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A Complete Guide to Redcat Kaiju Tire Size

Choosing the right tire size for your RC vehicle can be a tiring task. You might get bored searching for tires for your RC.

While surfing, you might be thinking how can you pick the right Redcat Kaiju tire size?

Redcat Kaiju tire sizes vary in width and diameter. The recommended tire width is around 3.125 inches. The general diameter varies from 5 to 6 inches. 17mm hex mounts are usually used for the vehicle. However, to get maximum performance, the right tires need the best compatible wheels.

That was just the brief of the whole guide. Spare us a few minutes and we will get you through with every spec you need.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s begin.

Know Your Redcat Kaiju Tire Size

The two most important parameters in tire sizing is diameter and width. You need to understand these carefully. Also, the scaling of your device will determine the size of the tire.

However, tire size also depends on your usage purpose. If you are going to use your RC car for off-road purposes it will be different.


You’ll have to consider several aspects for choosing the ideal RC off-roading tires and wheels. Such as, bigger spiked tires will be necessary for that purpose.

On the other hand, suppose, you want to use your car for drift racing. Slick-sized tires will be more suitable for the purpose.

If you understand the basics, let’s jump into the main discussion.

Step 1: Determine The Proper Dimension of The Tires 

Diameter and width are the main focus here. However, emphasis will be put on width. The width varies from 2.2-4.3 inches. 

Wider tires are not always recommended. It might rub the body and cause physical damage.

However, the Redcat Kaiju has a tire width ranging from 2.8 to 3.2 inches. The recommended tire width is 3.125 inches.

Regardless of the width, most tires will come in between 5 to 6 inches in diameter. It does not affect compatibility. That should not be a concerning thing.

Also, do keep in mind the terrain. You need to choose tires based on terrain too. And don’t forget to balance tires sporadically.

Here is a table including all the dimensions and sizes recommended for the tires,

Width 3.125″ (79.4mm)
Diameter 6.00″ (152mm)
Hex Size17 mm 

These were all the specific details of the recommended tire size for Redcat kaiju

Step 2: Picking up The Correct Scale

Scaling plays a vital role in tire size. Scaling means how bigger or smaller is your vehicle in comparison with the real one.

Commonly Redcat Racing manufactures Kaiju tires on a 1/8 scale. Do check this parameter while buying tires. It can be easily found in the specifications section. 

Also, make sure you check the mounting points. You might wonder what are the mounting points of Redcat Kaiju? Redcat Kaiju uses 17mm hex mounts with a backspace of 38.5 mm.


Now, if you’re in a pinch and you cannot find the exact Redcat Kaiju tires, then you can look for replacements. I’ve tried and tested quite a few tires as replacements for Redcat Kaiju tires and I have two favorites. 

  • RER12485 Wheels & Tires – This is the original replacement part that is made for Redcat Kaiju. If you want the quality of the original tires, then invest in one of these.

You can also use other mount dimensions, but you will need a hex hub converter.

Things to Consider While Choosing the Right Tire Size  

RC car tires are very vital for maximum performance and efficiency of your car. You may be a hobbyist or a racer, but the importance remains the same.

Like a regular car, RC car owners must consider some factors before choosing a tire. Whether it’s Redcat Kaiju or Redcat gen 7 tire size is important.

Aside from that, parameters like texture, pattern, rim and mounting point can also greatly affect your car’s performance.

You might be a newbie or seasoned veteran. But here are a few things to consider before buying the tire for your RC car.

Right Rim Size: 

You can mount the wheels in different ways. Thus, it is very important to check the rim size before buying a tire.

Hex mount rims are very common in RC cars. But do check the car specifications for confirmation if needed.

Also, do check the rim size. You might be thinking, “why should I be bothered with rim size?”

Hold on, your tire size is determined by the rim size. So, don’t miss it.

Mounting Point: 

Mounting is basically setting up tires on the rim and fixing them with the axle.

There are different types of mounting systems available in the market. Among them, hex mounts and pin mounts are the most popular ones. 

You can check your Redcat kaiju manual and choose the appropriate mounting. Else, you might suffer from incompatibility issues.


However, RC tire installation is not like installing tires on real cars. Here, gluing the RC tire is a must-to-do part. And, softening the RC tire is also necessary sometimes.

Venting, glueing, and mounting require technical skills and expertise. Do practice the basics before proceeding to installation. Otherwise, you might suffer from problems and errors.

Tire and Truck Surface:

Every RC car comes with its own set of pre-installed/bundled tires. However, that specific tire might not be necessary or suitable for your use.

The manufacturer doesn’t know which terrain you will use for driving your RC car. Speed & grip plays a vital role in determining the proper tire.

Slick tires are for flat and smooth surfaces like concrete or tarmac. 

Full spiked tires work better on uneven and muddy terrain. It’s best for off-roading. These tires might be bigger in size than normal ones.

Mini spiked tires are good for grass and carpet-like surfaces.

In short, Smoother, more patterned tires are probably better on flat surfaces. It can help you go faster. But tires with spikes give you a better grip and are better for rough terrain.

One thing to keep in mind is that the tires may lose their gripping capacity. If that’s the case, then try soaking it in grease for some time. 

However, beware that not all grease can be used to get this task done. Some of the greases that increase the gripping capacity of your tires are given below:

  • WD-40 – This is the one you should pick when you try to make your tires more grippy. It’s very well known among the RC community.
  • Lucas Oil Red”N” Tacky Grease – This is a great substitute for the WD-40. It gets the job done plus it inhibits rust and oxidation. 

Using these will definitely help your tires to be more grippy. 

That’s the end of this discussion!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Who makes the Redcat Kaiju? 

Redcat Racing manufactures Redcat Kaijus. Since it was founded in 2005, Redcat Racing has become one of the best-known names in electric, nitro, and gas-powered ready-to-run (RTR) cars and trucks for the hobby of radio control. It offers a wide range of quality products.

Is Redcat Kaiju Waterproof?

Yes, Redcat Kaiju is waterproof but partially. It features a 150A 6S waterproof ESC and a protected brushless motor. The electrical parts &  transmission are protected by shielding to protect the car from water splashes. However, you should be careful while operating in water.

What Battery Connectors does the Redcat Kaiju Use?

The Redcat Kaiju uses the popular T connector for the battery. It supports a single 6S Li-po or double 3S Li-po battery. It is also compatible with single 4S and double 2S Li-po batteries. And the connectors are easy to install and replace.


That’s all from our side regarding- Redcat Kaiju tire size. We hope that you have got your answers. Now you can easily decide the right tire and size for your Redcat Kaiju. 

Have a great day running your RC vehicle. 

See you soon.

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