quadcopter motors not in sync

Quadcopter Motors Not in Sync [5 Reasons and Solutions]

The quadcopter motor is a complex component and enough to make you frustrated. But how?

Your motor issues may be caused by aggressive flying or, in certain circumstances, even passive flight. This might be awful or normal depending on the situation. The majority of the time, it is simple to repair.

So, why is the quadcopter motor not in sync?

Firstly there can be issues with the motor. Which can be the motor is not spinning properly. Or there can be dislocation of any parts. Filters may not be configured properly. There can also be the effect of the weather behind the reason for the motor not syncing properly.

You will also want special instructions to fix this issue in addition to this information.

Let’s go through them.

5 Reasons for Quadcopter Motors Not in Sync

If the quadcopter motor is out of sync, we must identify the issue. We can perform a review with a few tools and some fundamental information. For a variety of reasons, you’re most likely at home. Check out the services they provide.

Let’s get started without further ado:

Reason 1: Motor Spinning Problem

Quadcopter one motor not spinning properly is a frequent sight following an accident. Where your propeller becomes stuck. Or distorted to the point that it strikes the arm of your quadcopter.

In this scenario, the ESC will attempt to provide it with ever more current. The motor is heated in an effort to encourage it to spin. This can also cause quadcopter throttle problem.


The motor will attempt to spin if you don’t disarm right after crashing. Even while something is physically obstructing the prop.

You may risk damaging your ESC or motor owing to the high current. If you don’t disarm right away.

At this time, presumably a lot of current passes through. Thus, you could discover that the motor and ESC are still warm. even after you cross the quad to go get it.

Simply let the motor cool down for a few minutes in this situation. You can take off again after repairing or replacing the prop.

Drone motors not starting at the same time include obstacles like trash, battery issues. And faulty transmitter to drone connections improper gyro startup. Or problems with the drone’s motors, propellers, and wiring. Quadcopter only 2 motors spin is also a common scenario for the same reason. 

Source: devopedia.org

Reason 2: Bolt Dislocation

If you tighten the bolt down so much that the motor windings come into contact with it. The engine could get warm to the touch.

This will make the motor get heated up. For which the motor will not sync.


So what’s the solution for quadcopter bolt dislocation problem?

Use a shorter bolt to solve the problem; it’s quite simple! But more often than not, your motor will stutter as well. Thus, you’ll face more severe issues. 

Reason 3: D Term is Excessive

The D term reduces gyro noise by damping external noise. Because of this, it counteracts the minute oscillations you notice on an intense P term.

But if the set-up is too loud, or for a variety of other reasons. Hot motors may result from a high D term.

Your heated motors are probably caused by a high D term if it does not cause 1 or cause 2.


If you enjoy your PIDs and don’t want to tamper with them, the first thing you can do. Your flight controller should be gently mounted using rubber bobbins or O rings. This will lessen vibrations that reach the gyro. Additionally, your quadcopter should fly better overall in addition to having cooler motors. You should follow step by step cooling process.

You might try decreasing the D term if you’ve previously soft mounted to see if it helps.

Again, if your motors are getting too hot to touch, then this should be a concern. You can also know how to tell if a brushless motor is bad.  

Your quadcopter should not have any problems if they are heated but tolerably so.

quadcopter black
Source: kaziexpress.com

Reason 4: Filters are Not Correctly Set

Misconfigured or overused filtering is the root reason of motors failing to sync.

To assist decrease gyro noise, Betaflight, Raceflight, and Butterflight all employ some sort of filtering. On a clean build, however, removing filtering can significantly boost speed and smoothness. 

Therefore, Butterflight’s Fast Kalman filter and Betaflight’s Dynamic Filter both benefit from that.


You might not have the money to remove the filters if your setup is loud. If your motors are not syncing even with all of the notch filters off. You might try the following first:

  • Shortened the D term
  • If it doesn’t work, gradually enable each filter again until the motors have cooled down.

I am aware that this is not the best option because it will impair performance. However, you may modify it again to have your quadcopter flying rather well. Here get a video of quadcopter flying.

Reason 5: The Weather is Really Hot

Flying in really hot weather with the sun pressing down is another reason. For the motors fail to sync.

Your motors will absorb a lot more sunlight if they are black or have a dark tint. And, independent of filters, D term, or anything else, get quite hot to the touch. This can also cause battery charging problems.


Avoid setting up a setup or conducting a diagnosis in the direct path of the sun. Preparing your electrical devices. You won’t be able to determine if it’s the sun. Or a problem with your quad that’s causing it!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you get rid of cogging?

The settings should be checked. The startup’s current settings being incorrectly configured is one typical reason for cogging. This is especially valid for programs that start up while they are under strain. To give the motor the “extra kick” it needs to prevent cogging. The power entering the motor at startup can be increased.

What is the torque ripple in the motor?

A common feature of many electric motor types is torque ripple. describing a regular rise or fall in the drive system as the motor shaft turns. The difference between the greatest and minimum torque is used to measure it. Usually given as a percentage and covering one full rotation.

What is an unbalanced magnetic pull?

The net lateral force can be used to define an unbalanced magnetic pull. between an electric machine’s stator and rotor. resulting from a variation in the air-gap flux intensities on the machine’s opposing sides.


Now you know the reasons and fixes behind your quadcopter motor not in sync. I genuinely hope you are able to repair your quadcopter motor without difficulty!

You can, of course, replace your motors if all else fails. It is the most costly choice available. You might have to do that, though, if you fly particularly erratically.

Wishing you all the best!

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