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Mavic Battery Blinking: (7 Reasons And Solutions)

Drones are used too often these days. To fly these drones and aircraft smoothly, a good battery is indeed necessary. But sometimes you might face the Mavic battery blinking weirdly. 

It must be very frustrating for you as it is unknown why the battery is blinking. 

So, your question is why is your Mavic battery blinking

There can be a lot of reasons behind it. The first and foremost reason behind this is your battery isn’t being charged properly. Besides, you also need to check if there’re any static eclectic or circuit issues involved. You also need a clear knowledge of battery features and LED indicators. 

If you’re seeking more details, we’ve got your back! Just stick to the article and you’ll have great insights into the issue you’re facing. 

Reasons Why Mavic Battery Blinking

There is a lot of reasons why your Mavic battery is blinking. From the battery not being charged properly to malfunctioning in other indicators can cause it’s happening. 

We discussed seven reasons why the Mavic battery blinks, and those are 

Reason 1: Low Battery Level

When the battery level is critically low, the battery indicator will blink red lights. This means the drone or the aircraft should be landed immediately.

Low Battery Level

After landing the aircraft immediately, take out the batteries from it. And place them to get charged properly. This might help you stop blinking the battery. 

You also need to know about Mavic pro battery light codes. If the LED 1 blink then the battery is 0-25%. If LEDs 1 and 2 blinks then the battery is 25-50%.  If LEDs 1,2, and 3 blinks then the battery is 50-75%. And with LED 1,2,3 and 4 blick then it’s 75-100%. 

Reason 2: Battery is not Charged Properly

Charging the batteries is always very important. To maintain good battery health for your drone, you’ve to charge the batteries properly. 

Sometimes, you might that DJI battery blinking 3 times, what does it mean? DJI battery blinking 3 times means that the charger has over voltage. 

You can avoid unplugging the battery before finishing charged fully. Also, try not to overcharge the batteries. Overcharging might also cause problems with battery health. 

Reason 3: Battery not Used for a Long Time 

If the battery has not been used or charged for a while, then you might face this issue. 

After a long time, connecting the battery to the current might cause blinking. This is because there’s been a gap for the battery to interact with electricity. Inactivity in batteries is a major issue why your Mavic battery blinks. 

Sometimes for idle batteries, your DJI stops working and doesn’t turn on as well. So, it’s important for the battery issues. 

Reason 4: Battery Cell Damage

If there is any damage to the battery cell, it might cause the indicator to blink. 

When the battery cell is damaged, the battery gets unable to perform properly. So, if a damaged battery is plugged into the charger, then the indicator starts blinking. 

Reason 5: Detection of Over-voltage 

Every battery has a limited amount of voltage written down. The batteries are made in such ways that they’ll avoid extra voltage than the capacity. 

Over-voltage ion batteries cause the indicator to blink. And the indicator won’t stop blinking as long as the voltage is going to get under control. 

Reason 6: Change in Temperature While Charging 

There is a specific temperature for the battery to charge properly. The battery will only be charged if the temperature is between 5-40 degrees C. 

If there is any detection of the temperature being too low or high, then that’s concerning. When the charging temperature is too low or high, the indicator will keep on blinking. 

Reason 7: Detection of Short Circuit 

If there’s the detection of a short circuit, then the indicator will blink continuously. 

Now, you might also face that Mavic pro battery led 2 blinking.  Mavic pro battery led 2 blinking means that there are short circuits detected.

A battery with a short circuit will die eventually and stop working. The battery might also start burning. So, it is important to check the circuit for the battery.

Solutions for Mavic Battery Blinking 

The solutions to fix your Mavic battery blinking are easy. You just have to be careful and follow the suggestions. 

Solution 1: Always Fully Charge the Battery 

It is important for the batteries to be charged fully. Avoid unplugging the batteries before they’re charged properly. You might also face why not the Mavic mini turning off due to batteries.

So, charging will keep the battery from blinking. For charging smart battery chargers helps. One of such product is Smatree Battery Charger

Solution 2: Avoid Overcharging 

Charging the battery properly is essential for the aircraft to fly. But you also have to be careful about overcharging. 

DJI Drone battery

Overcharging might cause the battery cells to be damaged. So, avoid overcharging the batteries for better health.

Sometimes, your Mavic battery might stop charging totally. Overcharging can cause that as well. 

Solution 3: Maintaining the Temperature 

The battery needs to be kept in a place where the temperature is between 5-40 degree C. It is the perfect range of temperature for batteries to charge properly. 

Sometimes you’ll face that DJI Mavic pro battery led 4 flashing. If  DJI Mavic pro battery 4 blinks then you might need to check the temperature. Because the temperature causes battery 4 to blink. 

If the batteries are kept at the right temperature, then they’ll stop blinking. 

Solution 4: Avoid Short Circuits

Avoiding short circuits from the battery will stop the blinking. 

To avoid short circuits keep the batteries in cool places. Overheating causes the batteries to short circuits. 

Solution 5: Replace Mavic Battery 

If the Mavic battery doesn’t stop blinking, you can take it to customer care. From customer care service, you can claim your warranty. Or you can always get yourself a new Mavic battery for your drone. 

The Mavic Pro Powerextra  3830 mAh LiPo is the perfect replacement here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is the Battery Blinking 10 Times?

In certain cases, the battery can be fully charged. But a pen blinking 10 times might indicate that the battery voltage is too low. You should inspect your device’s battery connections in this situation.

How to Reset Mavic Battery?

The only method to bring the Mavic Air batteries out of hibernation mode. First, let the battery alone for at least 5 minutes after turning it on. Then in accordance with the DJI Mavic Air Intelligent Flight Battery safety guidelines. Use the DJI charger to recharge it after that.

How to Tell When a Battery is Fully Charged on a Battery Charger?

Connect the charger to the power source and turn it on. The charging of the battery will be shown by the indicator light or gauge (ammeter). The charging rate may initially appear to be high on the gauge. Butt it progressively decreases as the battery charges.


We hope that the article helped you to find out why the Mavic battery is blinking. You can definitely fix the battery indicator blinking on your own. And even if you can’t, don’t worry! You can always get yourself a new one. 

Have a good day with the fixing! And stay safe and happy. 

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