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4 Phantom 3 No Camera Issues That You Can Solve Yourself!

While the camera on your DJI phantom is great, it often faces a lot of issues. And you’re seemingly frustrated by the camera’s odd behavior. However, the issues are quite easy to fix actually.

So, how to fix the Phantom 3 no camera issues?

Usually, updating the firmware fixes any issue with the Phantom 3 camera. To update the app, first, connect the drone to wifi. Then simply launch the DJI GO app on your tablet or phone. A prompt saying ‘Upgrade Now’ should appear on the screen. Just tap on the prompt and wait a few minutes to finish it off.

Not sure yet? Don’t worry as this guide will make sure you understand it all by the end.

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Problem 1: No Camera View on Phantom 3

The camera not working on dji drones is one of the most common difficulties people face.

This is the major issue that occurs with Phantom 3 as well. Whenever you enter the DJI app, there’s no view on the camera. Or the dji phantom 3 camera no signal pops up.

The signal issue with phantom 3 mainly occurs because the transmission threshold is crossed. If your remote control is too far from your drone, you won’t see any signal for the camera. 

Here’s a phantom owner facing this horrible issue without knowing what to do!

You don’t want to be like that, do you? So, let’s get to the possible causes and solutions now.


The most probable reason could be the faulty functionality of your camera.

Or the transmission signal of the feed is unstable. Unstable telemetry can also cause no camera view on Phantom 3.

phantom 3

A little tweaking on phantom 3 camera settings will solve it. So, let’s check out the solution now.

The Solution to No Camera View on Phantom 3

Most users have verified that updating the firmware has cured their no camera view issue.

Hence, in this section, we’ll show you how to perform a firmware update to solve the no camera view issue. 

Just go through this detailed step-by-step process and your problem will be solved. 

Step 1: Connect to the Wifi

First of all turn on your drone and then turn the Remote Controller on. Then normally connect to the drone’s Wi-Fi network.

Step 2: Set for the Update

Now launch the DJI Go app with the phone or tablet. You will notice a prompt on the top of the screen saying that “New firmware update available”. Tap on it.

DJI Go app update

Next, connect the mobile to the home or office wifi.

Step 3: Proceed Downloading

Now go back to the DJI Go app. After that, click on the ‘Download Now’ option. It should appear at the bottom of your screen.

You are also supposed to notice a progress bar. It will indicate the progress of your downloading.

After you’ve downloaded the file, now simply switch the wifi networks once again. 

Going to the settings on your phone, change the wifi connection. Change it from your home network to the controller’s wifi network.

Step 4: Complete the Upgrade

Now you’ll be able to reopen the DJI go app. So, click on the ‘Start Upgrade’ option.

You will notice a progress bar appearing again to show the progress of the firmware update. Do not turn your drone off. Also, avoid turning off the mobile device during that time.

When your upgrade is complete, click on the ‘Complete’ button. After that, restart the aircraft that should now boot with the installation of new firmware.

And with that, the no view on camera issue should be fixed!

Problem 2: Phantom 3 Camera Black Screen

Users sometimes complain about the problem where the camera view is black. The entire screen is black.

Phantom 3 Camera Black Screen

Might even look like your camera is broken. It also leads to DJI phantom 3 pro no live feed.

Sometimes there are DJI drones video feed issues as well. It creates the DJI phantom 3 no video transmission issue as well.


In maximum cases, the camera may show a black screen due to the firmware update. 

Some Phantom 3 is not often compatible with the latest firmware updates. And for that reason issues like exhibiting a black screen occurs.

Nonetheless, you may be able to still use the camera. Yet after you turn it on or off, let’s say two times, suddenly the camera stops working. Then presents a black screen on the display. Flying RC drones becomes troublesome due to this.

The Solution to Black Screen Showing on Drone Camera

To fix the Phantom 3 camera exhibiting black screen problems, you have to downgrade the drone firmware.

Step 1: Connect the Drone to the PC

As the firmware update is already performed, it is only possible to update the firmware. Plus, downgrading firmware is also not likely through the phone. 

For that, you have to use a PC for doing the firmware downgrade process. 

Connecting Drone to the PC

So, grab a Micro USB cable first. Now using that cable connects the drone to the PC.

After you are done connecting, start Installing DJI Assistant tool on the PC. Since you’ll be able to upload the firmware to the drone on PC through that software. 

Step 2: Set It for Firmware Update 

Next, you have to open the DJI Assistant tool on the PC. Then select your drone model icon. 

So, choose the Phantom 3 icon and then click on the ‘firmware update’ option. 

Step 3: Downgrade the Firmware

Now it should show the current firmware version. You have to downgrade the firmware. 

For that, simply click on the downgrade option. It should not take more than a few minutes to update. 

Now you will see the current firmware version being one level below the latest one. Now you can get back to your phone. Then check if the issue is actually fixed or not. It should work perfectly fine. 

Problem 3: Phantom 3 Camera Not Focusing

This is another issue the DJI Phantom 3 Professional users complain about. That their drone camera won’t focus properly. The reason and solution both are very simple for this one.


Your Phantom 3 camera is possibly not focusing for reasons like micro-scratches on the lens. Or maybe there is dust on the lens. 

Sometimes, moisture tends to trap inside your camera lens. autofocusing not working, or the camera has a hardware issue. 

If you have a DJI drone and DJI Refresh, then send your drone to DJI, and they will repair your drone camera or give you a new one. 

The Solution to Phantom 3 Camera Not Focusing

As mentioned before, the solutions are quite simple for this issue. Have a look at them.

Deal with the Dust

If you notice any dust on your drone camera lens, simply wipe it off.  Use a soft cotton cloth for that and it should work perfectly fine.

Deal with the Scratches

If you see any type of scratches on the camera lens, you need to replace the camera. Or you might consider sending the drone to DJI. They would repair the Phantom 3 drone in about 4 to 5 days.

Dry out Any Moisture 

And in case of any visible moisture inside the drone camera lens, dry it out. For that, keep your Phantom 3 under the sunlight. But make sure to remove the batteries. After an hour, you can check if there’s still any moisture left inside the camera lens.

And that is it! Your problem should be solved.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you fly Phantom 3 without a camera?

Yes, you can fly the Phantom 3 without the camera. Some people do it while practicing. This is mostly to avoid risking the expensive camera. However, DJI GO is useless without a camera.

Can you fly a Phantom 3 without a phone?

Yes, you can fly a phantom 3 without your phone. Because you can use a tablet or remote instead. A DJI Smart Controller also works very well.

Why is my phantom 3 showing a black screen?

Phantom 3 may not often be compatible with the latest firmware updates. So, they can not cope with the camera functions as well. For that reason issues like showing a black screen occurs.

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