RC Tire Foam

RC Tire Foam: All You Need to Know!

RC cars use foam inserts as they’re more pragmatic than filling the tires with real air. It also gives you the option to choose an ideal one for yourself from their various types. The one that will make your driving experience smoother and exhilarating on any track!

Hence, in this guide, I’ll tell you all you need to know about RC tire foam.

Using RC tire foam is a better alternative to other types of tire inserts. The typical RC tires make RC bounce off erratically on track surfaces. Using a foam insert instead will give you a great cornering ability. The soft centres of foam will absorb all the bumps on the track.

Still, worried? Well, don’t! Because here I’ve provided all the information you need to know.

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3 Basic Types of RC Tire Foams

The foam inserts for RC tires come in 3 basic types. Each one is somewhat different from the others. And each one is good in serving its unique purpose. 

The inserted foam affects the overall performance of the tire. 

Now let’s get some brief about the 3 basic types of RC tires.

FeaturesRegular Foam InsertsDual Staged Foam InsertsMolded Foam Inserts
AppearanceSquare-cornered, flat-facedSquare-cornered, flat-faced.Tire-shaped
Viscosity Firm Soft centre with firmer edgesFirm
PriceApproximately $12 for ⅛ RC tyre fitApproximately $16 for ⅛ RC tyre fit Approximately $23 for ⅛ RC tyre fit

Regular Foam Inserts

Just like the name implies, these foam inserts are nothing out of the ordinary. These usually tend to be square-cornered as well as flat-faced.

Regular Foam Inserts
Source: tamico.de

These foams are also the cheapest among all.

Dual-Staged Foam Inserts 

In terms of appearance, dual-staged foam inserts are also flat-faced and square-cornered. Just like the regular ones.

Dual-Staged Foam Inserts 
Source: redrc.net

However, you might be wondering, what makes dual-staged foams stand out? 

Dual-staged foam inserts stand out because of their firmer foam band. The band of foam is firmer on the outside edges. And in the centre, the foam is softer. But some may have a softer outer foam and firmer centre ones.

Moulded Foams

The face of this type of foam insert is moulded just like the inside of an RC tire. On some of them, the centre is moulded as well. 

So it fits the sidewall curve as well as those ridges on the edge. These foams tend to be a bit higher priced.

Moulded Foams
Source: rccaraction.com

However, they give you options to reuse them. So the option to reuse helps compensate for the higher cost.

How to Choose RC Tire Foams?

Choosing the best RC tire foams is also quite a confusing task. The manufacturer will most probably include some foam inserts with the new tires. 

Nonetheless, if you’re really serious about racing, those foams might not be your best choice. 

You have all the options to get hard, soft, narrow or dual-stage foams. According to which suits your requirements the best. 

If you wanna choose the perfect one for yourself, you need to ensure certain things first.

Don’t worry, though!

Because here we’ve provided tips to choose the best RC foam inserts for yourself!

Width of The Foam Insert

So, Let’s start with the width. Wider is most of the time better than the narrow ones. The foam needs to be of the same width as the tire. Or maybe 10 to 20 per cent wider. Both work well. 

A narrow foam insert will cause your RC tires to become floppy. And they won’t be able to hold their shape in the corners. The same scenario applies to all the roller cars as well.

Firmness of the Foam Insert

The firmness of foam inserts might seem quite difficult to understand. Also, you need to make some compromises there.

Firm inserts are good as they support the tire to caRCass better. The RC tire won’t lose shape in the corners. Also, there is less chance of the RC tire folding over itself. It provides the RC tires with excellent cornering capabilities.

With a firm insert, the tire loses its ability to absorb bumps or shocks. So, if the track is a smooth one, it’s best to go with a firm insert.

Now, this is where the ‘compromise’ part comes in.

So you’re intending to drive on a bumpy track. Then using a firm foam insert will make the car bounce all over the place.

At the same time, using a too soft foam insert is not recommended either. As it can make the truck or car slide too wide at the corners. 

So, what to do then?

Make use of a dual-stage foam. It has firm outer rims that will give you a great cornering ability. Its soft centers will absorb all the bumps.

Firmness of the Foam Insert
Source: liverc.com

From my years of experience with RC, I’ve found some trusted foam inserts that work wonders for my RCs. For your convenience, I’ve listed some of my go-to’s. 

You won’t regret getting any one of these!

Fitness of the Foam on The Rim

Another thing to remember about RC tire foams is observing that they fit on the rim. You have to examine the inner breadth of the foam to the external breadth of the rim. Regardless of whether you put small or bigger tires on your RC car

If the fitness of the tire foam isn’t right then they are more prone to something like this-

The foam inserts are required to fit really tightly on the rim. It will conserve your foam insert from rolling around inside the RC tire.

To ensure the appropriate fitness you need the right kind of glue as well. Using the Guolephant Glue or the Pro-Line Racing Tire Glue will make sure that your RC tire foam stays in place. 

Reasons for Using Foam Inserts for RC Tires 

There are several reasons for using foam inserts for RC tires. Instead of using those air-filled ones. Let’s see what those are!

Structure of the Tires 

The first reason would be the structure and construction of the typical RC tires. 

Also, RC tires usually aren’t reinfoRCed. So, the RC tires bounce off erratically on the surfaces that they roll on

Using Steel Wires

Normal tires normally are enhanced utilizing steel wires. With that, they add multiple layers of rubber as well as chemicals. All these keep the air inside at a reasonable pressure all around the inner surface.

RC car tires don’t possess this kind of reinfoRCements. And this makes them nearly like inflated rubber balloons. 

Also, they tend to expand unevenly where some areas are swelling more or less than others. It causes these to unevenly bounce around when rolling. 

The Maintenance of the Tire

Another reason would be maintenance. Because when these small-sized tires get flat, the mending process is too much hassle. 

All of these reasons make the foam inserts a way better alternative.

Now you know all the reasons. And if you’re serious about racing, then we bet you’re already considering using foam inserts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the alternatives to foam inserts?

There are a few alternatives to foam inserts, but remember, none is as good. One option is to use foam sprays. By spraying it into the tires you can create permanent foam. You can also discard the tire and turn that inside out. After that, wrap it with duct tape.

What should be the width of an ideal foam insert?

In terms of RC foam width, wider ones are always better than narrow ones hence they’re ideal. A narrow foam insert will cause your RC tires to become floppy. So, the foam needs to be of the same width as the tire. Or maybe 10 to 20 peRCent wider. Both work adequately.

How does a dual staged foam insert look?

In terms of looks, dual-stage foam inserts are flat-faced and square-cornered. However, what makes these stand out is their firmer foam band. The band of foam is firmer on the outside edges. And in the centre, the foam is softer. But some may have a softer outer foam and firmer centre ones.

Wrapping Up

Hope we have cleared your queries about RC tire foam. Now go through the guide carefully again and choose the best foam for your needs.

Another tip, before you go. Always keep in mind the type of surface of the track you’ll be driving on.

That’s all for now. Have an amazing day!

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