redcat racing troubleshooting

Redcat Racing Troubleshooting [Explained in Detail]


Any type of racing car can show numerous problems. To top it off, it’s also hard to find solutions. However, if you know the reason, there can be easy fixes. This can be the case with your redcat racing. 

So, what problems lead to redcat racing troubleshooting?

Your redcat racing’s common problem could be a technical defect. Some cars have a little bump on the backside of car. Next, the tires and the foam will get worn out really fast. The third problem is caused because of a low-quality transmitter. This makes the potentiometer too sensitive. Lastly, the car might have a weak servo.

We bet you’re still confused. Don’t worry. We got all the details for you in the below segment.

Spare a few minutes and have a look at our article. It’ll clear out your confusion.  

Redcat Racing Problems and Solutions 

Whatever version your redcat racing car is, it’ll have some problems. Just like you’ll have problems even with your top-notch rc flying wing

However, the good thing is these problems can be easily fixed. We’re here to show you just that. 

So, let’s find out the problems and solutions of your redcat racing-  

Problem 1: Belly Bump 

One of the most common problems in a redcat racing car is the belly bump. In some products, you’ll see a slightly circular bump in the lower middle portion of your car. You’ll know if you have this problem. 

Because of this bump, your redcat racing car might not run smoothly. However, there’s an easy fix to this. 


First, you need to put some spacers on the transfer case. Then you need to lift it up and cut the bump with a saw. 

Next, you can put a sort of light pan to flatten it out. This will make your redcat racing car run smoothly. 

Problem 2: Bad Tires and Foam

A very common problem of redcat cars is their tires and foam. The tires are super swamper. However, they’re not very well done. 

They have a kind of film in them that gets really dirty. The worst part is they’re hard to clean as well. 

Now, for the foam, it’s also not very good. The foam is memory foam. And memory foams rebound too slow. 

This means that you can’t really have a tight grip on your tires. This problem gets even worse when you try to race your car in the snow. 


First, you need to unscrew the Beadlock wheels. Once done, you need to throw your foam out. Then buy new ones from the supermarket. 

On that note, we have recommended some good quality foams

Product 1
Product 2

If you’re confused, you can buy these products.

Now, for the tires we recommend you change them. You should replace them with better tires. They are built way better and will last longer. Also, make sure to glue your rc tires properly. 

Problem 3: Sensitive Potentiometer 

Redcat racing cars might have a bad quality transmitter. This makes the potentiometer too sensitive. This is why it gets harder to control the car.  

The transmitter also doesn’t have enough throw for the steering. 


Simply unwind your transmitter using a screwdriver. Then remove it and buy a better one from the store. 

You’ll see the performance will increase significantly. You will also get more smooth steering as well. 

Problem 4: Steering Doesn’t Work but Throttle Works 

This can happen when you’ve used your can for a long time. Your cars will switch on and light up appropriately in this circumstance. 

The steering, on the other hand, will not work at all. However, sometimes your rc car won’t respond to throttle too. 


The main reason for this problem to occur is issued with the servo. Either the servo gears or the servo cables are stripped. Or a loose servo connector could also be the cause. 

To fix this, check to see that the links are correctly connected. Also, check if the links are responding to the servo.

Problem 5: Weak and Slow Servo

For some cars, the servo might be really slow. Redcat racing cars are heavy vehicles and a slow servo makes the car slower when turning. 


To solve this problem, you’ll need to get rid of your old servo. You’ll need to replace it with a good servo. 

However, we know a  servo can be a bit pricey. That’s why you can look for some cheaper options- 

Product 1
Product 2

You can purchase these products if your budget is limited. 

Now, you know the problems that you can face with your rc racing cars. You also know the solution. But make sure you take care of your rc car properly from now on. You need to clean the rc car and perform other maintenance work properly.


Question: Why is my ESC blinking red and green? 

Answer: When a nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) battery is used, the Low-Voltage Detection (LVD) is “ON”. In this case, the ESC may display an over-voltage alarm. This is signaled by a flashing red and green light. 

Question: How to turn on TSM? 

Answer: TSM never limits the amount of throttle input. The driver has complete control over the vehicle’s power at all times. TSM is easily disabled by moving the multi-function knob counterclockwise to the stop position. 

Question: How to know if my RC battery has gone bad?

Answer: Take your battery out and inspect it. This is the simplest way to discover if your RC car battery is bad. If the battery is swollen in any way, it is defective. So, it should be replaced right away.

Final Word

You now know about redcat racing troubleshooting. You also know the solutions to these problems. 

Make sure you take care of your RC car after solving the issues. This is because they can be quite expensive and fixing them can be hard. 

Good luck with your racing.

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