propel air combat helicopter troubleshooting

Propel Air Combat Helicopter Troubleshooting!

We know how frustrating it can be when your RC helicopter stops working. For the RC fans, it is nothing less than a nightmare. Luckily, you got us!

We will guide you through the propel air combat helicopter troubleshooting guide. 

The most common problem people face with Propel RC helicopters is the toilet bowl effect. There are other issues like the3 helicopter won’t lift off, abnormal spinning, won’t respond to the remote, and won’t charge. Although the problems seem messy they’re easy to deal with.

For now, let’s start with the quick troubleshooting guide for the propel air combat helicopter. In the next segment, we’ll discuss the problems and their reasons along with the solutions.

Quick Troubleshooting Guide

Let’s explore the most discussed problems concerning Propel air combat helicopters. We’ll find the reasons and troubleshoot them as we did with the s107 helicopter

ProblemsPossible ReasonsSolutions
The Helicopter Won’t Lift OffWorn off batteries
Worn-off gears
Worn-off blades
Check and replace the batteries
Change or replace the gears
The Helicopter Is Spinning In CirclesTBE (Toilet Bowl Effect)Tighten the shaft
The Helicopter Is Not Responding to The RemoteFaulty Remote/JoystickIdentify and replace the remote
The Helicopter Won’t ChargeFaulty Charger
Voltage Issue
Faulty Batteries
Water Damage
Replace the charger
Masure the voltage
Replace with Li-Po batteries
Dry and replace the wet parts.

So, let’s begin with the first problem.

Problem 1: Helicopter Won’t Lift Off

Propel Air Combat Helicopter

The most common problem is the helicopter not lifting off. We’ve seen many propel users facing these issues. So, we’ll discuss this problem first. Let’s explore the possible reason behind this problem and its solutions.

Reason 1: Worn-off Batteries

The most common reason is worn-off batteries. Lifting off the helicopter needs the most energy. As a result, you should have powerful batteries. Old batteries won’t be able to deliver the proper power to lift the helicopter.

Also, your batteries may deliver poor performance even though they’re fully charged. Make sure your batteries have enough charging cycles left. It’s normal even for the rechargeable to weaken over time due to charging cycles.

Solution: Check and Replace the Batteries

You can use a multimeter to check the voltages like we tested brushless motors earlier. Fully charged batteries normally have a voltage of around 4.2V. 

If you see any discrepancies in the voltage that means the batteries are unbalanced. To balance the battery, discharge fully and charge again.

Use a multimeter and check the voltage again. If the voltage is what we mentioned earlier that means the batteries are in good condition. If not, change the batteries with new ones. Now try lifting off the drone again.

Reason 2: Worn-off Gears

RC helicopters have so many gears to work properly. These gears can wear off over time due to friction. Worn-off gears will create resistance when you try to lift it up. As a result, your batteries will be under more strain, causing them to wear out faster.

Solution: Change or Replace the Gears

One of the easiest solutions is if you have another RC helicopter you can replace the gears. If you, don’t have one you can easily find the gears in the market. Identify which gears are causing the problem and replace them accordingly.

Reason 3: Worn-off Blades and Motor Brushes

Worn-off propeller blades are another reason behind your RC helicopter not lifting. Check whether the blade is cracked or broken. The blades work like a kite, remember when we used to fly kites in our childhood? Torn kite neck won’t fly properly.

Also, the worn-out motor brush is another reason behind the RC not lifting off. The carbons in motors wear off over time. Unfortunately, there’s no way to fix it.

Solution: Replace the Blades or Motor

If your propeller blades are cracked or broken, try replacing them with new ones. Propellers vary based on different models. So, buy and replace accordingly. Also, you need to replace the motors completely. There’s no way to fix a worn-off RC motor.

Problem 2: The Helicopter is Spinning in Circles

The second most discussed problem is sometimes the helicopter just spins in circles. We remember we came across the same with the sky rover helicopter earlier. Well, it could happen for many reasons. Let’s find out.

Reason: Toilet Bowl Effect

Another reason your RC helicopter is unable to lift off is a broken shaft. It’s possible that that shaft is weak or has broken parts. This scenario is known as the toilet bowl effect(TBE). If the shaft linkage is weak the thrust produces a toilet bowl effect. 

Primarily, the toilet bowl effect is caused by two components. These are

  • The Flybar
  • The Blade Pivots

The Flybar is a crucial component of the RC helicopter. If the helicopter pitches or rolls in any direction, Flybar automatically stabilizes it. So, in simple words, it works like a compass that stabilizes pitch angles and the rotor blades. 

