Realflight vs Phoenix

Realflight vs Phoenix: Which One Is Better?


Real Flight and phoenix are the names to bring joy to flying simulation players. They are quite effective at learning and practicing aircraft flying.

So, which is the better one between realflight vs phoenix?

In terms of realism and quality, Phoenix has the upper hand.  It also has a good multiplayer system. But real flight is better in many sectors. It offers varieties of options on aircraft models and gaming opportunities. Also, the editing process is comparatively easier than phoenix.

That was only the tip of the iceberg. Care to know more about them? Then spare a few minutes to give it a read.

Let’s jump right in!

Short Comparison Between Real Flight And Phoenix

Virtual reality has come a long way. Nowadays academic institutions use virtual reality-based simulators to enhance skills. Both real flight and phoenix are excellent simulators to develop air flight competency.

But before we dive into their comparisons, let’s give you some surface ideas.

Aspects Real Flight Simulator Phoenix Simulator
Realism and quality Visual-oriented graphics Aesthetically good graphic visuals
Aircraft Models And Flying Sites Has more collections than phoenix Has a rich collection but not as much as real flight
Editing Aircraft Models And Scenarios Offers more editing options Adequate editing options
Ease level Comparatively easy and user-friendly Can be a little confusing sometimes
Multiplayer opportunities Moderate multiplayer options Better multiplayer options
Operating System Compatibility Compatible with most operating systems Compatible with most operating systems but may have some technical issues with the Spektrum
Home Competitions Has more game collections than phoenix Satisfactory gaming collection

That was the sneak peek. Now, let’s go through detailed discussions about them.

Detailed Comparison Between Realflight And Phoenix

Like betaflight vs inav, you need a detailed comparison for these two stimulators too. So, this segment describes the difference between both simulators. Feasibly, it’ll tell us which one is more befitting the crown-

Realism And Quality

Both real flight and phoenix are virtual reality-based simulations. They have great graphics making people feel close to reality. 

Phoenix simulator feels slightly less like a computer-generated simulator. Almost as if you’re flying a long-range FPV plane in your backyards. Speaking of FPV planes, these are some best long-range FPV planes you can add to your collection.

Real flight might be a little more virtual-oriented than phoenix. This is why most people may pick phoenix over real flight due to its amazing visuals.

Aircraft Models And Flying Sites

The real flight simulator is far ahead when it comes to aircraft models. There’s an unlimited range of aircraft models in different RF series. Also, there are a lot of flying sites to choose from.

Phoenix also has a variety of aircrafts available in their simulator. There are nearly 100 aircraft models and it’s growing day by day. But real flight certainly does win in this aspect.

Editing Aircraft Models And Scenarios

Both phoenix and real flight simulators offer editing options. Beginners may not need it, but for professional pilots, the editing option is very essential. Pilots can customize their aircraft’s design according to their choices.

About editing flying sites and scenarios, the real flight has the upper hand. This is due to its huge list of flying sites and additional edit settings. 

Phoenix falls behind real flight. Because they are not really adjustable to editing. Instead, they are more photo-realistic.

Ease Level

Both simulators are easy to use even for beginners. As for professional RC pilots, some hardship may arise with the technical issues. For example, Phoenix simulators have some issues regarding Spektrum dx9

In that case, here are some transmitters that have good performance reviews-

Product 1
Product 2

Remodeling the aircraft needs a lot of editing process. Also, it’s related to a lot of technical parts. 

Real flight’s vast collection is a big help to that. It’s another reason to pick an RF simulator over Phoenix. Nonetheless, both simulators are great to use for practicing.

Multiplayer Opportunities

Both real flight and phoenix offer multiplayer options. But phoenix’s multiplayer option is slightly better than real flights. 

Because the new versions come with more cool features. Players can text and talk among themselves while playing. They have virtual training options as well.

Operating System Compatibility

It’s a huge relief that both simulators run well on Mac devices. Whether it’s based on Windows, Linux, or Bootcamp, both simulators function just fine in them. They are well compatible with most of the operating systems.

There’s hardly any problem with the installation. But, Phoenix simulators sometimes face technical difficulties with Spektrum dx6e.

Home Competitions

It’s one of the fun parts of both simulators. Both phoenix and real flight offer side games and competitions for players. Real flight is advanced in this aspect from phoenix.

Because real flight has more games than phoenix. It also provides multiplayer mode on the internet. Players can practice different flying skills such as bomb dropping, limbo flying, spot landing.

Phoenix Vs Real Flight: Final Results

It’s hard to put a hand over one simulator to call it best. Because both simulators have it’s own pros and cons. Needless to say, both are good for beginners to professionals.

Even so, it’s fair to say the phoenix simulator is well-suited for advanced-level players. Real flight offers more varieties, which is better for generic players. However, if you’re new to play flying simulators, play both to know which fits you better.

Hopefully, the conversation was informative for you.


Question: What CPU requirements are needed to run flight simulators?

Answer: Flight simulators don’t require much higher CPU qualifications. If it has 8 GB ram then it’s good to go. Preferable options are AMD Rygen 3 1200 or intel core-i5-4460 CPU.

Question: Are Microsoft flight simulators used to teach real pilots?

Answer: Yes, student pilots use Microsoft flight simulators to practice aircraft flying. They’re safe to use. Students can enhance their skills by playing in simulators.

Question: Does phoenix come with a Dx6i transmitter?

Answer: No, phoenix had a Dx6i transmitter when it first came out. It’s not added in new versions. It is now available with a Spektrum Dx5e Tx.

Final Verdict

That was all we could provide you about realflight vs phoenix. Hopefully, we were able to assist you even if it’s a little.

Until the next issue, stay happy and stay safe.

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