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A Comprehensive Guide to Redcat Gen 7 Tire Size

So, you got a Redcat gen 7 and you are not satisfied with the tire. 

Or maybe you just want to go bigger in the tire front. And you are not quite sure about the size aspect of it.

This guide will provide you with all the info about Redcat gen 7 tire size.

There are two major sizes of tire that are compatible with Redcat gen 7. These tire sizes are 1.9 inches and 2.2 inches. While most crawlers of this type come with built-in 1.9, you can change that. You can try moving your RC from 1.9 to 2.2 by doing some alterations and some good old trimming.

Not sure yet? Don’t worry! In this guide, we’ve included the information you need to know about red at gen 7 tire size. 

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Redcat Gen 7 Tire Sizes

There are 2 basic tire sizes for Redcat Gen 7 rock crawlers and scale vehicles. That is 1.9 and 2.2. The numerical value in both cases implies the size of the wheel. Where your tires are built to fit. 

More precisely 1.9 or 2.2 indicates the diameter of the wheels. With that, the connected inner diameter of that tire.


The difference between 1.9 and 2.2 tires may sound small. But the 2.2 tires are usually quite larger in all-around size than the 1.9 tires. 

Vehicles like the Redcat usually come fitted out with 1.9 tires. 

However, they can accommodate 2.2 as well. You just need to perform a few alterations. 

Here is a snapshot of both of their characteristics.

Features1.9-inch Tire 2.2-inch Tire
Outer Diameter 114mm/4.48-inch137mm/5.39-inch
Inner Diameter 52mm/2.05-inch58mm/2.28-inch
Durability GoodExcellent 
Price$18-$20 for 4 pieces of tires$25-$30 for 4 pieces of tires 
ReplacementsCheck Now on Amazon!Check Now on Amazon!

In the next step, we will have a detailed discussion about these features.

1.9-inch Tire for Redcat Gen 7: 

Most of the time, the 1.9-inch tire size comes built-in with the Redcat Gen 7. 

The outer diameter of the tire is 114mm by 4.48 inches. And the inner diameter of the tire is approximately 52mm by 2.05 inches. The width of the size 1.9 tire is usually 42mm by 1.65 inches.

These tire sizes are a bit different from Redcat kaiju tire size. The tires are usually made of rubber. These are usually of good quality. 

These come with a pack of 4 Foam Inserts. And they are of great wear-resistant as well as decent durability.

Along with Redcat Gen 7, 1.9-inch tires are compatible with some other crawlers also. Such as the 1/10 RC Rock Crawler and Traxxas TRX-4 etc.


The price ranges around $18-$20 for 4 pieces of tires. Now, if you don’t want to use the tire that comes with the RC or maybe you need a replacement you can buy this sized tire.

The GoHobby 1.9 Crawler Tires are the perfect replacement tires for the original Redcat 1.9 tires. The GoHobby tires are much more accessible. So, pick this one up next time when you need a replacement.
2.2-inch Tire for Redcat Gen 7.

2.2-inch Tire for Redcat Gen 7

This size of the tire actually does not come built-in with the Redcat Gen 7. However, sometimes you can upgrade from 1.9 to 2.2-inch tires.

The outer diameter of the tire is 5.39 inches by 137 mm. And the inner diameter of the tire is approximately 2.28 inches by 58 mm. The width of the size 1.9 tire is usually 2.36 inches by 60mm.

The tires are usually made of rubber; precisely soft rubbers. These are usually of good quality. And the tires are softer.


However, the 1.9 rc tires can be softened too if you are curious.

Now, 2.2 sizes come with a pack of 4 Foam Inserts. And they are of great wear-resistant as well as excellent durability.

I love the RC 2.2″ Mud slingers Tires in particular because of their durability and performance. When I need a 2.2-inch tire I always go for this one. 

Just like size 1.9, the 2.2-inch tires are also compatible with some other crawlers also. Such as the 1/10 RC Rock Crawler and Axial SCX10 RR10 Wraith, etc.

They also fit the Beadlock wheels. 2.2-inch tires are easier to install. They also grip a bit better than the stock tires.

The price ranges around $25-$30 for 4 pieces of tires. This is a bit steeper than the 1.9 tires. 

Moving from 1.9 to 2.2 on Redcat Gen 7

So, are you wanting to upgrade or fit 2.2 tires to your Redcat designed for 1.9 sizes?

If this is the case, you need to be aware of a few things. 

So, exactly what are the difficulties of upgrading to 2.2-inch tires?

One of the main problems that you’d run into while upgrading to a 2.2-inch tire size is the outside diameter of the 1.9 tires. But you can overcome that problem. You just need to perform some major trimming to make it work. 

Or else they might rub a bit worse than the stockers. And also it might seem to be slightly wider. Other than that, everything else should be fine.

Also, in the case of running small 2.2 tires like those around 5 inches work quite well.

But not to deny that it kind of plays havoc with the centre of gravity. To compensate for that you may add weight to the axles. 

This way you have to give up some durability. But are Redcat gen 7 even Redcat RCs if some customization cannot be done? 

At present, regardless, bigger tires are supposed to be the better ones. All the big players in the tire market seem to be preferring the 2.2 sizes. And thus, the smaller models seem to be disappearing. 

Because most of the time, the 2.2 size allows the tire to conform and flex. It also delivers incredible traction to the RC cars. At the same time, the inner tire delivers the support for the rig. 

This way your tires will not fold over while turning. Or even when they are side-hilling. They will still work perfectly.

The foam inserts that come with them are also reusable. Plus, they will not break down or even get flat spots.

One thing to keep in mind while upgrading to the 2.2-inch tire is that the tires may lose their gripping capacity. If that’s the case, then try soaking it in grease for some time. 

However, beware that not all grease can be used to get this task done. Some of the greases that increase the gripping capacity of your tires are given below:

  • WD-40 – This is the one you should pick when you try to make your tires more grippy. It’s very well known among the RC community.
  • Lucas Oil Red”N” Tacky Grease – This is a great substitute for the WD-40. It gets the job done plus it inhibits rust and oxidation. 

Using these will definitely help your tires to be more grippy. 

So, to conclude, the  2.2 tires will not be a problem. You just have to make them fit the body.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How are RC crawler tires measured?

To measure RC crawler tires, you have to determine the rim width with a precision calliper. A simple inch ruler is not going to provide you with accurate measurements. So with the calliper, you need to divide the width by two. It will get you the radius of the tires.

What is the difference between 1.9 and 2.2 tires?

The 1.9″ and 2.2″ infer the diameter of the tires. So, the main difference lies in their diameter. The 2.2 ones are utilized for all competition crawlers. And also for some scale crawlers. But most of the scale crawlers utilize 1.9 ones.

Are 2.2 tires expensive?

Well, if you compare it to size 1.9 tires, 2.2-inch tires are a bit costlier. You can get a good quality 2.2 tire within the range of $25 to $30. And 1.9 are sharper than that. They cost around $18 to $20 dollar or so.

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