RC Side Exhaust Vs Rear Exhaust

RC Side Exhaust Vs Rear Exhaust: Which One to Get?

Side exhausts are really cool to look at. A car rolling with side exhausts is bound to turn a few heads. On the other hand, you may not feel comfortable upgrading from the rear exhaust. 

So, which one is better when it comes to RC side exhaust vs rear exhaust

Between the RC side exhaust and rear exhaust, the side exhaust has a better weight distribution. This makes it more favorable for handling and accelerating. Moreover, the side exhaust also causes less fume damage and gives more space for a rear suspension. However, the rear exhaust is more affordable and makes less noise. 

Want to know more about side and rear exhausts? Well, you come to the right place. We have done the research and made an in-depth article just for you! 

Quick Overview

The exhaust system does not credit its due credit. It is an essential part of the vehicle. It removes the combusted gas from the engine and directs the fumes away from the car’s riders. 

There are different kinds of exhaust systems. But today we will be discussing the side exhaust and rear exhaust.  

The traditional exhaust systems all belong in the rear of the vehicle. But nowadays modern cars can be seen with side exhausts. Is this just a design feature or do side exhausts have virtues to them? 

Let’s look at the table below to get a general idea about the rear exhaust and side exhaust. 

DifferenceSide ExhaustRear Exhaust
Weight distributionMoves the weight of the car forward, helping in acceleration Does nothing for acceleration or handling
Damage from fumesNoneRear bumper may suffer damage overtime 
Access to rear suspensionEasily accessible Partly covers the rear suspension 
Noise for passengersMakes more noise as the exhaust is directly belowMakes less noise
PriceCheck Price on AmazonCheck Price on Amazon

As we can see there are quite a few factors going into the exhaust system. Side exhaust and rear exhaust differ from each other in quite a few ways.

Now, take a look at this graph for a more comprehensive overview:

Now, let’s move on to the details!

In-depth Comparison Between Side Exhaust And Rear Exhaust

We already got a glimpse of how side exhaust and rear exhaust differ from each other. But the table itself does not paint the full picture. There are many nuances going into the rear and side exit exhaust pros and cons.

Source: incountryvalueoman.net

Now let’s take an in-depth look into the aspects we mentioned in the table.

Weight Distribution 

Weight distribution affects how fast a car will accelerate or decelerate or handle the corners. 

The configuration of the wheel does impact the tire but not much for the grip. But the weight transfer occurring during the car’s movement impacts the tire’s grip. 

Weight distribution can heavily affect a car’s performance. So let’s see how the side and rear exhaust affect the weight distribution of a car.

Side Exhaust 

Cars with a side exhaust system have more weight towards the front of the car. The weight being in the front helps the front tires get a better grip on the road. This in turn improves the handling of the car. 

The weight distribution of cars with side exhausts is especially favorable for faster cars.

Rear Exhaust

Cars with rear exhaust have the weight of the exhaust focus towards the rear. This makes the weight distribution affect the car moving forward and making corners. 

The weight being towards the rear takes away from the grip of the front tires. This makes the handling slightly worse. 

Winner: The weight distribution of cars with side exhausts is more favorable. It offers better acceleration and handling. 

Damage From Fumes

Exhaust removes dangerous combust fumes from the car. These fumes coming into contact with parts of your car can cause damage over time. 

Side Exhaust

The exhaust pipes in such systems are facing sideways. There are no parts in front of the exhaust pipes. 

This makes the fumes be removed without damaging or scratching any parts of the car. So side exhausts cause no damage from fumes. 

Rear Exhaust 

Some cars have relatively low rear bumpers. And rear exhaust of traditional cars tends to be really close to the rear bumpers. 

So there is a chance of the fumes exiting the exhaust to damage the rear bumpers. The damage is not severe. But it can develop over time. 

Winner: Side exhaust wins this segment. Side exhausts pose no chance of damaging car parts. 

Access to Rear Suspension 

The rear suspension is a great feature for cars. From Traxxas spring rate to the space given to it, many aspects affect the rear suspension. But do the exhaust systems affect it in any way? 

