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Losi 22S SCT Upgrades: Everything You Need to Know

Losi 22S SCT is a very famous remote-controlled truck. It has all the features one needs in an RC truck. Yet, it lacks some factors.

And this is normal. The manufacturers try to fill these gaps with continuous upgrades. But what exactly are the Losi 22S SCT upgrades?

Losi 22S upgrades include the upgrading of the motor, arm, gears, casing, shaft, etc. All these upgrades are very essential.Losi 22S SCT upgrades refer to upgrading different aspects of the RC truck. By upgrading, the truck becomes more useful. The speed of the truck increases with other aspects.

This is only the gist of upgrading. Before upgrading, you must learn about some important aspects. Please keep scrolling to know it all!

Is It Worth Upgrading Losi 22S SCT ?

Yes, upgrading Losi 22S SCT is worth it. Upgrades are useful for the overall performance of the RC truck. It improves different aspects of Losi 22S SCT and consequently increases the enjoyment. 

The Losi 22s SCT was a bantg when released. Everyone talked about it.

Losi 22S SCT is a very popular RC truck. It comes with some outstanding features. It performs well in the field and is very fun to play. But that does not mean that Losi 22S SCT is perfect in all aspects.

Losi 22S SCT
Source: Losi.com

Like any other RC device, this one has some drawbacks too. It has problems with its gripping mechanism. Also, some other major and minor issues can be detected in the stock Losi 22S SCT. 

However, the manufacturers of Losi are always working with these defects. They are improving Losi 22S SCT by making new designs and parts. And these parts are added to the truck through various upgrades. 

Because of these upgrades, the performance of Losi 22S SCT improves. Just like the upgrades of the Kraton 6S, the Losi 22S SCT upgrade is also very useful. But you must check various factors before deciding on the upgrades

5 Drawbacks of Losi 22S SCT

Before deciding on upgrading, you should know its benefits. And to know that, you have to know the drawbacks of the previous versions. If the drawbacks are unattractive to you, you should go for the upgrade.

So without wasting any more time let’s check the major drawbacks of Losi 22S SCT. 

Loose Grip 

One of the common issues seen in the Losi 22S SCT is its loose grip. This can be a serious issue. Because of its less grip, the truck might fail to make required turns. Also, this problem will hamper stopping the truck. 

This issue takes place due to the imbalanced weight of the truck. The truck has a lighter rear part. Thus the gripping issue is mostly seen in the rear wheels. Improving the weight distribution of Losi 22S SCT aluminum parts can solve this issue.

Doesn’t Reach The Top Speed 

Another major issue with the Losi 22S SCT is its inability to reach the top speed. RC devices are smaller versions of the original cars and trucks. Despite that, these devices are known for their speed. Losi 22S also comes with a claim of top speed.

The manufacturers claim that this RC truck can go as fast as 50 miles per hour. But that is only theoretical. Practically, the truck can not reach this speed. This is a very sad and disappointing problem for speed lovers. This gives a negative Losi 22S SCT review. 

Too Tight Battery Cover 

This is a minor issue compared to the other ones. All of the Losi 22S SCT parts are made with perfection. But some problems still prevail in various factors. The tight battery cover of the Losi 22S is such an issue. 

The battery cover should be tight for the safety of the batteries. But the cover of Losi 22S is too tight. It can not be opened without any external support. This can be a headache while using the truck outside in the field. 

Less Torque Generation 

This is an issue related to the motor of the Losi 22S SCT. Torque is very important for the motion of the RC truck. A high amount of torque is needed for the best performance. The load-bearing capacity of the truck also depends on the torque.

Moreover, the efficiency increases with the torque too. But the brushless motor of Losi 22S SCT fails to generate enough torque. Losi 22S SCT brushless upgrade is required to overcome this situation of less torque production. 

Week Body 

Now let’s talk about the last setback of Losi 22S SCT. It comes with a relatively weak body. But that does not mean that it breaks easily. Rather there are some weak points in its body. It can be easily modified by making some changes. 

These are drawbacks you can see in the Losi 22S SCT. Some of these are major, while some are minor issues. All of these issues can be solved by upgrades. So, an upgrade is a must. But before upgrading, check the compatibility of the upgrades below!

Compatibility Factors for Upgrading Losi 22S SCT 

Compatibility is a major aspect of RC devices. Because without correct compatibility, the device will not be able to deliver optimum output. So one must know about the compatibility factors properly before making any upgrades. 

