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Troubleshooting Redcat Gen 8 Problems!

You’re not the only one who may be experiencing issues with your Redcat Gen 8! Most of us experience these things. But don’t worry; I’m here to guide you.

So, how to troubleshoot Redcat gen 8 problems?

Ensure the battery is completely charged before anything else. Then check that all cables and connectors are in place. Confirm that every screw is securely fastened and look for any broken or damaged parts. If it’s still not working, try turning it off and on again. Also, you can contact Redcat manufacturer. 

I’ll explain how to troubleshoot your remote-control vehicle in the following section. I’ll cover everything from checking the battery to adjusting the trim. 

So whether your car is refusing to move or just not going as fast as you’d like. In no time at all, I’ll have you going.

A Quick Overview

ProblemsReasons A Quick Fix
The batteries won’t stay longThe battery can’t keep the chargeUse a suitable NiMH charger to fully charge the NiMH battery
The batteries not taking charge after runningThe LiPo battery was dropped below the safe level while the ESC was configured to a NiMH batteryAn entirely new, charged battery should be used in replacement of the LiPo battery. Utilize your local regulations to dispose of the defective battery.
Despite the engine running, the car is still stable.Misaligned slipper sizingUntil the car moves, adjust the slipper clutch.
When turning, there is a clicking soundDamaged servo gearChange the servo.
The vehicle is not moving or steeringUncharged battery packRecharge the battery pack entirely.
Automatic side turn of the vehicleAdjusting the steering trim is necessary.Make adjustments to the steering trim on the transmitter.
Redcat Gen 8
Source: Team Redcat

Problem 1: The Batteries Won’t Stay Long

The most annoying problem is when your battery dies faster than expected. Although it is a very common problem happening with almost everyone. Let’s look at some solutions to this issue with your Redcat gen 8.


This issue could have different causes. Let’s see some of the possible reasons. 

  1. The LiPo battery setting on the ESC
  2. Incomplete charging of a NiMH battery
  3. Lack of charge stability in NiMH batteries

Now let’s see how you can solve these problems.


  • The ESC jumper should be set to a NiMH battery by consulting the ESC Guide.
  • Before you do anything else, fully charge the NiMH battery. 
  • You can pick a charger that contains a NiMH battery-specific integrated circuit. Also, you can use an external charger.

If this won’t help you, then you may try the following method.

Problem 2: The Battery Won’t Charge After Running

Like our earlier issue, this one also has a connection to the batteries. These are a few ideas to quickly fix the problem.


This problem can happen if your Redcat Gen 8’s have a problem with battery packs. The reasons might be these: 

  1. The LiPo battery was lowered below the average level while the ESC was set to a NiMH battery.
  2. Faulty LiPo battery


These following steps you might want to follow to solve the problem.

  • Connect the ESC jumper to the LiPo battery and consult the ESC Guide. 
  • Since it is no longer secure to use the LiPo battery, thus you should carefully dispose of it.
  • Change the LiPo battery with a fresh, fully charged battery. 
  • Follow the regulations in your area when disposing of the defective battery.

I believe this may help you with your issue. If still, you’re having trouble then the next step is for you.

Redcat Gen 8 rc
Source: RC Newb

Problem 3: The Engine Runs, But The Vehicle Won’t Move

Apart from the battery issue our next problem is something different. Here you’re experiencing the engine working fine but still, the vehicle isn’t moving. Let’s see how to fix the issue.


A slipper adjustment is a mechanism that allows the car to move forward and backward. It uses a system of levers and springs. It will not be able to move at all if this mechanism is not functioning correctly.


To check your slipper adjustment, you’ll need a set of screwdrivers and pliers. Once you’ve got both of those tools out, follow these steps:

  • Remove the two screws holding the bottom cover. They’re usually located near the front end of the car.
  • Open up the cover by removing all four screws holding it in place. Be careful not to lose any screws!
  • Once you’ve opened up the bottom cover, remove one of your screwdrivers. Then slide it under each side of one of your slippers.

This problem also can be experienced in Redcat gen 7 troubleshooting the same way as this one.

Problem 4: The Vehicle Makes Clicking Sounds

This problem is slightly different from the others. Here you’ll experience that your vehicle will make a clicking sound. But don’t panic; I’ll give you some advice on how to solve the issue.


This number of reasons can be the reason for this problem.

  1. Stripped servo gears
  2. Removed servo horn

The stripped servo horn can no longer grip the servo output shaft. This causes the servo to rotate freely and limits the number of degrees that it can rotate.


  • Change the servo. This is the easiest repair for your Redcat gen 8. Simply remove the old servo, and replace it with a new one.
  • Change the servo horn. This is also an easy fix just unscrew the old horn, and screw in a new one.

Problem 5: Vehicle Is Not Moving

It’s normal if you see that your vehicle is not moving an inch. It’s not just you that has to deal with this issue by yourself. But there are some fixes that I’m sharing with you.


It’s necessary to stick to the directions that come with your battery pack. So you can ensure the device starts up correctly. If you do not charge your battery pack according to the instructions. You may experience problems such as a dead battery.


Follow these simple steps to solve the problems. 

  • The battery can be charged most effectively by being connected to a power source. Such as a car adapter or a wall outlet.
  • If you are without a power supply, it is OK. The plug-in battery that comes with the battery can also be used to charge it. 
  • Prior to connecting the battery, confirm that the power cord is hooked to an outlet. Next, connect the power cord’s other end to the provided rechargeable battery.
Redcat Gen 8 rc tear down
Source: ZeroAir Reviews

Problem 6: Automatically Turns Sidewise

This is the most unexpected situation for RC enthusiasts. Because while racing your car is not going straight. Instead it is turning sidewise automatically. Once I had this same problem with my Redcat volcano. But why is this happening and what to do to fix it? Let’s see. 


These are the possible reason for the above problem

  1. The steering trim needs to be adjusted.
  2. The horn on the steering servo requires realigning or replacement.
  3. Servo gears were broken
  4. Excessive toe-out on the front wheels


You can solve the problem by following these steps.

  • Trim the transmitter’s steering wheel.
  • If the servo horn is worn out or stripped, replace it.
  • Change the servo
  • Adapt the steering linkage to reduce the amount of toe

This is how you can solve the problem easily. If yo’re looking for someone facing trouble like you here check the link –

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why My Radio and Receiver Is Not Working?

To start, make sure your remote control’s batteries are in good shape. If they’re low or dead, that could definitely be causing problems. Next, try cleaning the contacts on the remote and receiver with a bit of rubbing alcohol. This will assist in removing any corrosion or accumulated dirt that may be a problem.

Why My Servos Are Misbehaving?

Check the connectors. Make sure everything is securely connected. That there’s no dirt or debris interfering with the electrical connection. Clean the servos. Gently wipe them down with a damp cloth. Ensuring no water is left inside the casing. Lubricate the servos. A little bit of oil can help reduce friction and keep them running smoothly.

Why My Throttle Stucked In One Place?

If your throttle is stuck in one position, that might be causing your car to move slowly. Consider checking the power switch. Check to see if it is on and if the car is receiving power from the batteries. If everything there appears to be in order, it could be time to examine the motor. A faulty motor can cause all sorts of problems with your car. Therefore, it’s worthwhile to consider if none of the other remedies appear to be effective.


Well, that’s it! This is my complete guide to troubleshooting Redcat Gen 8 problems. I really hope that helps, and I wish you success in repairing your RC car. 

If you have any questions or run into any problems, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I’ll be happy to help in any way I can. Thanks for reading!

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