quark micro drone troubleshooting

Quark Micro Drone Troubleshooting: Easy Fixes!

You’ve got a bad start to your day because of Quark micro drone problems. You wanna have some fun games with your kid by flying the drone. And now you think your fun is gone.  

Hold on, it’s not over yet. There are some effective solutions to this problem that you can try at home. 

So, what is Quark micro troubleshooting?

The Quark micro drone might flip over continually.? To fix it rightly align the propeller. Isn’t it turning on? Charged up the drone. Not syncing with the remote controller? Change the battery of the remote. Not going flying the way you’re directing? Make sure there is no added airflow (stop fan, AC, windows, doors, etc). 

This is just an overview. There is a lot more to explore to find out your problems and solutions properly. As you’ll go deeper and you’ll learn everything you might need to know.

Let’s start with the troubleshooting guide!

Specific Troubleshooting Convoy

Whether the problem is with mini Orion or this one, a quick guide is always helpful. Here we come up with a troubleshooting table. This will help you to easily find out your specific reason and solution. 

You’ll be able to relate the problem easily if you have a clear look at the table.

Issue Reason Solution
Flip over/ zip on to the side Wrong alignment of the propellers and propellers doesn’t match the motors Align the propellers rightly and put the right propellers on the right motor
Not turning onBattery charged is finished, or battery damage or charging with wrong cable or cable damageCharge the drone properly, check the battery is ok, charge with right cable, use original cable
Not syncing with remote controllerRemote turned on before the drone or wrong try to syncTurn on the remote controller followed by the drone and push the flying gear forward. Listen if the and beep signal passed or not. 
Going to the wrong directionBreezing or over airflow. Trying to fly outside of the home where the air is blowing strongly.Fly in a zero-low air pressure zone. Stop all the windows, fans, and ACs.

These are the four common problems of the Quark micro drone. Based on these problems you can look for the solution here. 

This table will navigate you rightly. 

Now, let’s move on to the brief discussion of problems and solutions. 

Issue 1: Flip Over/ Zip on to The Side

This is the most common problem with drones. Sometimes you’ll see that drone flipping over again and again. 

Sometimes it can zip onto the side and can fall down. This is the issue of not flying properly.

When you’ll try to fly it you’ll see it crushing the side wall. For excessive crushing, the propellers can break down. 

However, the Quark micro drone is very durable. All the elements of this drone are long-lasting. But it can be broken for this issue. 

This issue can happen for specific two reasons.

Reason 1: Wrong Propeller Alignment

As you know, propellers are the main influencer of flying a drone. Wrong alignment of it, can hamper the performance of a drone. 

Propellers of the Quark micro drone are removable. These can be removed and put in the wrong motor. 

The propellers are specified for the specific motors. When you put the propellers in the wrong motor they can align wrongly.

For the wrong alignment, this problem basically happens.

Solution 1: Rightly Align the Propellers

This solution is very simple and easy. To align the fans correctly you can follow the user manual.

Rightly Align the Propellers
Source: www.amcrest.com

This picture will help you to understand the alignment. If you align correctly the problem of flipping and zipping on the side will be fixed.

There can be another reason for falling down after flying.

Reason 2: Low Power And Stunt Mood

Low power is another reason why your Quark micro drone can fall down. There is a mode in this drone called stunt mode.

There are also three different power modes of the Quark micro drone. Those power modes are lower, medium, and high. 

Turning on the stunt mode in low power can cause this issue like falling down. Also, it can cause issues like flipping over and zipping on the side.

Low power does not only cause the low power mode but also low battery.

Solution 2: Stop Stunt Mode/ Increase Power

The easiest solution to this problem is either to stop the stunt button or power up the drone.

For your better understanding, here is a remote diagram.

remote diagram
Source: fccid.io

To continue flying the drone in stunt mode, you’ve to shift the power to medium or high. Or you can stop the stunt mode to fly in the lower power. 

Sometimes low batteries can be the reason for low power. In this case, powering up can’t help to increase the power. 

So, you’ve to charge up your drone to solve this issue. 

Issue 2: Not Turning On

Sometimes you can face issues like not turning the drone on. This is really a common issue. 

After stitching on the drone, the light indicator must be turned on. If this doesn’t happen then it’s a not turn-on issue. 

This issue can happen generally for two reasons. Reasons are discussed below with solutions.

Reason 1: Charge Is Finished

When charge is finished then it’s common that your drone won’t turn on. The Quark micro drone is rechargeable. 

By using charge it can be finished. There is no exact charge indicator. If the drone does not turn on first you have to assume that charge is finished.

Solution 1: Charge The Drone With Original Cable

Charging with the rightly key factor to keeping a drone good for a long time. Don’t use any other cable to charge it up.

Only use the cable in the box to charge. There is a light indicator at the USB end of the cable. 

