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Mavic Mini Won’t Turn Off: (Reasons and Solutions)

Drones are overly used these days for fun, entertainment, work, and so on. One of the most common problems for Mavic mini is that it won’t turn off. It must be very frustrating for you too as the drone has limited battery life.

So, your question can be why Mavic mini won’t turn off?

There could be a lot of issues regarding this. The major issue could be anything related to the power supply system. Besides this, there could be battery problems, software issues, and other components as well. You might also need to check Mavic mini’s inner settings for a perfect fix. 

If you need more details about the issue, you’ve come to the right place. The article will give you everything you need to know involved. 

Reasons Why Mavic Mini Won’t Turn Off

Though Mavic is a popular drone brand there are still many issues. The unexpected battery blinking, power issues, and turn off issues are pretty common among the issues.

Today.s topic is Mavic Mini won’t Turn off. There could be many reasons why your Mavic mini won’t turn off. From the battery defect to software issues, the reason could be anything. 

You might think that, how do I reset my DJI Mavic Mini? This is important for you to know that Mavic mini doesn’t have that option. You can not factory reset Mavic mini.

Now, we discussed the major 5 reasons why Mavic mini won’t turn off.

Reason 1: Defected Battery

The defective battery can cause your Mavic mini to function weirdly. 

The batteries need to meet the requirements of the Mavic mini. You need to check the voltage level of the batteries with Mavic mini. Sometimes the batteries get defective due to over usage. 

Reason 2: Software Issues

Software issues are a common thing in Mavic mini. It might cause it not to turn off. 

Sometimes, you think about How do I force quit DJI

To force quit DJI you can press and golf the power button for like a few minutes. And this might solve your software issues.

How do I force quit DJI

Software controls the automated remote control settings. You can easily switch to any mode of settings through software. Sometimes software failure happens then the Mavic mini loses control. After which Mavic mini might not turn off. 

To use your Mavic mini effectively, you’ve to use the app DJI Fly app. Now you might think. What is the DJI fly app? You can share your work, photos, and videos with this app. Also, social media can be monitored by this. 

Reason 3: Unsuitable Flight Areas 

After checking battery and software issues, you might check the area you’re located in. You might be in a GEO-Fence area or NFZ (No Flying Zone). In NFZ, you won’t be able to remote control your Mavic mini. So it is very likely that your drone might not turn off. 

Some of the No Flying Zones you can consider are

  • Schools
  • Power plants
  • Airports
  • Tourist locations
  • Military bases
  • Historical places

Reason 4: Compass Needs Calibration

If the compass isn’t calibrated perfectly then the Mavic mini won’t turn off. 

The drone will fly off and respond perfectly at first. But after a while, it will be difficult to turn it off. So, a perfect compass calibration should be performed before flying off the Mavic mini. 

Reason 5: Defective Components 

Defective components can cause your Mavic mini not to turn off as well. 

If you can’t identify any of the reasons above, then definitely the drone has defective components. You might need to take your Mavic mini to their customer care service for better servicing. 

Here is an example of a Mavic mini turn-off and on the issue. 

Solving Why Mavic Mini Won’t Turn Off

The solution to fix your Mavic mini can be simple and self-explanatory. You’ll need to follow the solutions we’re going to explain and you’ll run the drone smoothly. 

Before we jump to the solutions, you might face how to turn off DJI Mini 2 controller.

To turn off DJI mini 2 controllers, you’ve to press the power button. Then again press the same button for a beep. And your controller will turn off. 

Solution 1: Warm up the Drone

The warm-up session for the Mavic mini is very important. It might take 3-5 minutes for your drone to warm up. 

Warming up will help the drone to function smoothly. And you’ll control the Mavic mini easily, turn it off, fly it off, and so on. 

Solution 2: Get the Appropriate Battery

It is essential to choose the perfect battery for your Mavic mini. You’ve to look out for the voltage level according to Mavic mini. It is necessary to use compatible batteries with the Mavic mini. Otherwise, you might face different issues such as disconnecting issues of Mavic.

To obtain a perfect battery life, it is significant to fully charge the batteries before using them. Batteries play a vital role in why your Mavic mini isn’t turning off. 

Solution 3: Ensure Perfect Compass Calibration

Compass calibration is important when you’ll fly the Mavic mini in an unfamiliar environment. A perfectly calibrated compass helps the drone to operate perfectly, even if the area is unknown.  

Compass Calibration of DJI

Sometimes due to bad calibration, you might face issues with DJI drone turn-ons.

But, before calibrating you’ve to remove all kinds of jewelry and watch from yourself. These metals might cause distractions for the compass. 

Solution 4: Replace the Faulty Components

If you’re still having a hard time with Mavic mini, then you can take it to customer care. They might suggest you replace the faulty components. Or you can simply replace the whole Mavic mini and get a new one. 

In that case the DJI Mavic Mini Fly More Combo will work better.

Solution 5: Check the Internal Software

Internal software is an important part of why your Mavic mini not working smooth. 

Check the internal software for more understanding. You can fix the software issues with commands. If you get confused about software then you can always bring the machine to service centers. 

These solutions will help you to get your Mavic mini flying. All you have to do is understand the correct problem. 

Maintenance Tips 

To work your Mavic mini smoothly for a better future, here are some tips

  • Before using the Mavic mini, you’ve to check if there are any outer or inner damages in the drone.
  • Use fully charged batteries to fly off the Mavic mini. 
  • After using Mavic mini, you can store it in a cool, dry, and non-magnetic place. 

With these maintenance tips, you’ll be able to function Mavic mini properly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is Mavic Mini Not Taking off?

Particularly DJI drones have a tendency to automatically change your settings. You’re not actually attempting to take off when you believe you are. Go to the app and select Remote Control Settings to solve this. Examine the many remote control settings and choose the one you want.

How to Turn off DJI Mavic Controller?

The DJI Mavic Air controller is very easy to turn off. To achieve this, push the controller’s power button once. After that, the LEDs will show you the battery level right now. To shut off the remote controller, press and hold the button one more.

How Long Does it Take to Charge DJI Mavic Mini Drone?

The DJI 18W USB charger requires 120 minutes to completely charge. 4.5 hours when attached to an iOS smartphone. And 1 hour and 40 minutes when linked to an Android device.


We hope that this article helped you to fix why your Mavic mini won’t turn off. You can figure out the reason behind your Mavic mini not functioning. And you can definitely fix it.

We’ve added some maintenance tips. You can follow the maintenance tips for a better experience. 

Have a good day with your drone!

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