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3 Best RC Tire Glue Alternatives: Pick the Best!

As fun as RC vehicles are to operate, they need a lot of servicing as well. All the RC components need care, especially the tires. 

To stick the tire to the vehicle, you need RC tire glues. However, you may not find RC tire glue at hand at all times. In that case, you will need a substitute for it. 

So, is there an rc tire glue alternative?

Yes, there are in fact multiple alternatives for the rc tire glue. Firstly, you can use ca glue to attach the RC tires. Secondly, you can use super glue. This glue is cheap and available throughout the market. Finally, epoxy glue can be the perfect alternative for an rc tire glue.

This is only a preview of the alternatives. Go through the whole article to uncover all the details!

Let’s jump in!

Should You Use Rc Tire Glue Alternatives?

Yes, you can definitely use the alternative glues of rc tires. There are also alternatives to nitro fuel, RC body clips, tires, and what not! If these alternatives get the job done, why not use them?

You might think using rc car tire glue substitute can pose risk. Fortunately, that is not the case. The alternatives I have mentioned above work just like tire glues. If you apply an adequate amount of alternative glue, you’re good to go.

Now, it is important to glue your RC tires in the first place. Whether it’s an alternative or branded tire glues, the rc tires need to be glued. 

You might think why do you have to glue rc car tires? Well starting from mounting the tires to withholding the foam inside the tire, glues are vital for RC car tires.

3 Alternatives of RC Tire Glue

There are many alternatives to rc tire glues. However, not every alternative glue delivers the same efficiency. Some of the substitutes you’ll find can actually damage the RC vehicle.

Still, you don’t have to worry. Below, I have mentioned 3 rc tire glue alternatives for you. These alternatives can replace your rc tire glue with ease. Check them out!

Alternative 1: CA Glue

If we are talking about glues, this CA glue right here is an underrated one. CA glue can be the perfect substitute for rc tire glues. 

CA glue is also known as Krazy glue. This type of glue is different from other traditional adhesives. 

Source: stonetooling.com

Usually, the characteristics of usual adhesives are water-based. But ca glue is not water-based. It is an acrylic resin composed of glue. 

This glue maintains a different bonding condition than other glues. It only bonds to surfaces which has moisture on them. 

So in order to use ca glue as an alternative, soak the RC tires first. This is an essential step for using the ca glue. These types of cyanoacrylate glues don’t stick to dry surfaces. 

CA glue is also considered the best glue for RC car tires. However, you need to keep in mind that not all ca glues are suitable for RC tires. Some ca glues are strictly used for woodworking. 

Here are a few CA glues that you can use as RC tire glue alternatives: 

The best part of CA glue is that you can apply a nice even coating using it. Its cure time is also less. 

Alternative 2: Super Glue

Super glues are another type of cyanoacrylate adhesives. Everyone is familiar with super glue and its effective adhesiveness. 

Now you may think, can I use super glue for rc tires? Well, it can be one of the best options for your rc tires!

Source: m.made-in-china.com

It is a common misconception that superglue and tire glue are identical glues. For your clarification, they are not the same. Superglue is an aggressive and less forgiving glue. 

On the contrary, tire glue takes much more time to cure and there’s a give to it.

As super glues tend to be a lot aggressive, you have to be careful about what type of super glue you’re using. Always go for milder versions of superglue. 

For your ease, we’ve scoured the internet and compiled some of the best superglues for your rc tires. 

While applying the glue you have to be extra careful. It might not sound as difficult as lexan paint removal. But you should pay attention while the gluing process.

Drying the tire glue is equally important as applying it. Now you might ask, how long does rc tire glue take to dry? Well, you can leave the glue for 3-4 hours to dry.

We’ve found this video from EplodedRc quite helpful. It details the process of gluing RC tires using super glue. 

How to Glue RC car tires! | With super glue 

Alternative 3: Epoxy Glue

Epoxy glues are best known for gluing different materials together. This glue can be a great rc tire glue alternative. The RC tires can be glued to other materials using epoxy glue!

Epoxy glues do a fine job curing rubber adhesion. Since the RC tires are mostly rubber, this glue is perfect for it. Also, epoxy glues have a lot of resistance against weather changes, water, and temperature. 

Source: woodguide.org

This glue takes more time to dry and cure than the other 2 alternatives. Yet, it can do the same job as them. So, you can choose epoxy glue for the tires of your favorite RC vehicle!

Here is a list of epoxy glue that works well as substitute RC tire glue-

These epoxy glues will provide extreme strength and durability to the tires!

Dangers of Not Using Glue for Your Rc Tires

Applying glue to RC tires is one of the core setups that you have to complete. For instance, if you own an RC car, you have to set up an RC car suspension. Similarly, the RC tires will also need gluing. 

There is a metal part that holds the rubber section of the tire. This rim needs a type of adhesives to hold the rubber, hence the tire glue. 

Tire glue allows the RC car to have better traction control and rim adjustment. It also strengthens the rubber. Now, if you don’t glue the RC tires, many troubles can occur. 

Firstly, the rubbers can come from the rim of the RC, leaving the metal rim naked. That way, the RC vehicle won’t be able to move.

Also, many dust particles and other liquid substances may get inside the rim. By not using the RC glue, there won’t be any seal protecting the tire! The tire may crack quicker from the lack of glue.

This is why it is very critical to use rc tire glue when you’re setting up the tires.

Additional Tips for You

Well, by now you already know everything about the rc tire glue alternatives. It’s time for some additional tips just for you! Have a look.

In order to bring the best out of these glues, remove the tires properly.

  • Clean the leftover or hardened glue off of the tires. It may create problems when applying the patch of glue. You have to use liquid cleaning solutions like acetone for this.
  • It’s normal to get some glue on your hand while you’re applying it. Whether it’s super glue or regular glue, you can remove it. Use some nail polish remover; it dissolves maximum glues. Apply some of it on cotton and dab the glue away.

That’s all from me. 


Does Gorilla Glue work on plastic?

Yes, gorilla glue does work on plastic but it doesn’t pull off a good job. Additionally, gorilla glue isn’t recommended for all the types of plastic out there. Polyethene plastics or polypropylene plastics are a no go with gorilla glue. The combo of oily rubber and gorilla glue is also not a good fit.

How do you harden RC tires?

You can use acetone to harden your rc tires. All you have to do is submerge the RC tires in acetone; keep them overnight. After that, let them dry. It might take days to dry fully. Acetone removes the oil from the tires, making it harder. In some cases, acetone is also used to harden woods.

How do you make RC tires sticky?

You can soak or spray many solutions to make your RC tires sticky. You can spray some silicone, WD-40, and some non-slip solutions. Additionally, you can dip the tires in acetone, bleach, or a sugar-water solution. This hardens the tire which in turn increases the grip. You can try these solutions out!

The Final Words

You have hit the finish line of this article. I’m hoping that now you know everything about rc tire glue alternative.

Do not apply too much glue whatsoever. Getting glue inside your rc component can do irreversible damage to it

However, don’t forget to get creative with the tire glue. All the very best!

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