Put the charging into the little charging on the drone. It’s really clear, don’t over-push it.

Below there is a diagram for your better understanding how to charge the Quark micro drone.

Have a quick look at the diagram for a visual and better understanding of the charging factor.

Quark micro drone manual
Source: fccid.io

After inserting the charging pin into the drone next you need to insert USB in an adapter.

While you’ll insert the USB into the adapter, the charging indicator light will be turned on. In picture “D” is that indicator light. 

When the drone will be fully charged up the light will be turned off automatically. After charging the drone your problem will be solved. 

There is another factor that can influence the issue of not turning on.

Reason 2: Battery Damage

Battery damage is not a very common reason for the Quark micro drone. Because the battery of this drone is very durable. 

In fact, all the parts are very durable and replaceable.

But accidentally battery damage can happen in the Quark micro drone. And if the battery gets damaged then it doesn’t turn on.  

Solution 2: Replace The Battery

All the parts of the Quark micro drone are replaceable, you can replace the battery too. They have a free replacement of the parts offered. Check if your drone is under that offer. 

If you are under that offer then you call customer care. They’ll replace your battery without cost. Only you have to pay the shipping cost. 

If the battery got damaged then this is the only solution.

Issue 3: Not Syncing With Remote Controller

Not syncing with the remote controller is one of the most common issues. To operate and fly your drone syncing is compulsory.

But sometimes you can face issues like not syncing. If the remote doesn’t sync then you won’t be able to operate and fly the drone.

There can be two possible reasons behind this issue. Those two reasons are-

Reason 1: Turn On Remote Before Drone

Always you have to turn on the remote followed by the drone. If you turn on the remote before the drone then syncing problems can happen.  

And giving wrong input can also cause this issue. 

Solution 1: Turn On Remote Followed by The Drone

The easiest solution to the syncing problem is turning on the remote after the drone.

Quark micro drone manual book
Source: usermanual.wiki

After turning on both remote and drone align the remote controlling light towards you. And push the flying/ gear stick forward. You’ll hear a beep signal. That indicates the syncing is complete. 

The syncing or pairing problems can happen for other reasons. 

Reason 2: Remote Damage

Remote damage is another reason why the syncing problem can happen. If your remote’s indicator light turns on but still there can be a problem with the remote.

The controlling bulb damage can’t be seen naturally. To see whether the controlling bulb is damaged or not you can check it with your phone camera.

To do this, turn on your cell phone camera. Trigger the controlling LED towards the camera. Push any button remote and see if it lights up or not in the camera.

If the LED doesn’t light up then your remote is damaged. 

Solution 2: Replace The Remote

You know all the parts of the Quark micro drone is easily replaceable. You can replace the remote as well. 

To replace the remote you’ve to contact customer care and pay for shipping. And they’ll send you a new remote or service the old one.

Issue 4: Going to The Wrong Direction

Flying in the wrong direction is another issue you might face in the Quark micro drone. You can lose control over the drone sometimes. 

This issue can happen with the people who try to fly the drone in the breeze. There can be one reason behind this issue.

Reason 1: Strong Airflow

Strong airflow is the reason why your Quark micro drone goes the wrong direction. This can happen for flying the drone outdoors. Where the strong airflow blowing the micro drone can’t go in the right direction.

Because the micro drone doesn’t have enough power to fly in the strong airflow. For this reason, you can lose control over the drone.

Solution 1: Fly Drone Indoor

To avoid this problem you can fly the micro drone indoors. Before flying the drone stops the windows of the house.

Choose a big close door room and stop all the fans and ACs. Prevent all the strong airflow. After that keep the drone on a parallel surface. 

After that, slowly push forward the flight stick.

Your problem will be solved. 

These are the four common issues, reasons, and solutions. You might get some of them common with the force 1 drone issues.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Is My Drone Not Flying High?

The main reason behind drones not flying too high is power issues. There is another reason behind this issue, the propeller issue. Propellers broken down, propellers wrong alignment are the reasons behind drones not flying high. Another reason is the low battery charge. 

How Do I Reset My Drone?

To reset your drone first, hold on to the power button for 9 seconds or until it sounds a beep. After hearing the beep sound, release the power button. And then power off the drone. After that restart, the drone and your drone will be reset. This is the easy procedure of resetting the drone.

How Far Can You Run a Quark Micro Drone?

The Quark micro drone can run 100 feet. If you try to fly it further then you can lose control of the drone. Sometimes the range can vary for the environment. There are other issues that can influence the range. Those issues are area, zone, and network system. 

Signing Off

Well, we’re at the very end of this article. Hope you now know the Quark micro drone troubleshooting.

We’ve tried our best to cover all the common issues.  Hope you got the solution. 

Kindly let us know what solution was applicable to you. 

Thanks for coming till the end!

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