rc car wont go forward but will reverse

RC Car Wont Go Forward But Will Reverse (What to Do)

Sometimes, your RC car can go crazy and refuse to move forward. However, it won’t have any problem going in reverse which makes you question your car’s sanity. You could obviously tell that is not a normal thing to happen.

So, how can you fix the RC car won’t go forward but will reverse?

If your RC doesn’t go forward but goes reverse, first, check the basics like batteries. After that, make sure the batteries are connected and all. Then, go a bit further and recalibrate your RC. Next, check on the transmitter, wire connection, gears, and motor connection. One of this troubleshooting will solve the issue.

That was just what you needed to check on. But there are more details to cover about each of the components. So, let’s jump right into the details!

Why Your RC Isn’t Going Forward?

The issue with RC not going forward stems from your RC car parts. It can be either the calibration or battery. So, don’t worry if the RC car won’t go forward. Because it can be easily fixed. 

Now, let’s check out the possible reasons behind your RC car not going forward issue-

  • Loosen Battery connection can be the reason for this problem.
  • Sometimes improper calibration is responsible for this.
  • A faulty transmitter or motor can also be the main reason for RC not moving forward.
  • Improper wiring systems can cause this problem too.

These are the main reasons behind this. Now let’s move on to the next part.

How to Fix RC Car won’t Go Forward But Will Reverse

Below, we have listed each of the components you should diagnose. Also, we have given the necessary details on what you actually should do. So, let’s get on to it. 

Now, there’s a different discussion about no reverse in RC race cars. So, why no reverse in RC racing?

There’s rarely any reverse in RC racing because there’s no need for it. By reducing the reverse, the ESC’s resistance becomes less. As a result, the RC is more efficient and less power hungry. 

So, if you’re RC doesn’t have reverse, you don’t need to worry about it.

Check on the Basics:

Sometimes stupid problems like this can be fixed with some tuning on the basics. But, what are the basic components? Well, the basic regards to the battery connection, using the compatible battery, etc.

RC racing car batteries
Source: rcgeeks.co.uk

So, check if the battery connections are tight. Make sure you connect the battery the right way. Also, make sure the battery is fully charged. Don’t worry if the lipo battery isn’t charging. You can use an external charger to charge the battery. 

Another important thing is using the right battery for your RC. Because not all batteries can be used in all RCs. Fixing the basics can help if the RC car won’t go in reverse as well. It can also fix RC car wheels to turn but won’t go. 

Do the Calibration Again:

RC calibration is mainly resetting your RC car to match the optimal performance. It helps you to set a certain value for each RC component. That way, your RC car can be reset to the default settings.

But, how can you recalibrate? Follow the steps below to understand the full process. 

  1. Remove the top shell of the RC.
  2. Attach a fully charged battery and then turn the RC on. 
  3. Turn on the transmitter.
  4. Locate the EZ button and hold on to it until the LED light turns red. Afterward, release the button. 
  5. The LED light will blink once. When you get this signal, push the forward throttle at full speed. When it will get the full throttle the LED light will blink twice. 
  6. Push the reverse throttle to full speed. Hold it on to reverse until you see the LED light is blinking green. 

And following the given six steps you can do a full recalibration. 

Check on the Transmitter:

It’s important to have a fully functional remote control or transmitter. You probably know about different RC car transmitters already so let’s not get hung up on that. To check your RC transmitter, first, turn it on and check everything is working fine. 

That’s only the first step of the diagnosis.

RC car transmitter
Source: rcgeeks.co.uk

Now, there’s another thing you need to check with your RC transmitter. And that is whether your RC transmitter is responsive with another RC car or not. This process will help you to understand if there’s any problem with your transmitter.

If you don’t find any issue, head on to the next segment about wiring.

Fix the Wiring:

One of the main issues many faces is that the wiring on your RC is reversed. That means the wires are connected in the wrong direction. The negative plug is connected to the positive and the positive is connected with the negative.

RC racing car Wiring
Source: rcuniverse.com

If this happens, the power will flow in the wrong direction and make the RC go reverse. In order to fix that, you need to rewire the RC. Also, make sure all the wires are connected properly. 

Sometimes the wires are not properly soldered. Which makes the connection lose. On the other hand, if you’re wondering why won’t my car go in reverse? This can fix the whole issue. 

Check on the Gears:

In order to move in the front or back, the RC uses different gears. There is one dedicated gear in order to move back. And there are multiple gears in the front. That is because to get better acceleration. 

But sometimes gears get messed up and when you push forward it goes back. One way to be sure if the culprit is the gearbox is if it’s making any noise. When you push in there should be no noise from the gearbox. But if there is, fix the gearbox.

rc racing car gearbox
Source: amazon.com

Check on the screws and lubricate the gears to fix them. Or you can just replace the gearbox. You can also check if the rear wheels are having problems. Sometimes problems with the gears. The ESC no reverse can be a problem here as well. 

However, sometimes fixing the gearbox isn’t enough because of damage or breakage. In that scenario, you don’t really have any choice other than to replace it. Now, you can’t really pick any low-quality transmission gearbox, can you?

Here are some of the best gearbox you’ll ever lay your eyes on-

Benedict 1/10 Scale RC Axial Truck Transmission Gearbox is a great choice for your RC trucks. It’s durable and rugged just like your RC.

If you own a crawler car then you can’t really go with the previous one. However, INJORA Gearbox Transmission with Gears Set 1/10 can be the perfect alternative.

You’ve probably heard of Hot Racing already. They are quite good at making Aluminum Gearbox Case which can be an excellent buy.

So, if fixing is not an option, you know there are other ways around it!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to Fix the ESC no reverse?

Hold on to the set button on the ESC while turning the RC on. Keep on holding the button while the LED light is flashing red. And release the button when the LED light flashes green. 

Why won’t My RC Go in Reverse?

Open the shell of the RC and check on the ESC. You need to set the ESC to end point adjustment, also known as EPA. this will activate the reverse. But if still nothing happens, recalibrate the ESC. 

Why RC is not Responding to Throttle?

Check on the battery of the RC and the transmitter. The wires which connect to the batter might be damaged. Check if there’s any water damage. If so, check and change the necessary parts. 


So, that is everything you need to learn about RC car won’t go forward but will reverse. 

Always make sure your RC is in its best condition before you go for a drive. Otherwise, you will end up damaging parts of it. 

Good luck fixing your RC!

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