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RC Tire Foam Alternative: 3 Best Options!

RC tire foam gives a nice boost to your RC. But it is really annoying when you need to change the tire foam frequently, right? Then again it is really painful to dry them up when the foams get wet.

So, how can we skip these troublesome procedures? By looking for alternatives.  

Now, what can be the RC tire foam alternative?

Hair donuts foams and air pressurized tires can be great alternatives for RC tire foams. Hair donut foams are totally different in appearance and texture from normal foams. Another popular option is air pressurized tires. Air pressurize tires contains air instead of foam inside. But both have pros and cons.

Now let’s dig deeper to see which alternative is best for you! 

Why Do You Need Tire Foam?

The RC foam insert is the single most important determinant of how well your RC tires operate. Because an RC tire does not use air pressure. So, to keep it in its form, a foam insert is required. 

Unlike air, which maintains the same pressure across the inner of the tire in all directions. A foam insert can have high-pressure and low-pressure areas in the tire. 

Source: aprilsales.com

This may and will cause an RC tire to respond differently at different spots along its length. As a result, it’s critical to work with and understand your tire foams.

Sometimes this foam comes out of the tire and renders the RC vehicle useless. In that case, you may want to look for alternatives to this foam. 

Now, let’s take a look at the types of RC tire foams!

3 Different Kinds of Foam for RC Tires

Before looking for alternatives let’s take a look at different kinds of foams that you can use in your RC tires. 

There are basically 3 different kinds of foams you can get for RC tires. The requirement of the foams generally depends on the budget and your need.

Generally, tire foams that are pre-inserted in the tires are not good enough for racing. You definitely want your RC car to be perfect for racing, right! Then you need to find the perfect foam for tires. 

So, what are the 3 general kinds of foams you will get in the market? 

Regular Foam

The most common type of RC foam inserts is regular foam. They have square corners and are flat on the front.

Dual Stage Foam

Foam inserts with two stages are called dual-stage foam. These have square corners and a flat surface. These help the wheels of your RC car from getting wet. 

Here are some of our favorites when it comes to dual-stage RC car wheel foams:

It is common to have a harder foam band on the outer edges. And a softer one in the center. Some mattresses feature a harder inner layer and a softer outside layer.

Molded Foams

Another type of foams that you can see inside RC car wheels are the foams that have been molded. 

The foam insert’s face is sculpted to look like the interior of an RC tire. These foam inserts are also molded to meet the sidewall curvature and rim ridges. 

These foams are a little more expensive, but they allow you to reuse them. The ability to reuse helps to mitigate the greater price.

These three types of foams you can generally get in any RC shop. But all of these are kind of old-fashioned. 

2 Best Alternatives for Tire Foams

So, by this point, you already know which type of foam you have in your tires right? But my friend, do you know there are some awesome alternatives? To some extent, these alternatives can beat the performance of your regular tire foams.

Just like choosing an alternative for RC nitro fuel, choosing an alternative for wheel foams can be hard as well. But don’t panic just yet. We have tested a variety of products and listed some for you. 

As everything has its own good side and bad side these alternatives have some cons as well. Let’s see what are the best alternatives we can get for RC tire foams. And discuss briefly the pros and cons of those.

Hair Donuts

This is basically one type of crawler foam. But not like your usual one. These types of foams totally look like a bunch of noodles.

Source: ninthavenue.de

Often these are called hair donut tire foams. This type of foam is getting popular nowadays because most users find it better than regular foams.

But remember that not all hair donuts are ideal for use as tire foams. Some of the hair donuts that you can use as tire foam have been listed below: 

Now let’s talk about the pros and cons of these hair donuts. 

Pros of Hair Donuts 

Some of the benefits of using hair donuts are given below: 

  • Fits in any size of tires
  • Fills are more compliant with tires
  • The tractions are better than normal foams
  • Lighter than normal foams
  • The grip is better than the normal foam
  • You will get a better contact patch in both havier and lighter trucks
  • Fells better volume what com[ilance enough to feel like air down tires
  • They don’t lose shape if you even crush them multiple times. Then you don’t need to worry about how to cut RC tire foam.
  • They don’t get softer after crushing like normal foams
  • They fill consistently to the tire even after using it for a longer period of time
  • They are waterproof, and they don’t hold water like normal foams. So you don’t think about how to dry RC tire foam.

All these pros can make you buy these beautiful noodle shape foams.

Cons of Hair Donuts

As good as hair donuts are, there are some cons to using them as tire foams as well. Some of the limitations are given below: 

  • These are generally more expensive than normal foams.
  • As they are softer than normal hard foams that can be an issue for some users.

Air Pressurise Tires

These kinds of tires basically look like normal car tires. You can feel them up with a geocentric basketball pump needle that comes with the box of tires.

Now, this kind of tire also has some pros and cons. Which are really different from the normal tires with foam

Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of air pressurize tires-

Pros of Air Pressurize Tires 

  • Don’t need to worry about the pump needle if it breaks or is lost. Because you can pump the tire with a normal basketball pump needle.
  • Air Pressurise Tires are much softer than the normal tires.
  • These tires put more grip than the normal tires.
  • Have an aggressive tire thread on the side. That gives you an extra side bite which helps to get stuck on the rocky roads.
  • You can use the normal balloon pump to pump the tires.
  • You can adjust the tire’s pressure on the track or on the trail. Which helps you to use a single tire on different types of tracks.

If you want to run your can on sandy, muddy or rocky tracks you can just lower the pressure. And if you want you can justify higher the pressure for a racing track.

  • The wheels even work with the regular 2.2 tires as well. You can even fill those tires with air if you mount the wheels with the best RC foam tires.

Cons of Air Pressure Tires

Though air pressurized tires are more convenient than regular tires, these have some cons as well. Not all alternatives can be as good as the alternatives of rc tire glue.

So let’s take a look at the cons of using air pressurize tires-

  • These air pressure tires are more expensive than normal foam tires.
  • It is not for those who particularly like adjustable offset. 

So, these are the two most common alternatives that you can get besides your tire foams. And don’t forget to clean your RC car regularly to prevent your existing tire foam from deteriorating. 


What is foam inside a tire for?

We often need to absorb tire cavity noise. For this body, transfer foam is attached to the inside surface of the tire. It reduces road noise by preventing vibration. This vibration is carried from the tire to the wheel, axle, and, finally, the cabin.

How do you soften RC crawler foams?

You will just need one hit to soften the tires. The RC4WD foams are fairly soft out of the box, so I doubt you’ll need to cut them. Allow them to break in and see where they are by running it for a while. After a few runs, they get softer.

What Kind of Foam Are RC Tires Made of?

The foam is primarily made of neoprene. Some compounds incorporate natural rubber, while others are entirely synthetic. Generally, you can buy the foams in any RC store. But you can also customize forms as per your need at home which will be more efficient.


So, we hope you’ve found an RC tire foam alternative from our article. Now you just need to choose as per your preference. 

Refrain from leaving your RC tires wet after cleaning it. This would increase the longevity of the tire foam.

Till then have fun with your RC.

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