Matching Gears 

Gears play a very important role in the power transmission. The brushless motor of the Losi 22S SCT produces rotational motion. This motion is transmitted to the wheels. And this transmission is done by using gears.

So for the best transmission, the gears should sync well with the motor. And for that, the gear teeth must match the motor shaft. While making the upgrades one must ensure this factor. Otherwise, the upgrade will go in vain.

Using 7.4 Volts Battery

The RC truck runs on battery. There are several choices of batteries available in the market. But all of these batteries can not be used with Losi 22S SCT. Losi 22S SCT battery must be within a certain range for the best result. 

You must use a battery of 7.4 volts with this RC truck. Any battery with a higher voltage than 7.4 volts will damage the motor. And if the voltage is less than 7.4 volts, the motor will not run at its full potential. 

Checking the battery compatibility is very important while choosing a servo. So be very careful with this factor.

Compatible Mounts 

Another important compatibility factor is getting the correct mounts for the Losi 22S SCT upgrade. Mount holds the motor of the RC in its place. If you use an incorrect mount, the motor will fit loosely. As a result, it can get accidents and hamper the ride.

Make sure you get the correct dimensions of the mount while upgrading your Losi 22S. This will save you from lots of hassles.

Using 2S Battery 

This is another compatibility factor related to the battery of your RC truck. RC device mainly runs on LiPo batteries. The S number of the LiPo batteries determines the cell count of the battery. To get the best result, you must choose the S number rightly. 

Use 2S batteries with the Losi 22S SCT. That means there should be two cells of the battery. This is the perfect S number for Losi 22S. 

These are the required compatibility factors of Losi 22S SCT. Now I will show you different upgrades of the stock Losi 22S SCT

5 Types of Recommended Losi 22S SCT 

Let’s see the benefits of different upgrades of the Losi 22S SCT. I have represented the major upgrades in a single table below. Have a look at that!

Aspect For ClimbingFor BashingFor Racing
Output Shaft
Servo Arm  
Servo Casing 

The table gives you a clear idea about different aspects of the upgrades of the Losi. Below I will discuss these factors in detail to clear your doubts.

Upgrading Losi 22S SCT for Climbing 

The RC truck will need more torque and traction for climbing. This torque is generated by the motor of the Losi 22S SCT. So to generate more torque, the motor must be upgraded. Besides this, several other aspects of the truck are to be improved.

The grip is very important for climbing. So proper weight distribution must be done. It is also beneficial to upgrade to a metal gear set for this purpose. Also, the servo arm must be upgraded to generate enough torque. 

Upgrading Losi 22S SCT for Bashing

Bashing means driving the RC car in an open and rough field. For bashing the truck must be strong and rugged. It should be able to take the blows while going through the rough places. So the body strength must be increased.

The output shaft and the motor is to be upgraded for proper bashing. An improved gear system is also a necessity for bashing. It is also useful to apply the methods of waterproofing the servo. Then bashing will be easier.

Upgrading Losi 22S SCT for Racing

One of the popular causes of buying RCs is to race with them. However, not all RCs are suitable for racing. Many criteria must be fulfilled for racing. Let’s see which upgrades will help the Losi 22S SCT in racing.

Am upgraded motor is better for racing. Also, metal gearsets will help the truck to attain top speed. Servo casing and arms should be upgraded too for this purpose. 

These are the best Losi 22S SCT upgrades. Now it is your call to go for the upgrade or not.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How fast is the Losi 22S SCT? 

The Losi 22S SCT is as fast as 50 miles per hour. This is quite a high number for RC trucks. However, in practical experience, Losi 22S fails to achieve this high speed. This is due to low torque and the use of a weak motor with the RC truck. Anyway, by making upgrades this speed can be obtained. 

What is the wheel drive of Losi 22S SCT? 

The wheel drive of Losi 22S SCT is 2WD. That means it is a 2-wheel drive truck. So the motor of Losi 22S sends power to only 2 wheels of the truck. The other two wheels simply move due to the movement of the powered wheels. 2-wheel drive is less useful than 4-wheel drive.

Is Losi 22S SCT upgrade needed?

Yes, a Losi 22S SCT upgrade is needed. Upgrades are necessary to improve the performance of RC devices. The stock version of the RC cars and trucks is not perfect. They are continuously improved by bringing changes. Without an upgrade, Losi 22S SCT will not be able to give its best performance. 


This is all I have on Losi 22S SCT upgrades. I think that now you can understand various aspects of the upgrades. 

Get your upgrades from a trusted source. Also, check the compatibility of the upgrades. If you are confused, take help from a professional. 

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