery?

The voltage at which a battery is depleted is the cut-off voltage of a LiPo. The additional discharge can damage your LiPo.

The default cutoff voltage of a LiPo is 3.7 volts per cell. That’s 80% of the battery capacity. It is also applicable for Traxxas LiPo cutoff voltage. Most manufacturers use this cutoff voltage.

Nevertheless, the cutoff voltage is different for each cell count. Also, the cutoff voltage can alter the voltage of life battery storage.

You can set the low cutoff voltage (LVC) to different volts. But setting it below 3 voltage can cause serious harm. You may use it even after the battery is depleted. But, it can harm the battery.

Going below or around 2.5 volts per cell can malfunction the battery. You may not be able to charge the battery back to full health. In short, your LiPo battery will get bricked. 

So, knowing the ideal cutoff voltage for each LiPo battery is very important. Thus, the next section will be helpful for you.

There I have discussed the different voltage cutoffs for every LiPo battery. So, let’s move on!

LiPo battery

The Ideal Cutoff Voltage of Different LiPo Battery Cells

BatteryCutoff Voltage
1S LiPo3.7 Volts
2S LiPo7.4 Volts
3S LiPo11.1 Volts
4S LiPo14.8 Volts
5S LiPo18.5 Volts

As stated before, the cutoff voltage differs from the LiPo battery cell count. However, 50C, 80C or 100C LiPo ratings won’t differ in the cutoff voltage.

Hence, let’s see the ideal cutoff voltage of different LiPo battery cell counts.

1S LiPo Battery

1S LiPo battery is equipped with 1 cell. Hence, most manufacturers will set the 1S LiPo cutoff voltage to 3.7 volts.

However, as it runs on 1 cell, some manufacturers may set a higher cutoff voltage. Because even at more than 3 volts, the cell can get damaged. As this 1 cell has to power the whole RC.

If you want to use a 1S LiPo battery, then some of them are recommended below.

2S LiPo Battery

The cell count of the 2S LiPo battery is 2. Hence, the ideal 2S LiPo cutoff voltage is 7.4 volts. Here’s someone using this 7.4 volts LiPo battery for drifting.

Let’s see some of the best 2S LiPo batteries out there.

Lipo Battery 7.4V 6500mAh

3S LiPo Battery

The 3S LiPo battery has 3 battery cells. Hence, the 3S LiPo cutoff voltage is 11.1 volts. You may wonder if the cutoff voltage is set too high. But, the battery will still use around 80% of the capacity.

Let’s see some of the best 3S LiPo batteries available on the market.

4S LiPo Battery 

4 battery cells come along with the 4S LiPo battery. Hence, the 4S LiPo cutoff voltage is 14.8 volts. 

Let’s see some of the best 4S LiPo batteries for your RC car.

For enhanced performance and runtime, Zeee 14.8V Lipo Battery is one of the best.

5S LiPo

5S LiPo Battery

Finally, with 5 battery cells, the cutoff voltage of the 5S LiPo battery is 18.5 volts. Many 1/8 RC scales use the 5s LiPo battery. 

It packs more power and a more constant supply of current. Hence, you get enhanced performance from the 5S LiPo battery.

That’s all about the LiPo battery cutoff voltage at different battery cells. You need to properly take care of a LiPo battery. Otherwise, it may be worn out well before its lifespan. Nevertheless, it will badly affect the performance of your RC car speed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I charge a LiPo Battery with a NiMH Charger?

No, you should never charge a LiPo battery with a NiMH charger. These are not compatible chargers for LiPo batteries. Because LiPo requires a different voltage to charge. So, using a NiMH charger can cause severe damage to the LiPo battery. Hence, never charge a LiPo battery with a NiMH charger.

Is LiPo Batteries Better than NiMH Batteries for Your RC?

Yes, LiPo batteries are much better for your RC than NiMH batteries. It is lightweight and can store more battery capacity than a NiMH battery. The discharge rate is also better for a LiPo battery.

What is a LiPo Battery’s Lifespan?

The lifespan of a LiPo battery is 250-350 charge cycles. This is an average estimation. However, it may differ if you overcharge or undercharge your LiPo battery. Also, if your LiPo battery takes serious damage it can shorten the LiPo battery’s lifespan.

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