RC Car Differential Problems

RC Car Differential Problems: Reasons and Resolves

As an RC car lover, you will try to keep your car in peak condition.

What if the car is making issues? Perhaps you noticed that the differential is not working.

The feeling can be quite frustrating.

So it comes to the question, What are the reasons for RC car differential problems?”

Several reasons work behind RC car differential problems. Maybe it’s the gears that do not mesh. Or the cover of the differential has a defect. Even low-quality manufacturing can mess up the differential. Plus, if you don’t lubricate the gears then this can be another reason for faulty differential.

To know about the problems to solve them, you will need in-depth knowledge.

And you don’t need to search all across the browser! Because I will bring you just the article that can help you.

Let’s fix the RC car!

Factors Behind RC Car Differential Problems

If the differential of your RC car is making fusses, then something is fishy. After all, a differential can get messed up from nowhere! 

You have to figure out the reason behind the RC car differential problems

Worn Out Gears

The common reason behind this problem is worn-out gear. 

The understanding of the differential depends mostly on gears. Sometimes the gears wear out. This means that the gears don’t work correctly. They don’t mesh with each other.

As a result, you will find that your RC car differential is slipping. It will make some noise and stop working. 

Eventually, you will end up with a faulty differential.

So, if you see that your RC Car’s differential is not responding, open the differential. Perhaps the gears are damaged. 

In case of damaged gears, here’s our recommendation for the finest gears.

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Faulty Cover

The cover of the differential can also be the reason for problems. The RC differential gearbox is usually covered. 

Source: aliexpress

Sometimes you may face problems where the gears are not working while covered. 

However, when you remove the cover, they are working properly again! Then you can stay pretty sure that the cover has some issues. 

Basically, the cover hampers the movement of the gear. Because of this, the gears can not mesh. And the differential makes problems.

Loose Screw

If the screws of the differential are loose, then obviously the differential won’t work! Why would it?

Well, the gears are connected inside the differential with case screws. These screws make sure that the gears are in perfect order and meshing properly.

Unfortunately, sometimes these bolts can get loose. And when such happens, the gears get clogged up inside the differential. And this leads directly to busted gears.

The Result? You guessed right. The differential will not work.

Poor Manufacturing Quality

If there is a fault in making the differential, it will surely have problems.

The differentials can be made of any type of material. Some manufacturing companies build the differential of soft metals. 

As a result, the gears of the differential get damaged soon. Because soft metals get damaged first. Eventually, they fail to mesh properly. 

Even because of using inferior materials, the differentials break. So, check if the differential of your RC car is made of soft metals or not.

Lack of Proper Lubrication

If you don’t use RC car differential oil for lubrication, it will definitely show issues. 

The differential is made of gears, pinions, shafts, and whatnot? When the differential works, these metallic parts rotate. 

If RC car differential parts are not lubricated, there will be friction between the parts. 

This friction damages the gears, shafts, and other parts of the RC car differential. Along with that, friction increases heat. And you may see that the ESC is blinking red.

And at the end of the day, your RC car’s differential will stop working.

How to Fix the Problems Then?

So far, we have seen some of the typical issues of the RC car differential. 

However, that only gives us ideas about the problems.

Now, we will see how to fix these problems. Generally, by maintaining a few things the differential can be easily fixed. 

So, to ease your pain here are a few pointers regarding RC car differential tuning:

Always Clean the Differential

Always keep the differential neat and clean. You may use your RC car in many places. However, do not forget to clean it. 

Dirt can get clogged up in different parts of the RC car. This can reduce the functionality of the car. 

Especially if dirt is gathered at the differentials, the gears may stop working. 

Not only just differential. The dust can also cause steering servo issues and other problems for the RC car.

Thus clean the RC car on a regular basis. Open up the differential and then clean the gears and other parts individually. 

This way, the differential will stay clean and you don’t have to worry about differential problems!

Choose the Higher Quality

Always buy the differential of superior quality. As it is said earlier, the lower-quality differential is made of soft metal which eventually gets damaged. 

So make sure that the differential you have is made of fine grade strong metal. 

Otherwise, the parts of the differential will wear out, especially the gears.

Tighten Up the Screws

Make sure that the case screws are tightened properly. These screws hold the whole gear shaft assembly. 

If the screws are loose, the gears may get disoriented. 

So, if you see that the differential is not working properly, check the case bolts. If they are loose, you know what to do!

Use Lubricants

Last but not least, try to lubricate the differential with RC car differential grease. As a result, the gears will move smoothly. 

Ultimately the differential will function more efficiently. Along with this, you won’t face any friction problems of the differential. 

Besides, you will find many RC car differential lube. You can use them with your differential!

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These are some RC car differential maintenance tips you can follow. And your RC car differentials won’t give you a fuss.

Many around the world use the rm2 grease in maintaining RC gears.


What Is The Best Time to Use Lubricant?

The best time to use lubricant is every 5 or 10 races. For frequent racing, lubricate the car every time. The lubricant smoothens the car’s functionality. And during a race, the RC car must stay at peak performance. 

Is There Any Way to Lock The Differential?

Generally, there is a button to lock the differentials. You have to press the button. There are two output barrels on the RC car. These barrels control the movement of the wheels. Once you press the button, they get clamped with each other. That’s how you can lock the differentials.

Are There Ways to Figure Out The Defect of The Back End Differential?

Yes. There are ways to figure out the defect of the back-end differential. Firstly, put the car’s front wheels on the ground and lift the rear wheel. Rotate one of the rear wheels with a hand. Keep an eye on the other back wheel. Generally, the other wheel will move in the opposite direction. 


The article stops here. Now you know the reasons behind RC car differential problems. Also, the way to fix them.

If still not clear about the problems, you can always go to RC experts. They can definitely help you out.

Have a great day then.

Keep that RC car rolling!

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