naza m v2 not connecting to computer

Why Is Your Naza M V2 Not Connecting To Computer: 5 Solutions

Are you losing your patience trying to connect DJI NAZA V2 to your computer? Sometimes people who successfully connected it previously find problems connecting it later. 

The frustrating thing about this situation is you don’t even know where the problem lies. 

What are the reasons behind NAZA M V2 not connecting to computer, and how to solve it?

NAZA M V2 might not connect to the computer when the version of your device doesn’t support it. Besides, there can be problems with the USB ports too. To solve this, If your PC has antivirus software, make sure to turn it off. If the problem persists, uninstall your software and install it again.

Hold your seat tight because we’ll be going in deep about this problem.

Let’s jump right in.

5 Reasons Why Your NAZA M V2 Not Connecting To Computer

A lot of people come across the problem of connection when it comes to drones. It so happens that you used the same device previously when there was no problem in connection. But now you are unable to connect it.

NAZA M V2 Not Connecting To Computer
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The Naza M V2 is a whole package. Here is what comes in the box.

According to some users they did all the connections correctly. And tried it on several computers.  Yet the Naza M V2 is not connecting to the computer.

There are two lights on the bottom of the assistant interface. When the connection is right, they are supposed to illuminate. 

If you have tried several computers with Windows, then try with an Apple computer. Because there is always a possibility of a problem with the version of your computer.

Let’s check out the 5 most common reasons behind connection problems and their solutions.

Reason 1: Interference of Anti-virus

During the installation of any software, the anti-virus software must be turned off. The antivirus software interferes in the installation process. They identify the new thing as unfamiliar, hence dangerous.

If you cannot connect it, you might have any security software working in the background. It is interfering with the communication between the Naza controller and the assistant.


Check if you are using the latest version of Nasa M V2 Assistant. If that’s ok then check if there is any antivirus software or app working in the background. If you find that there was antivirus software active, turn it off. Restart your computer and try again.

Reason 2: Unsupported Devices

Notice the instructions on the pages of guidelines. You will see that the EXE format is supported on Windows XP, Windows 7, and Windows 8. It might happen that the fly app is not working or crashing on android

If there is an unsigned file or folder that has the possibility to harm your computer. Windows will not allow that installation. 

So by any chance, if such folders are present, you won’t be able to install them.


Download the zip file instead of EXE format. Open the zip file. It opens a dialogue box mentioning the presence of an unsigned file. Then go to the more information button. You will be asked if you still want to install it. Press yes and the DJI NAZA M software installation process will start. 

Reason 3: Naza mv2 Assistant Not Responding

Sometimes It happens that the computer can recognize the plugged-in device. But the assistant does not respond.

You have connected and checked the arms and motors correctly. When it is connected to the PC, it detects the device. But the assistant shows no response. Seek the following solution.


For this problem, there are a few solutions you have to try one by one. First, check the connections. There may be a problem with the USB cable. So use another one. If still no response then uninstall the drivers and install them again.

If you still have the same problem then delete your driver, and assistant software. And then install the drivers again followed by the installation of DJI Assistant software.

Reason 4: Unsigned Drivers

When you upgrade the operating system of your laptop, this problem can happen. Sometimes the user complains that their Device Manager cannot recognize the Naza V2 device. Or the flying app doesn’t respond.

Everybody does the installation following the direction given in the guidelines. And after a correct installation, the LED lights will flash. After that, you download the driver and software.

But the device manager cannot recognize your drone. If you try to contact the company they might send you a generic response. That will ultimately do no help. And if you try calling them, you might be stuck on hold for hours. So let’s try solving it by ourselves. 


The problem was caused by upgrading the operating system. It will be resolved by rebooting into the Windows troubleshooting mode. There you will be able to install the DJI’s unsigned drivers. 

For the second solution, you have to disable the driver signatures. Then uninstall everything. Re-install them following the sequence. Don’t forget to uninstall the Naza port in the device manager before starting the whole process.

Reason 5: Absence Of USB User’s System File

Connecting drivers to Windows 10 needs the presence of a USB user system file. Some users complain that they are using the Windows 7 operating system. And they don’t have these USB user system files. As a result, the connection is not formed between your computer and the Naza M V2.


This problem can be solved by downloading the missing file. You have to download the usbuser.sys file and save it into the C: \ WINDOWS \ system32 \ drivers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the latest flight controller of DJI?

The N3 flight controller is the latest of DJI. It belongs to the generation of the NAZA series. It is good for industrial use and also for non-professional use. It has a huge flight control algorithm. The controlling range covers a big area. But some users reported having DJI charging issues.

Can I upgrade my Naza M Lite?

Yes, you can upgrade Naza M Lite. First, connect your F1 and F2 ports with the servo cable. You have to turn on your NAZA after connecting to the USB. You will find the upgrade page once you start the NAZA Lite Assistant. Select the upgrade page and confirm it. It will start upgrading to 1.00.

How Can I Use DJI Aircraft on iPad?

You have to use DJI ground station Pro Enterprise V1 on the iPad. It is iPad compatible. Even an inexperienced person can use this DJI aircraft for mapping and photography. There you’ll get the facilities of commanding on-screen to activate the pre-programmed functions.

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