Propel Batwing Drone Won't Fly

Propel Batwing Drone Won’t Fly- 5 Possible Issues


We all face problems with our drones like the drones not being able to fly. But, when we face the same type of problem with our batwing drone, we just lose it. It’s THE batwing, anyone would be sad if it doesn’t fly. 

So, why your propel batwing drone won’t fly? 

Your first and foremost job is to check the battery. Then check for any connection failures between the controller and your Batwing. When your safety guard is not placed right or the joystick’s broken, your Batwing won’t fly. Lastly, check the placement of the propeller or a broken motor. 

Well, this is just the tip of the iceberg. The details of all the problems have been explained in the article, so read along!

5 Possible Problems For The Batwing To Not Fly

There are a bunch of problems that could occur to your Batwing. We’ll get to all of them from minor to major. 

Without any further ado, let’s start looking at the problems- 

Batwing Not Turning On

Your batwing may not power up if your battery is not charged. The red light indicates that the battery has been charged fully.

And when you put your batwing on the charge, it’ll blink blue and red LED lights. If you see no light, your battery is most likely faulty. 

A faulty charger is another reason for your Batwing not charging. In that case, charge it without a charger while you get a new charger. 

There’s another reason to understand that your battery might be faulty. And that’s when your battery doesn’t work even after being fully charged. 

Also, check if you’ve installed the battery properly. For the battery to be in touch with the receiver, it needs to face downwards. 

Connection Failure

The controller and drone might sometimes face these problems due to a bunch of reasons. Check your controller batteries when that happens. 

Drone controller batteries should be AAA ones and not AA ones. Check if you have the right batteries or not. While you’re at it, also check if they’re inserted properly. 

Here are some of the best AAA batteries that you could use for your controller-

Product 1
Product 2

If the connection is lost, you’ll have to re-calibrate to get a connection. Your controller will be able to reconnect without any hitch and get back to usual functions. 

To re-calibrate the batwing, place it on a flat surface. You’ll see a calibrate button. Hold it down for 30 seconds straight and the light of the batwing will stop tilting. That’s when you’ll know if your batwing has calibrated. 

Another reason you could face a connection failure is when there’s radio interference. When another device is working on the same channel, this happens. When this happens, try pressing the ‘3CH’ or ‘4CH’. This will change the frequency your batwing is operating on. 

If you’re using a Spektrum receiver, check for binding issues. Spektrum receiver binding issues are not that uncommon after all. 

Safety Guard Issues

When the safety guard on your batwing is snapped or not attached properly, it won’t fly. If the safety guard is snapped, try taping it back. If you’re unable to do so, buy a new one. 

To check if it’s attached properly, place the batwing right side up. Now check if the safety guard sits flush to the ground or not. If it does then it’s most likely upside down. If you’re to fix this, remove the safety guard from the batwing first. Then reattach it but make it face the opposite direction. 

Broken Joystick

This is one of the major reasons for your batwing to not fly. If your joystick malfunctions or is broken, you’ll have to open your controller to fix it. Also, you’ll have to replace your joystick. 

To open your controller, you’ll have the four screws that are on the back. They’re all at the corners. After taking off the back, remove the joystick caps. 

Now, insert a new joystick or any DIY 3D joystick. Put the back part of the controller in its place and secure the screws. Your joysticks should be working fine now. 

Malfunctioning Propellers 

Propellers need to be attached to a specific place under the drone. They don’t even levitate you can forget about flying if they’re not in the right place. 

There’s a letter A or B attached to all your propellers. These letters are to identify the location of your propellers. Blades of different letters should be at the back. They should be different on each side as well. Basically, the letters can be the same only diagonally. 

Another reason for your propeller to malfunction is when the propeller’s broken. There’s no way of repairing a propeller so you’ll have to repair it. 

Take out the blades with the broken motor first. Then disconnect this motor from the main circuit of your Batwing. Replace that motor with a brand new motor. Make sure it’s the right one for your Batwing. Also, remember to connect it to the main circuit. 

If you plan to change the blades as well, make sure you’re well informed. Whether you switch to 2-blade or 3-blade is up to you but, make an informed decision. 

And these are just about all the possible reasons for your Batwing to not fly. Check them all one by one. Whichever seems faulty, fix it accordingly. 


Question: My propellers are spinning but the Batwing’s not flying.

Answer: Your propellers could be damaged from a crash. Or the issue could in your motor shaft or the motor itself. 

Question: How long can I fly the Propel Batwing at a stretch? 

Answer: The average flight time of Propel drones are recorded to be around 8-10 minutes. Your Batwing should fly around the same duration

Question: How can I connect the Batwing with my phone?

Answer: You’ll need to have the Propel app installed on your phone first. Power on your drone and connect to the drone’s WiFi. The Password should be on the manual. 


These are just about all the things for which your propel batwing won’t fly. Check them out one by one and you should be able to identify the right cause. 

If you’re still unable to identify the issue, contact the manufacturer. 

Good Luck!

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