Redcat Volcano 18 Problems

Redcat Volcano 18 Problems: 3 Common Problems with Solutions

Redcat Volcano 18 has become a popular RC truck among RC users already. If you use this, you are a fan too! It is obvious that this RC truck is one of the best of all. But with all its best features, it still has a few problems at times.

So, what are the Redcat Volcano 18 problems?

Redcat Volcano 18 RC truck mainly faces 3 common problems. First of all, a steering servo issue is common to experience. Secondly, you might come across a damaged throttle of this. And finally, the RC truck that won’t run might be visible too. 

Here, you just have to come about its problems. You definitely need to resolve these for the betterment. So, read along to know about the solutions here.

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What Are the Redcat Volcano 18 Problems And Their Solutions?

Source: Vitt Auto Group

Choose Redcat after the Traxxas or Redcat debate? Well, we already know about all the cool features of Redcat Volcano 18. But the problems this RC truck sometimes comes across are concerning. 

You must know what to do and how to resolve these. And thus, you can keep your RC truck good! So, take a look here to know about the problems and solutions.

Problem 1: Problem with Steering Servo

A prevalent issue with this RC truck is the steering. You might question why your truck’s movements are out of order from time to time. 

It may appear to go to the left, but it actually goes to the right. You might even find that your RC vehicle goes around on its own. 

When you first start your RC, it may take some time to get up and running. As a result, these issues are primarily caused by troubles with the steering servo

Don’t think it’ll be a difficult technological remedy. It’s challenging, but not impossible. So calm down and relax as we can work on the solution.


To begin, check to see if the RC battery is fully charged. Charge it if it isn’t already charged. The servo will not work if the servo gears are broken or the cord is frayed. 

You would actually require putting in a bit more work. If the servo gears are stripped, you’ll have to buy new ones.

You might also take the pieces to a nearby hobby shop to be fixed. 

However, we prefer to get a replacement servo. Because stripped gear isn’t often fixed completely. 

As a result, as a long-term remedy, we recommend obtaining a new metal servo

Not sure which servo to pick? You can try out the following servos with your Redcat Volcano 18:

These servos will definitely enhance the performance of your Redcat volcano 18.

Frayed servo wires will then be visible. However, frayed wires can be repaired in a variety of ways.

At this point, you should check out any slack servo connections. If found any, ensure to fix them. A pair of 3M molding tape might be helpful for this. Take a hot glue gun for this too!

So, these are the solutions to fix your steering servo issues.

Problem 2: A Damaged Throttle

You might feel like you’re applying more strain while driving your RC truck. This is because your vehicle is unable to move due to a number of internal problems. 

And this occurs if the RC’s throttle is malfunctioning. A malfunctioning throttle, in addition to movement troubles, can cause a slew of other issues. 

One of the most prevalent causes of this is a malfunctioning RC transmitter. When you notice the throttle, you must fix it as soon as possible. 

Because your RC vehicle’s condition continues to deteriorate.


You’ll need to replace the motor to fix a broken throttle. It’s okay too if you have no plans on replacing it. You have a line to correct it because you have a line. 

The first thing to do is make sure the motor is maintained cold. Electric motors must keep their temperatures as low as possible to avoid overheating. 

You should be able to accomplish this by maintaining a cool working environment. You must also observe the temperature of your motor on a frequent basis. 

Overcurrent is another term for electrical overload. However, repairing a malfunctioning motor is not always possible. Because there are some restrictions. 

At times, you may find that the motor becomes completely malfunctioning. If that’s the situation, you wouldn’t be able to fix that. 

Overheating and rough usage are the main reasons for this. For this situation, you need to replace the motor. 

Finally, you would have to attach the required plugs accordingly. So, make sure to choose the appropriate plug for this. For any confusion, talk to an expert!

And this is how you can fix and get along with a damaged throttle.

Problem 3: Redcat Volcano 18 Won’t Run

This problem is quite common to experience actually. But this can be really annoying to see that your RC stops running suddenly.

However, don’t just throw away your expensive RC truck out of your anger. Because you can just fix it. 

If you think, the issues for this might be internal, you’re partially correct. Because there might be a few external factors too.

And these can be the steering arm, battery, or antenna too.


To figure out what the answer might be, you must first understand the problem. Remember that the issue is either the battery, steering arm, or antenna. 

It would be great to begin by checking your batteries. Just take out the current batteries and change them for a pair of new ones. The same kind of problem might happen if your ESC doesn’t beep.

If the RC appears to be working well, you’re done with the problem. However, if this is not the case, the steering arm must be repaired. First, fully extend the antenna. 

Then check to see if the antenna is correctly installed. After that, look for any scrapes or tears. Finally, wipe the antenna clean with a cleaning cloth to remove any dust.

Keep in mind that your antenna can be harmed by dust or dirt. This would fix the problem if it exists. Upgrading the shocks can also improve the performance significantly.

Finally, if you still notice any problem with your RC running, it might be the steering. For this issue, you need to contact an expert.

So, these are the 3 problems that you might experience in Redcat Volcano 18.


What stops my RC car to stop all of a sudden?

RC car stopping all of a sudden is not an uncommon problem. This may occur for a couple of issues. However, the main reasons are either mechanical or other internal issues. But that does not mean any other factors can not affect that. A bad transmission can be a reason too.

Why does my RC truck run itself?

You do not need to get nervous because of this. Because it is nothing horrifying but rather funny. But to be serious, this happens due to its bad throttle. A bad throttle can lead your RC truck to this. Nevertheless, a transmitter could be responsible for this problem too.

How do I identify any issues with the transmitter?

Identifying a bad transmitter is basically not something hard. In fact, you can already know about any significant symptoms. Because a bad transmitter would not let your truck run. Even if it does, you would see the truck stopping all of a sudden. There would be multiple obvious symptoms too.

The Final Words

Now you know about the Redcat volcano 18 problems! You can now fix the problems following our solutions too.

Always try to take off the battery if you take a long break to run your RC. This keeps both the device and transmitter in a better condition.

Best of luck!

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