RC Car Rear-Back Wheels Problems

RC Car Rear/Back Wheels Problems: 4 Common Issues with Solutions!

A remote control car is an all-age item. However, no matter the advancement, it’s not immune to problems. You may encounter issues with the rear and back wheels. 

If the issues are with ball bearings or differentials, you can easily fix them. But, if it is with the motor or clutch, then you will need expert help.

So, what are the RC car rear/back wheels problems?

The RC car rear wheel issues include the wheels spinning in the opposite direction. Also, the wheels might not spin at all, or be continuously wobbling and jamming. This can happen due to the misplacement of differentials, overtightening, or loosening of screws and wheels. 

Well, now you know about the basic RC car rear/back wheels problems. But to overcome those problems, you need to have a deep knowledge of them.

Keep reading to learn more about it!

4 Common Problems with RC Car Rear/Back Wheels 

The RC cars are not free of complications. It can have a few issues with RC steering and wheels. Mostly, users face these four common problems with their RC car wheels.

RC Car Rear-Back Wheels
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Here, we are going to talk about the 4 common issues with remote control car wheels. 

Problem 1 of 4: Wheels Spinning in the Opposite Direction

This can look very weird if the wheels spin in the opposite direction. However, it’s a very common problem with remote control cars. If you are a completely new buyer, then it might be hard for you to troubleshoot. 

So, why does the RC wheels spin in opposite direction?

RC wheels can spin in the opposite direction if the differentials are installed backwards. Also, it may happen if there is a problem with ball bearings or gears.

Now, let us get to the solution to it. 

Solution: Install the Rear Wheels Correctly

  • First, you have to turn off the car.
  • Then, take off the differentials. So that you can closely inspect them.
  • After cleaning and inspecting, check if it’s installed in the right manner. 
  • If the wheels are installed backwards, remove them and install them the right way. 

If the car still does not work after putting the differentials correctly, try these. 

  • Get the differentials out and inspect them carefully.
  • Check if too much lubricant is being used. Because excess use of lubricant can result in the RC car not working. 
  • Also, look for missing teeth and ball bearings that are flattened. You have to look closely at the gear and ball differentials for it.
  • Check if the gears are in place. If they are not, you can see the Traxxas Slash steering work despite a failing throttle.
  • If all of them are okay and the car still doesn’t work, seek expert help.

Problem 2 of 4: Rear Wheels Not Spinning 

In remote control cars, wheels not spinning can be an issue. It mostly happens if the driveshafts are not connected. If you spin a wheel and the other one spins too, then your driveshafts are connected. 

It may happen that your gear-driven differential is the issue. In this scenario, one of the screws can be stripped and not provide resistance to other gears. 

Here, the screws hold the gear under the differential. You can replace the differential if it’s out or not working. However, if it’s loose, it’s fixable. 

Solution : Clean the Gear and Drive Shaft

  • First, open the differential cover and remove the bevel gear from the drive shaft.
  • Then clean the gear and drive shaft of grease.
  • Now use super glue to attach the gear carefully to the driveshaft. 

It’s very important that you get your differential oils right. A dip in quality can have a massive impact on your wheel’s performance. So it’s best that you invest after some really great differential oils. Take a look at some of our recommendations:

Traxxas 5136X Differential Oil Kit Check Price
Liberty Oil, 4oz Differential OilCheck Price
Team Associated 5451 Silicone Differential FluidCheck Price

We can guarantee that these differential lubes won’t jam up your wheel. They also have a really great lifetime, making them the best of the best. Try them out!

Problem 3 of 4: Wheels Keep Wobbling 

Wheel wobbling is quite normal for remote control cars. However, if it continues to happen all the time, that is an issue. Here, we will discuss how to fix RC car wheel wobble.

how to fix RC car wheel wobble
Source: reddit.com

To get rid of it, you have to check if the rim is wobbling. If it’s the rim, there is not much you can do. However, if it’s the wheel, there is some hope left. You cannot completely get rid of the wobbling, but it can be reduced to some extent. 

Solution: Properly Adjust the Axle Carriers and Drive Shaft

  • Take out the tires.
  • Take a 4 way and put it in the pivot ball caps. 
  • Tighten it gently, but do not overtighten it. 
  • Check your bearings carefully.
  • If the bearings are good, clean them and oil them.
  • If they are not, get new bearings.
  • Make sure the axle carriers and linkages on the axle drive shaft are tightened. 
  • Check if RC cars only one wheel turn
  • Lastly, make sure the tires are tightened.

Problem 4 of 4: Wheels Jammed

Sometimes, you may wonder why your RC cars won’t move on the ground. If your RC cars rear wheels are not turning, it can affect the 4wd system.

RC car wheels are locked
Source: goodiesrc.com

This issue may occur sometimes. The main cause of this problem is tightening it a bit too hard. It means your RC car wheels are locked. Also, you should not overtighten your wheel nuts. Overtightening the wheels leads to jamming. But, there is a way to fix it. 

Solution: Loosen the Overtight Screws

  • Take the wheels off. 
  • Now, loosen the two herb grub screws
  • Then, simply pull the hex away from the hub a little bit.
  • Now, screw them again slowly.
  • Make sure to screw them at the right angle.
  • You have to push on the dogbone behind, and then, push in.
  • Screw the screws back in. 
  • Now, it’s a bit more perfectly loose. Lastly, put the wheels back on. 

So these are the solutions to the jammed wheels. However, if the issue is not resolved, it could be a problem with your battery. This is why you need more knowledge about RC batteries. So that you can choose wisely before buying or troubleshoot easily.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

How Tight Should RC Wheel Nuts Be?

For tightening, you have to turn your RC wheel nuts till they aren’t loose. There must be a rubber liner on the front of the wheel nut. The nut won’t come out as long as the threads on the wheel are properly threaded. Such as, halfway into the rubber liner. The rubber liner acts as a locking mechanism. 

When Should You Re-Torque Your Wheels?

Your wheels should be re-torqued after driving 100 kilometres following a change. it’s stated by (CBC) Muise. Even though it’s uncommon for a wheel to fall off. But when it does, it can cause significant damage and be quite dangerous. So, re-torquing the wheels is recommended after 100 kilometres.

What Is a Loose Wheel Like?

In the case of a loose wheel, the steering may feel slack. Keeping the car in a straight line will require regular corrections. When hitting bumps, a banging noise may be heard. It happens due to a loose steering component. When driving at high speeds, you may detect a jiggle in the steering wheel.

Wrapping It up

Finally, we’ve reached the end of our discussion. We hope now you know how to fix the RC car rear/back wheels problems. 

Make sure to go through your regular checkups to ensure your RC stays at top–notch conditions. Regularly lubricate the shocks and differentials to keep it ready for rid anytime!

Good luck with your RC car!

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