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Mavic Pro Flashing Yellow: What Does It Mean?

Let’s imagine a situation, you just got your new Mavic Pro. You update it, and suddenly it starts flashing yellow. Well, whether you can get out of that disconcerting situation is vastly based on luck. 

So what do you do if you see your Mavic Pro flashing yellow?

Pairing your remote controller with your Mavic again may fix it if you’re lucky. Restarting your drone after connecting it to the RC with wire is another solution. Finally, apply for a warranty if nothing else works. To know further about it, read through the rest of the article. 

Let’s dive right into the reason your drone goes haywires as well as its solution.

Why is My Mavic Pro Flashing Yellow?

Mavic drones are equipped with several status lights such as red, yellow, etc. Each and every light has separate functions and indicates different things. For example, Drones have red lights to indicate low battery levels.

Why is My Mavic Pro Flashing Yellow

Well, in this segment, we’ll talk about the reasons behind Mavic pro blinking yellow.

Mavic Pro flashes the yellow light when it is not connected to the remote controller. It usually is not a problem. It can be fixed by just connecting the drone to the controller.  

However, if it is a problem- most user reports share two common reasons. Let’s talk about them.  

Interrupted Update:

Almost All user reports include that this problem started after their update was interrupted. The reason for the interruption varied but the interruption is the common denominator. 

For some reason, the interrupted update set off a bunch of errors in motion. That resulted in the drone not detecting the remote. That is basically the reason why your drone flashes yellow light

The Remote Controller is Set to WIFI Instead of RC:

This is a silly mistake most Mavic pro users make. DJI usually tests their drone on WIFI so the RC remains on WIFI mode when unboxed. 

The remote can only connect in the RC mode. Thus it fails to do so in the WiFi mode. This one is not really an issue like charger hub problem of Mavic air 2. Rather it is a setting you have to change. 

That’s it for the root of the problem. Now, let’s get to solving it. 

How to Fix DJI Mavic Pro Not Connecting to its Remote?

As simple as this problem is, solving it requires a lot of luck. That is simply because this is not always fixable. In fact, it was unfixable for most of the users.

DJI Mavic Pro Not Connecting to its Remote

However, some of the more fortunate users were in luck as theirs was the fixable kind. I’ll list the solutions below.

Some User-Suggested Solutions:

The issue was fixable for some users. This is basically what worked for them-

Connecting the Mavic Pro to its remote via wire: 

There’s a micro USB slot in the Mavic pro. You can connect the drone to the remote via wire using that. 

Then restart the drone. The problem should be fixed and the yellow light should no longer be flashing on your drone.

Changing the remote from WIFI to RC mode:

Well, this solution is self-explanatory. All you have to do is go to your remote settings. Then, change the mode from WIFI to RC. 

Returning The Drone for a Refund or A New One:

This is the path most users followed since not many had been able to fix it. This problem most of the time was due to a kernel bug in the remote control. 

While the aircraft wasn’t problematic, the remote made it unable for anyone to fly it. So many users chose to apply for a warranty. Most of them successfully got a refund or a new drone and remote. 

This is the solution I would suggest if none other worked. 

Step by Step Solutions Suggested By Experts

These simple steps could easily fix the issue if it’s fixable. But there are some prerequisites you have to take before moving to the solution. They are- 


  • Ensure that the Mavic Pro, as well as its remote, is completely charged. 
  • Ensure that your phone is charged and turned on.
  • Once again, make sure that the controller is in RC mode and not in WIFI mode.
  • Release the small flap from the top of the remote controller. 

Now that you’re done preparing for the primary solution. Let’s start- 

  • Connect your phone to the remote control via a micro-USB cable. Afterward, turn the Mavic pro on along with the remote control. 
  • Then launch the DJI GO app on your phone. 
  • You should now see a blue camera button. Press that. 
  • Then once you’re in the camera, go to the settings through the three dots top right. 
  • There should be a small remote control button icon on the left side of the menu. 
  • The next step would be selecting the ‘link remote control’ option in the settings menu.
  • You will be prompted with two options. They are Master or Slave controllers, just select whichever you want to. Usually, users go with the master. 
  • Now a new ‘Searching for Aircraft Frequency’ prompt will appear on the screen. This means you’re on the right track. 
  • All you will have to do is now press the link button in Mavic pro. It is just underneath the flap on its side and above the red LED.
  • Now it’s a waiting game. After about 60 seconds, you should see a remote controller-linked message. 
  • Now, there should be no problem with connectivity. As a result, your Mavic Pro will no longer flash yellow.
DJI mini 2 flashing lights

Voila! If your Mavic Pro or DJI mini 2 flashing lights were yellow before this, it should be fixed now. If it’s not, you also know what to do in that case. Before getting into the FAQ, we got a suggested article – controller charging issue of DJI.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Is My Drone Blinking Yellow?

Your drone is blinking yellow because it lost connection with the remote control. According to DJI, the yellow light blinking means a loss of connection with the RC. 

Why Is My DJI Spark Blinking Yellow?

Your DJI Spark is blinking yellow because it lost the GPS signal. More specifically, it means that you’ve lost your GPS connection while in ATTI mode. 

What Do DJI Lights Mean?

Blinking yellow means a loss of connection with the RC. Slowly blinking red means low charge. Fast blinking red means critically low charge. Finally, solid red means critical error. These are the meanings of DJI lights.

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