prophet sport mini charger not working

Prophet Sport Mini Charger Not Working: Complete Breakdown!

So, your new Prophet Sport Mini charger is acting bizarre recently. Like when you connect it to the receiver it doesn’t operate for more than 10 seconds. Sometimes it does not operate at all.

Now you are wondering why is the Prophet Sport Mini charger not working?

Well, there is some easy solution for the Prophet Sport Mini charger not working. Changing the charge rate to 11 volts can solve the issue. There is another way you can adopt. That is trying to charge it as a NiMH. Do it for approximately 5 to 10 minutes. And your issue should be resolved. 

Still confused? Well, don’t worry! Because in this article we have cleared all your confusion. Provided all the reasons and solutions. 

Moreover, you will find some additional tips so you can prevent this issue from happening further.

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The Problem with Prophet Sport Mini Charger

So, this is the common problem with the Prophet Sport Mini charger. And it happens if you somehow forget to  disconnect the LiPo battery from ESC. You may notice your charger has stopped working.

However, when you connect it to the receiver, maybe it lights up. And you can somewhat control the motor. But only for 10 or so seconds. Eventually the light of the receiver goes bad. 

And when you attempt to recharge it, you may get an alarming error. As all 3 LEDs start flashing and there is this continuous beeping.p

And you are confused about whether your Lipo battery of yours is dead. And if there is any way you can bring your charger back to life.

disconnect the LiPo battery from ESC

Reason Behind the Issue

There is a possible reason behind why the issue is happening. It can be that the battery might have dropped below 3V/cell. 

That is why you are getting the alarming error or the LED keeps flashing lights.


There are two popular ways you can solve it. Just go through them carefully and determine which one you prefer. 

Or which one seems more suitable in your circumstances.

They are not that complex either, just like the solutions for venom pro duo charger issues.

And try it out!

Method 1: Charge Up to 10.8 Volts

One is trying to charge it up to 10.8 through 11 volts on the chargers display. But do not plug in the balance lead when you are at it. Leave your balance plugs out.

Also, do this entire process in a safe area. And away from things that might catch on fire.

Charging Up to 10.8 Volts

Method 2: Charge As A NiMH

Another way you can adopt is trying to charge it as a NiMH. Do it for approximately 5 to 10 minutes. 

As the possible reason is battery dropping below 3V per cell. So performing this solution might bring your charger back to life.

However, some chargers often does not have the NiMH battery mode in them. 

If that is the case with your Prophet Sport Mini charger, there is a simple fix. 

You need to simply charge it at 3 cell 1 Amp charge. Also, make sure that you are not plugging the balance plugin.

These were the two ways you can solve your Prophet Sport Mini charger issues.

Just choose one from the given methods. Make sure that you know what you are doing. 

And also go through all the instructions carefully and you will succeed!

Prophet Sport Mini charger

Charging Warnings for Prophet Sport Mini Charger

To prevent such issues from happening to Prophet Sport Mini chargers, follow these caution. 

Failure to exercise these while using the charger can result in product malfunction or electrical issues.  

1. Do not leave the battery unattended while it is charging. Some people tend to leave it charging overnight. Do not do that. 

2. Avoid connecting the charger if your power cables have been shorted or maybe pinched. It may lead to catching fire or encountering serious injury.

3. Avoid charging a dead, wrecked or wet battery pack. Or any battery pack that comprises various types of batteries.  

4. Don’t connect the charger to both power sources, AC and DC, at the same time. Also, do not attach the input jack as in the DC input to the AC power.

Also ensure that you are connecting the positive and negative black leads correctly. And make sure to inspect the battery before charging.

5. Always charge just the rechargeable batteries. Charging the non-rechargeable batteries might result in bursting the batteries. Might sometimes induce injury to the users.

Also, use the rechargeable batteries that are only designed for using with this type of charger. Make sure that you are using it in the accurate programming mode.

6. Connect the charger to the charging cable first. Then you may connect the battery. 

This way you can avoid short circuits between charge leads. And make sure to reverse this sequence when disconnecting.

7. Try to keep away the battery from  materials that can be impacted on by heat. And also monitor the charging area often. It is good to have a fire extinguisher nearby at all times. As 

overheating might occur, especially overheating in NiMH batteries.

8. Finally charge in a properly ventilated area. Do not allow kids under 14 years age of to charge the battery packs. It is safer that way.

Follow all these cautions carefully. This way you can prevent your Prophet Sport Mini charger from any damage. And you can also prevent any accidents from happening.

The Prophet Sport Mini charger is well rounded. Here’s someone comparing another reliable charger with the Prophet Sport Mini charger. Prophet Sport Mini is surely one of the best chargers for your RC out there.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you fix a connection break on a Lipo battery?

The connection break issue is probably a dirty connector. To fix it, you will have to get some electronic contact cleaner first. Then with that clean all the pins as well as sockets that are associated with the cable. Clean the associated battery and the charger as well.

Why is my Prophet Sport Mini charger not charging?

The reason may be that the battery was sitting for a long time. Also, it was not at adequate storage voltage. And it might have discharged itself. If it happens, it lowers below 3.0V per cell. And most of the LiPo chargers will not charge it.

Is it OK to use a puffed LiPo?

It is okay to use puffed LiPo so long as the puffiness is relatively minor. The LiPo puffing usually goes away after your battery pack cools down. After that you may still safely utilize the pack. And you are also able to keep the swelling in check.

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