Side Exhaust

Side exhaust kit has the exhaust placed towards the side of the car. This frees up more space in the rear. 

Source: daraz.com.bd

The extra space gives better operability to the rear suspension. Accessing the rear suspension for repairs or modifications is a lot easier as well. 

Rear Exhaust 

The rear exhaust shares space with the rear suspension in the back of the car. This requires both systems to make sacrifices. 

Less space makes accessing the rear suspension more difficult. Repairing or modifying the rear suspension 

Winner: The side exhaust wins this round due to it offering more space to the rear suspension. 


The exhaust is one of the loudest parts of the car. Some people like the excessive sound of the exhaust. But many prefer it to be normal. 

Let’s see how the exhaust systems impact your sound experience. 

Side Exhaust

Side exit exhaust pipes are placed on the side of the car. Just below where the passengers are seated. 

So the sound of the exhaust comes directly from below. This may make the intensity of the sound unbreakable for many. 

As you can see from this video, nitro cars already can be quite loud-

So, adding a side exhaust on top of that can be more deafening. 

Rear Exhaust 

Rear exhaust is in the rear of the car, facing away from the passenger side. So the sound is produced a bit further from where you might be sitting. 

The small distance of the rear exhaust may reduce the sound quite a bit. 

Winner: Rear exhaust wins this round. The placement of the rear exhaust makes it less audible than the side exhaust. 


When modding a car, the expense is a huge factor in decision making. So let’s see which exhaust system is more pocket friendly. 

Side Exhaust 

Most cars are designed with rear exhaust. Changing this rear exhaust into a side exhaust requires extensive customization. 

This extensive customization does not come cheap. The cost of modifying a car to have side exhausts is pretty steep. Maintenance of side exhaust is pretty expensive as well. 

Cars that come with a side exhaust generally cost a fortune as well. 

Rear Exhaust 

Rear exhaust comes by default in most cars. Cars from all price ranges can be seen with rear exhausts. 

Source: worthpoint.com

The cost of maintaining the rear exhaust is comparatively low as well. 

Winner: Rear exhaust wins this round. Modifying and maintaining cars to have side exhaust is really expensive.

The Final Verdict: Which One to Get?

The debate between RC side exhaust vs rear exhaust system depends on you. Both have their pros and cons and both are excellent options. Here’s a table that summarizes the whole debate: 

ProductFeaturesWhere To Get
RC Side ExhaustExpensive but causes less fume damageGet Now from Amazon!
RC Rear ExhaustAffordable but affects the acceleration of the carGet Now from Amazon!

If you really dig the look of side exhaust then go for it. Getting the side exhaust has many perks. But the only major drawback is the dent it will put in your wallet. 

Rear exhausts, on the other hand, are standard and classy. Keeping it might have you missing out on the side exit exhaust benefits. But it is saving your wallet and hearing as well. 

That’s it for the comparison. Hope it helps. 


Does Exhaust System Affect Weight Distribution? 

Yes, the exhaust system does affect weight distribution. The exhaust system contributes a hefty weight to the overall weight of the car. Where the exhaust system is placed plays a vital role in the performance of the car. The side exhaust moves the weight distribution of the car forward. 

How Much Do Custom Exhausts Cost? 

The costs of custom exhausts vary widely depending. Speaking to professionals will give you the exact figure. Expect the price to be anywhere from $150 to $2,000 for parts. The labor cost may be from $75 to $200 dollars. The final cost will depend on the materials, parts, and customization is chosen.

What Parts Do I Have To Consider While Customizing The Exhaust System?

The exhaust manifold, flange gasket, catalytic converter, middle or cross piping, resonator, and muffler are the key parts you need to consider while customizing the exhaust. Each of the components plays a different role in the functioning of the car. 


And with that we are now more knowledgeable about RC side exhaust vs rear exhaust. Both are good choices, make the choice depending on your priorities. 

Side exhaust offers better weight distribution for accelerating and handling. It has other perks as well. But the rear exhaust is the standard and changing it can be plenty expensive. 

That’s it for today!

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