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RC Tire Glue vs Super Glue: Know the Differences!

There’s a myth that you can use super glue instead of RC tire glue. So, you might be wondering if super glue works or not? To answer we need to learn the differences.

So, which one works better RC tire glue vs super glue?

The main difference between RC tire glue and super glue is the material. RC tire glue is basically thin cyanoacrylate. Whereas, super glue is thick cyanoacrylate. Furthermore, RC tire has less strength bond than super glue. Hence, the dry time is much slower for RC tire glue than for super glue.

This bit of information is useful. However, this isn’t enough to determine the differences. There’s much more to it.

So, let’s get started without waiting any longer.

Short Head-to-Head Comparison

Before comparing the types of glue, there’s a question that needs to be addressed. Why do you have to glue RC car tires?

Gluing RC tires to the rim allows more flexibility. RC car tires won’t pop off if it’s glued to the rim properly. Some RC tire glues help to fix the cracks on the wheel. Also, no outside air comes inside the tire so handling gets smooth.

Now you know the actual purpose to use glue for the tire. So, is the RC tire glue the same as super glue?

To answer that, let’s see a quick comparison table. 

Differentiating FactorsRC Tire GlueSuper Glue
MaterialThin CyanoacrylateThick Cyanoacrylate
Bond Strength3200-3500 PSI4000 PSI
Dry Time1-2 hours10-45 seconds
Stability for RC TireBestWorst

This bit of information is useful. Yet, it isn’t enough. After softening the RC tire, you have to apply glue to the tires. So, it is an important aspect to know the differences before application.

In the next segment, I will brief you on everything. 

So, let’s move on.

apply glue to the tires
Source: rccaraction.com

In-Depth Head-to-Head Comparison

Here things will get tough. However, I will put everything in a simple manner for you. Don’t apply super glue without going through the whole comparison. 

With that out of the way, let’s dive into the in-depth comparison.

RC tire adhesive glue
Source: rcmaker.com.au

Material Used:

Different glues are made differently. However, there’s one thing in common with the material. That is cyanoacrylate. This is the basic component for any adhesive glue.

The RC tire adhesive glue also has this cyanoacrylate. But the cyanoacrylate is thin as the tires and rims need a little amount of glue.

On the other hand, super glue is also made out of cyanoacrylate. But compared to RC tire glue, it is thicker. As a result, the glues can come out of the rim and tire. It can create a mess.

Summary: RC tire glue is made out of thin cyanoacrylate. Whereas, super glue is made out of thick cyanoacrylate.

Bond Strength:

In short, the bond strength defines how strongly the glue holds the tire and rim together. Having too much bond strength can snap the tire.

Usually, RC tires glue’s bond strength is between 3200-3500 PSI. The ideal bond is required to hold the tires and rims together. 

On the other hand, the super glue has a bond strength of 5000 PSI. This will hold the rim and the tire together more firmly. It may sound like a good thing, but it isn’t. Your tires can stop rotating due to such bond strength.

Summary: RC tire glue has less bond strength than super glue.

Dry Time:

Another important factor is dry time. Each adhesive has a different drying time. So let’s see what glue dries faster.

As mentioned before, RC tire glue is made out of thin cyanoacrylate. Hence, it dries slower as the glue is less dense. The general dry time is 1-2 hours. However, it’ll take more than 24 hours to gain full bond strength.

On the other hand, super glue dries very faster than RC tire glue. Because of the density of cyanoacrylate, it happens. It can dry within 10-45 seconds, while full bond strength can happen within 10-15 minutes.

Summary: RC tire glue dries slower than super glue.

Stability of RC Tire:

The stability of the whole RC does depend on the RC tire. Hence, for optimal performance, you should aim to keep the RC tires stable.

With that said, RC tire glue ensure the maximum stability of RC tires. Because the rim and the tires fit perfectly together using this. You should also know about the steps of properly gluing RC tires.

On the other hand, the super glue in most cases will cause instability. Your RC tires will stop rotating efficiently. Furthermore, you may face issues like steering issues. Hence, the stability of the RC tire gets hindered by super glue.

Summary: The RC tire glue provides more stability than the super glue.

With this, the comparison ends. Now, let’s answer one of the most important questions in the next segment. You can add bigger tires to your RC cars by using the RC tire glue properly.

best RC tire glues
Source: revolution-rc.com

Should You Use Super Glue Instead of RC Tire Glue?

You can use super glue instead of RC tire glue. But, it has many risk factors. So, is taking the risk worth it? Before answering that let’s see some of the best RC tire glues.

One of the best RC car tires out there is Bob Smith  Ultra-Cure Tire Glue. It can also fix inner tube punctures.

For better flexibility and application, go for Pro-Line Tire Glue

If you want faster drying RC tire glue, then AKA Racing Tire Glue is the ideal choice.

As you can see, the RC tire glues are priced almost the same as super glue. So, my advice will be, don’t take the risk and always use RC tire glue.

Here’s someone who used RC tire glue as his favorite pastime during vacation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can You Use Gorilla Glue on RC Tires?

No, you cannot use gorilla glue on the RC tire. Because gorilla glue expands due to heat and foams up. As a result, the glue cannot properly contain the tire. Hence, don’t use gorilla glue on the RC tire.

Is Rubber Cement Ideal to Glue RC Tires and Rims?

Yes, you can use rubber cement to glue RC tires and rims. However, there’s a catch! Using too much rubber cement can break the rim and tire. Hence, use a small proportion of rubber cement if you want.

Is Foam Insert Necessary for RC Tires?

Yes, a foam inser,t is necessary for RC tires to run. Otherwise, the tire will burst and cause severe damage. So, change the foam of RC tires whenever you open it up. It is a crucial part of RC tires.

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