The blade pivot causes the same issue if it has a stiff binding like the Flybar. So, if the Flybar is loose it won’t be able to stabilize the rotor blades and pitch on time. As a result, it fails to lift up and produces the toilet bowl effect. 

Solution: Tighten the Shaft

The first rule is to have a tightened shaft and blades. If the blade holder screws are loose, tighten them both inside and outside. If your RC is a glue model, use powerful plastic glue for a good grip. It will make the shafts and the blades firm. 

Problem 3: The Helicopter Is Not Responding to the Remote.

Propel Air Combat Helicopter with remote control

Reason 1: Faulty Joystick

If suddenly your helicopter is not responding to the remote, it means your remote is faulty. Check if there are any visible issues with the remote. 

Also, make sure the remote wasn’t exposed to the water. Water can damage the internals and interfere with the signals.

Solution: Identify or Replace

Identify what causes the remote to fail. Is it the batteries? Or there is a hardware issue that needs expert attention. Fix the issue or replace the remote with a new one. 

Reason 2: Signal Interference

Another common reason is the signal interference of the remote. Some models have particular channels of communication. For instance, the Propel Gyro-X has three communication channels that it responds to.

Solution: Change the Channel

Sometimes, a particular one may cause interference. In that case, change the channels to check which one works better. Some channels may respond better than others.

Problem 4: The Helicopter Won’t Charge

Propel Air Combat Helicopter yellow color

Another common issue people face is oftentimes RC helicopters won’t charge similar to air hog helicopters. There are several reasons behind an RC helicopter not charging.  Let’s explore the reasons.

Reason 1: Faulty Charger

If the batteries are good and working properly, check the charger. Make sure the charger is charging the batteries/RC properly. If the charger is taking too long to charge the batteries it means the charger has an issue.

Solution: Replace the Charger

You can try to fix the charger if you have the expertise. Otherwise, replace the charger and get a new one. In most cases, the charger can be fixed.

Reason 2: Voltage Issue

Sometimes having abnormal voltage can be another issue why your RC helicopter is not charging. Also, having an incorrect amount of voltage can damage the batteries. Li-Po batteries are two kinds: 2-cell and 3-cell. 

Solution: Measure the Voltage

Normally, 2-cell batteries have around 3.8v per cell, which is 7.6 in total. Likewise, 3-cell Li-Po batteries have a total of 12.6 volts. Use a multimeter to measure the voltages. If the voltage is more or less from the recommended value change the batteries.

Reason 3: Faulty Batteries

If you’re using normal AA batteries that could be the main reason behind the charging issue. RC helicopters need a certain amount of power in order to work properly. 

Normal alkaline batteries are made with zinc manganese dioxide and potassium hydroxide. As a result, they deliver normal power thrust, which is not adequate for RC helicopters.

Solution: Use Li-Po Batteries

It is recommended to you use Li-Po (Lithium-ion Polymer) batteries for maximum performance. These batteries contain nickel cadmium that delivers four-time more energy compared to normal batteries. Also, they wear off slower comparatively. 

Reason 4: Water Damage

If your helicopter got exposed to water it can damage the internals. As a result, the helicopter will stop charging itself. Water is the enemy of electric devices and batteries. In the worst cases, you might need to replace the batteries or affected parts.

Solution: Dry and Replace Parts

If your helicopter is exposed to water immediately take it out and dry. Some parts may get damaged from the water if it was exposed for a long time. A water splash won’t do any harm unless it gets completely submerged in the water. 

In that case, identify which part got damaged and needs replacement. Replace the parts immediately before attempting to fly again.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do You Charge A Propel Helicopter?

To charge a propel helicopter turn off the helicopter and plug the charger into the port. It will show a red button that indicates it’s charging. Once it gets fully charged the LED light will turn green from red. Remove the charger to avoid overcharging it.

How Do I Connect Propel Drone To Phone?

To connect your propel drone to your phone connect your phone with its Wi-Fi network. Now, download the propel app from Playstore/AppStore. Launch the app and proceed with further configurations to pair the drone with your phone. 

Why Does My Rc Helicopter Fly Sideways?

The tail rotor is responsible for your RC helicopter flying sideways. Helicopters can fly forward, backward, and sideways. However, a faulty tail rotor causes the helicopter to uncontrollably drift sideways. Also, if your helicopter collides with something hard, the tail rotor may fail as well.


We’ve reached the end. Thank you for staying with us. It’s time to say goodbye. We hope we could demonstrate the propel air combat helicopter troubleshooting properly. 

Let us know if the methods helped you to fix your RC helicopter. We are always open to your comments and suggestions. See you soon!

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