RC Wheel Nuts: Types, Size and Problems

A Guide on RC Wheel Nuts: Types, Size and Problems

RC wheel nuts can come in different shapes and sizes. Just like us! But still, they have multitudes of types, designs, as well as functionalities. And with different types, come various wheel nut problems.

That’s why it’s quite important to know about all the available wheel nut details.

So, you want to know about RC Wheel Nuts: Types, Size and Problems?

Wheel nuts are mainly three types such as lock-nuts, serrated, and flanged. They can support many RC vehicles. Moreover, these different types of nuts can come in many sizes. For example, M2, M3, M4, M12, and so on. And lastly, these various sizes and types can cause loose wheel problems, etc.

As curious as you are, I know you won’t be satisfied with just this. For you, I have curated the best discussions available. 

So, look no further and read on!

Different Wheel Nut Types

Understanding the wheel nut types seems like a good way to start. Why do I think that? Because upon knowing about these types, you’ll get a proper idea about wheel nuts. 

However, it’s important to know that by no means this is a comparative discussion. So, you won’t get any head-to-head comparison as you saw in the RC motor turn rating. 

Now, it’s time to shed some light on the famous three types of RC wheel nuts.

So, let those wheel nuts spin!

Lock Nuts

A highly recommended nut type from many RC experts and enthusiasts. The name actually explains what this nut is all about. 

Yes, you have probably guessed it right. You’ll get the best wheel hex and nut locking from this kind of nut.

Source: ronenmachine.en.made-in-china.com

The design may seem like your average wheel nuts, but boy do they pack a serious punch!

Locknuts are very durable and don’t get worn down easily. That’s why these nuts are quite popular among Tamiya RCs and off-road RC vehicles. You can find these incredible nuts in many colors and with stylish attachments. 

Here are some of the curated lock nuts that we swear by: 

You can get these nuts at a very affordable price. Even as low as around $2! So, you don’t have to rethink the budget at all.

However, some lock nuts tend to not work as well after continuous use. So, in that case, you may have to change it more frequently compared to other nuts. 

Had enough of lock nuts? Then, you can look at the second type and that is serrated ones.

Serrated Nuts

Serrated nuts can be deceiving. Why am I saying that? Because from the outside they may seem lightweight and fragile, they are heavy-hitter. 

You’ll get the best possible serration that adds more security to your RC wheels.

The best thing about these nuts is the ability to sit securely with your plastic wheels. You won’t get any loose wheels or too much wear and tear. On top of that, these nuts are not that expensive as well. 

When we talk about serrated wheel nuts we have to mention some of our most tried and tested ones. Take a look-

Now, it’s time to look at the last RC car wheel nuts. Here’s the flanged type.

Flanged Nuts

Flanged wheel nuts are robust and known for their amazing durability. Similar to their build quality, they prove their worth in design and functionality. So, you can’t just discard them from your bucket list.

Do you know what’s impressive about all these types? You can get all of them together all in one single nut! Yes, you heard it right. A nut can simultaneously be locked, flanged, and serrated.

However, it will cost a bit extra. If you want to go to that length, then you’ll get better output. 

That’s all for the wheel nut types. Next, nut sizes.

RC Wheel Nut Sizes

Understanding the motor sizes of rc is not enough. You also have to know the details about the wheel nut size. 

Otherwise, your RC can not perform at its peak functionality. That’s why here are the popular wheel nut sizes for you!

M2 Nuts

The naming scheme can be a bit overwhelming but these are the industry standard. Nothing much to do about them. 

M2 nuts are a well-known nut size for RC enthusiasts. While they are less seen compared to others, they have their usage.

You’ll need a standard 4 or 4.5 mm nut driver for these nuts. They come in different colors and materials to suit your needs and preferences. 

M3 Nuts

Sitting in the middle between M2 and M4, M3 wheel nuts are not too small. But not too big as well. Just your regular average-sized nuts for an RC car or truck.

These nuts usually work well with a 5.5 mm nut driver.

M4 Nuts

The most famous and widely used nuts are M4 size. Almost every 1/10 RC use these types of nuts for their wheels. So, they have become the industry standard nut size now. They use a 7 mm nut driver to tighten your wheels.

Source: amainhobbies.com

Want to have a taste of the best in class M4 wheel nuts? Here are our top suggestions-

While there are many other sizes, you’ll rarely need those, So, no need to focus on the things you won’t need, right?

But you have to know about some common problems regarding wheel nuts.

RC Wheel Nut Problems

The last segment remains to discuss the problems that may show their footprint with nuts. Obviously, you can’t discard the issues, or else your RC car will suffer heavily. 

So, let’s look at these 2 common wheel nut problems.

Problem 1: RC Wheel Nuts Coming Loose

Let me tell you straight. Wheel nuts can easily come loose when you push them too hard. Like running it through those rocky roads or rotating the wheels too fast.

Still, the main causes of nuts coming loose are wear & tear, using basic nylon nuts. Using good wheel nuts is a given. But the problems still may remain. 

So, it’s better to look at the solution, isn’t it?


Do you want to know how to stop wheel nuts coming loose

The first thing you can do to solve this issue is to use serrated locknuts. They give your wheels that extra protection and tighten the overall construction. That way, there’s no opening for your wheel to come off.

Also, you can check the axle stub and wheel bearing. Because it’s important that they work together in harmony. Otherwise, using the best wheel nuts won’t help you in the long run.

Source: rcdisco.com

Now, let’s move on to the next problem regarding your RC wheel nuts. 

Problem 2: Wheel Nut Overheating

Overheating is a widely common problem among RC car or truck lovers. Wheel nut overheating basically occurs when you use the RC for long sessions.

Just before the end, you’ll see some performance drop and control issues. These are also caused by wheel issues, specifically, wheel nut heating issues.

So, how can you solve this issue?


As the problem starts with the wheel bearing, the overheating can be solved by replacing the nuts. I know it will be a bit costly but that’s the most effective way. Because if you have better wheel nuts, the problem won’t be too frequent.

Moreover, keeping your wheel bearing smooth is also crucial for peak performance. Regular maintenance can go a long way!

That covers the problems with RC wheel nuts. There are many other RC problems but they don’t affect your wheel nuts that much. 

Thus, you’ll be able to make do with knowing about these problems.


How Tight to Make Wheel Nuts on My RC?

You can just use your hand to tighten the wheel nuts on your RC car. It’s not a necessity to go that extra length to use Loctite. Simply make the wheel nuts tighten until it seems okay. Check for any rubbing on the wheel hub. Loosen the nuts a bit if there’s any kind of wheel rub.

What Size is the Standard Plastic Wheel Nut?

On average, the standard plastic wheel nut is 2mm Aluminum locknuts. Lock Nuts are very good for your everyday RC car experience. Because they can resist the wear and tear well. Along with that, you get better locking of the wheels to fly high. So, you’ll be good as long as you follow that standard.

Which Metal Wheel Nut Should I Choose?

You should choose M4-sized metal wheel nuts as they are the most common. These nuts are readily available and they fit most RC cars. However, you should always check your car’s manual before going for any wheel. Because it may not fit your RC car that well. So, pick any M4 wheels after you are sure.


Now, it’s your time to evaluate everything you learned. I think you’re more than satisfied now. Because you know all about RC Wheel Nuts: Types, Size and Problems!

Make sure to always handle your RC cars with ease. Otherwise, the wheel nuts will pop out. 

So, go past your limits with solid wheels on your RC!

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