mavic air 2 active track not working

Mavic Air 2 Active Track Not Working: 5 Issues Solved!

Continuously tracking a subject by DJI Mavic Air 2 controller is tough. Thus, the active track works like a charm. However, it is frustrating that the active track sometimes won’t work at all.

So, how can you fix Mavic Air 2 active track not working?

Mavic Air 2 active track may not work because of an unclear object. You should keep the drone at focus range all the time. However, if the P-mode is disabled the active track won’t work. You need to turn it on to enable active track. Furthermore, the sports mode won’t allow you to turn on the active track.

Even though this may give some ideas. But, you need an in-depth idea to use the active track.

So, let’s get started.

How to Turn on Active Track for Mavic Air 2

DJI smart controller active track is a splendid tool. You can use the feature to capture footage of any moving object. DJI Mavic Air 2 is also equipped with an active track.

You can take some mind-blowing video footage with it. Here’s someone who used the active track feature to take a beautiful video.

However, there are plenty of issues with why DJI Mavic 2’s active track won’t work. But, before talking about those issues, you should know how to turn on the active track.

So, let’s see how to activate DJI Mavic Air 2 active track system.

Firstly get your Mavic Air 2 in the air. Then you need to touch the remote icon on the DJI application on the far left. Afterward, select the “Active Track” mode from the menu. You will see the active track is now on the top right of the menu.

If you see the active track is on, then great! You just need to select a subject and hit “GO”. Your drone will follow the subject and start filming.

Albeit, the issue arrives when the active track won’t turn on. Even if it’s on, the drone won’t be able to film properly. So, in the next section, I will talk about those issues.

So, let’s jump to the next section.

DJI Mavic Air 2 active track system

How Do I Know that Mavic Air 2 Active Track Isn’t Working?

The active track not working is surely one of those issues. You may also encounter DJI phantom controller won’t charge. So, is the active track actually working or not?

First of all, check if the active track is enabled or not.

Secondly, while the drone is in the air, you need to manually choose a target. You can either tap or draw a box around the subject.

Lastly, check your controller display whether or not your drone is following it.

If you face any errors or the drone stops following the subject, it is facing some issues.

There are some reasons why active track won’t work properly. In the next segment, I will address and troubleshoot each issue.

So, without waiting any longer let’s move on.

Mavic Air 2 Active Track Isn’t Working

Troubleshooting Mavic Air 2 Active Track Not Working

All the issues stated can easily be solved using the application alone. So, you need to troubleshoot DJI application connectivity issues if any arrive.

So, now let’s see some common issues behind Mavic Air 2 active track not working. Also, troubleshooting the issues will be done.

Issue 1 of 5: Unclear Subjects

One of the most common issues is unclear subjects. The active track needs to properly identify the subject and its movement. But, if the subject is too far, it may fail to do so.

Also, lights, weather conditions, shadows, etc. may blur the subject. Hence, your Mavic Air 2 won’t be able to actively track the subject.

Let’s see the solution to it.


If the subject is unclear, then there are 2 ways to solve the issue. 

Firstly, you need to keep the drone as close to the subject. This will enable your drone to focus on the subject. 

However, getting too close to the subjects can make your drone collide with the surroundings. So, you can buy some protective accessories for your Mavic Air 2 to avoid damage.

DJI Mavic Air 2 Propeller Guard is very durable to protect the propellers. It won’t cause any disturbance while flying the drone.

A crash landing can badly damage the camera. So, equipping the drone with Mavic Air 2 landing gear legs can save from damage.

A navigation light can help you properly navigate the drone. So, getting a Lume Cube Drone Strobe can be very effective.

Even if getting your drone close to the subject didn’t help, there is another way. You should try to use suitable video settings for Mavic Air 2 in different conditions.

Issue 2 of 5: Disabled P-mode

P-mode (Positioning Mode) allows your drone to properly locate itself using GPS. Now, if the P-mode is disabled, the drone won’t be able to pinpoint the location accurately. 

Hence, by disabling the P-mode, the active track may turn on. But it will fail to work accurately. With the new Mavic Air Active Track 3.0, it may also show errors.


The Mavic Air 2 uses the P-mode to properly utilize all the GPS. The P-mode can use the active track optimally. So, you need to turn on P-mode.

From the DJI app interface, click on the 3 dots in the top right corner. There, select the main controller settings. Afterward, enable the “Multiple Flight Mode”. This will turn on the Mavic Air 2 GPS tracking.

Issue 3 of 5: Sports Mode is Activated

The sports mode allows you to operate your drone at full speed. However, the active track requires all sensors to be stable for shooting a video. If the sports mode is on, the capacity gets hindered drastically.

As a result, enabling sports mode may stop your active track system.


As mentioned before, sports mode will greatly hinder the sensors of Mavic Air 2. So, turning off sports mode will enable the active track to work properly.

To turn off the sports mode simply tap on the “Sports Mode” button on the controller. It will disable the sports mode and enable the normal flight for your drone.

Issue 4 of 5: Outdated Firmware

Lastly, outdated firmware may be the actual villain. The drone application and features are not free from bugs. Some bugs may cause the active track to stop working.

The developers constantly work hard to ensure the drone is properly optimized. With outdated firmware, the bugs of the application may cause the active track not to work.


There can be irritating bugs that can stop the Mavic Air 2 active track feature. The bugs can be removed with the updated firmware.

So, if the 3 solutions didn’t work, try updating the firmware of Mavic Air 2. To do so, first, start the DJI Assistant 2. Then, choose the connected device (Mavic Air 2). Now just tap on the “Firmware Update” After a while, the new firmware will be installed.

Issue 5 of 5: Too Low Max Distance

Another issue is the maximum distance being too low. Even if the subject is within the frame, the distance won’t allow the drone’s active tracking.

Sometimes the drone won’t even get the desired aerial shot that you need. The focus of the camera can be all over the place. 


To solve the problem, you need to keep the drone at the ideal range. A distance of 5 to 10 meters should be maintained between the subject and the drone. Also, The drone’s tilt angle mustn’t surpass 60°.

Mavic Air 2 GPS tracking

These are the troubleshooting that can solve your problem. Remember, you should take care of DJI drone batteries. Otherwise, battery issues may arrive which can damage your drone.


Is It Possible to Operate Mavic Air 2 While Raining?

No, you should never use Mavic Air 2 while it’s raining. Because it can damage internal components by short-circuiting. Also, water can badly damage the lens. Nevertheless, the ideal Mavic Air 2 operating temperature is 14°- 104° F. So, you shouldn’t fly your drone in harsh weather conditions.

What Is the Maximum Range of The DJI Mavic Air 2?

The DJI Mavic Air 2 has a range of up to 6.2 miles. This is the maximum distance the drone can go from the controller. The drone is equipped with Ocysync 2.0, which provides a strong wireless connection. However, local regulations, signal interference, and barriers may restrict the real range.

Is DJI Mavic Air 2 Equipped with Anti-Collision System?

No, DJI Mavic Air 2 isn’t equipped with the anti-collision system. So, you need to be careful while operating it. Yet, you will get navigational light which will help you while flying. Also, you can equip your Mavic Air 2 with propeller guards. It will help your drone and save it from a collision.


With this, the topic Mavic Air 2 active track not working ends. Hopefully, it will solve all your issues.

But hold on! Here’s a pro tip, you should use a 256GB UHS-I SD card for Mavic Air 2. That way you can capture more videos even at 8K resolution.

Have a good day!

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