openpilot vs cleanflight vs librepilot

Openpilot vs Cleanflight vs Librepilot – A Detailed Guide!

You have just bought your drone and thinking about the best firmware for operation.

You hit up google and find 3 popular firmware. But you are confused about which one to pick for your drone.

Which one will you choose, Open pilot vs Cleanflight vs Librepilot? 

Open flight offers a professional interface and good compatibility. But, Cleanflight gets the better of everything. It is simple and easy to operate with cutting-edge features and a simple algorithm. Librepilot is ideal for beginners with fewer complications. However, It lacks advanced features.

Hang on, we have made a detailed comparison of openpilot vs cleanflight vs librepilot. Hopefully, it will help you choose the best firmware for your drone and get going.

Let’s begin.

Openpilot vs Cleanflight vs Librepilot: Quick Comparison 

Whether it’s Cleanflight vs Betaflight or Openpilot vs Cleanflight vs Librepilot you can always get a clarification. Good news is here we’ve made a quick comparison as well,

Before we jump into the main discussion, let’s have a look at this quick comparison. Well, the comparison is 

Aspect Openpilot Cleanflight Librepilot
GUI Very Clean & ProfessionalEasy to operate and maintain Excellent and easy to use
Software AlgorithmCannot write custom codes and options are very limitedThe code is very simple and easy to troubleshootLess complicated coding and fewer features
FeaturesBunch of professional features and very useful Cutting Edge features like Betaflight after merging Less features than other competitors 
Compatability Compatible with almost all devices Compatible with a wide range of device and software Supports both fixed and rotor wing drone
Community Support The software has been discontinued and very limited community support is available Huge Community and complete support Less support due to limited developers

Now let’s jump into the main discussion.

Cleanflight vs Betaflight

Openpilot vs Cleanflight vs Librepilot: Detailed Comparison 

Choosing the best open-source drone software project can be very tricky. There are many flight controller projects out in the market. You can also build on using jumpers, wires, UBEC circuit and others. Some focus on technology, some on GUI, and some on hardware.

Worry not, we have made a detailed comparison of openflight vs cleanflight vs librepilot. This will help you get a good picture of what is available. Hopefully, you will be able to make your decision easily and wisely.


The first thing while choosing a flight controller software, you will look at the GUI. You will be wanting a software that looks simple and easy to operate. 

Complex GUI will confuse you and you might not want to use it again.

In terms of GUI, Librepilot comes on top in terms of simplicity and ease of use. However, if you want a more professional feel but with a simple GUI, go for Openpilot.

On the other hand, Cleanflight is also easy to operate and maintain. You can choose this option if u want lesser maintenance.

Software Algorithm:

The software algorithm defines the inner structure of the software. A simpler algorithm allows the user to modify or troubleshoot easily.

Cleanflight has the simplest algorithm but with cutting-edge features. The troubleshooting is also pretty easy.

Openpilot has the most complicated algorithm of the three. The custom coding options are also limited.

Librepilot has a simple algorithm with fewer features. But, it supports custom coding, unlike open pilot.

If you are looking for a simpler algorithm with nifty features, Cleanpilot is your get-to-go. 


Whether you compare Betaflight with INAV, or Cleanflight with Librepilot, features are always important.

You will be wanting software with lots of features that are easy to use.

Openpilot shines in this sector with tons of features, some of them being professional. But the interface is simple and easy to use.

Hence, it is the best option if you want a professional but easy feeling.

LibrePilot VS CleanFlight

However, Cleanflight has the most cutting-edge features & perks after merging with Betaflight. The software is also back-compatible with Betaflight.

On the other hand, librepilot has fewer features than its competitors. It is focused on ease of use for beginners.

If you are a beginner, you can choose librepilot. If you want a professional feel, Openpilot is the way to go.

But Cleanpilot has the better of two worlds. It is also popular among SPracers. If you are flying competitively, you can choose this.


One of the major aspects of choosing a flight controller software is compatibility. Sometimes, this is overlooked by many users. You will be wanting your software to be compatible with a wide range of devices. 

All the three software are compatible with a wide range of drones and FPVs. However, Librepilot supports both rotor-wing and fixed-wing drones.

Cleanpilot is also compatible with Betaflight devices after merging and offers good options too.

Here’s someone building a drone based on Openpilot firmware.

Community Support:

Last but not least, You will be wanting software with the best community support.

Here, Cleanpilot defeats the other two software by a huge margin. After merging with Betaflight, the community has exponentially grown in size.

The support is also immense and continuous updates are available every now and then. 

Librepilot community base is not as big as Cleanpilot. Hence, the support is limited. Also, the developer base is small. Thus, updates are not available frequently. 

On the other side, Openpilot has been discontinued a few years ago. Thus, community support is the least of the three software. You will get very limited support and there will be no further updates. 

Openpilot vs Cleanflight vs Librepilot: Which One to Pick

While openflight offers a professional but easy GUI, it lacks updates and community support.

Cleanflight has the better of two worlds. It has cutting-edge technology and a huge community for support. And perhaps, the best compatibility among the three.

This will be the ideal choice for anyone who’s trying drone software.

However, if you are a beginner and just starting out, Libreflight will be a good choice for you. It features a very simple interface with a handful of essential functions.

cleanflight vs librepilot

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Can my flight controller be bricked? 

Yes, it can be bricked. But it will be a soft brick. You cannot hard brick your FC because the ROM is in the bootloader. If this happens, you can press the boot button and get into DFU. There you can flash the FC and unbrick your Flight Controller.

How frequently do I need to update my flight controller firmware? 

You should update your flight controller firmware as soon as a stable update arrives. Firmware is the software at the core of the drone. It controls basically everything, from flight maneuvers to hardware management. An updated firmware allows you to operate your drone safely and reliably.

Can I make a DIY Flight Controller?

Yes, you can make a firmware with the help of jumpers and wires. You need a breadboard for this operation. However, after testing you need to make a PCB design to fix all the connections. And don’t forget to put on a UBEC circuit for voltage conversion.


That will be all regarding openpilot vs cleanflight vs librepilot. Hopefully, you have come to your decision on choosing the best drone firmware.

Have a great time flying your drone.

See you soon.

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