Redcat Volcano EPX Upgrades

Redcat Volcano EPX Upgrades: Everything That You Must Know


Ain’t Redcat Volcano EPX a monster? Definitely, it is. It has wonderful features and excellent performance. Moreover, the superior quality electronics and everything make it an RC hobbyist’s dream truck. 

Besides, its superior speed control and aggressive tires ensure an overall better speed. But is that enough? Well, they are enough for most users to be honest. 

However, users with advanced criteria and extreme conditions prefer some improvement in their car. Hence professionals are always looking for redcat volcano epx upgrades to ensure even better performance. 

But finding the right upgrades for the right situation is a tough and lengthy process. Finding the right product from countless available options can seem overwhelming as well. 

Therefore, we wanted to help you in this regard. We researched through the market and examined the products closely. Afterward, we chose the best ones that we found. 

Apart from the product details we also added our takeaways after this thorough research. So stick with us for more reliable information.

Product Overview 

So our product is a brushless motor. The product name is ARRMA Brushless Motor. Quite natural for you to wonder why is this upgrade necessary even as the vehicle comes with a brushless motor as well. 

Well, if you are not opting for better speed and performance then it’s possible for you to run without this motor. Because the car comes with one that possesses a 3300KV brushless motor. 

The built-in motor is strong and powerful enough to give you a good ride. But if you’re looking for enhanced performance and more speed then this upgrade is what you need. 

This ARRMA Brushless Motor is a 3800KV brushless motor. As you can understand this motor is more powerful than the one that comes with the car. Hence it’s going to enhance the speed and overall quality of your ride. 

Already has enough talk about the speed part. But this is not all about this product. We suggest this product because of its strength and other features as well. 

This is a great motor that fits with Redcat RC cars very well. Also, the motor is extremely good at its service. It doesn’t overheat which is a bonus point for this product obviously. 

Moreover, this is very easy to install. Hence it’s perfect for newbies as well. If you don’t have prior knowledge of installing motors, you should go for this one. 

Considering the performance and strength of this product, we suggest you give this a try. Our research says it won’t make you regret the purchase. But don’t forget to check if its pros and cons suit you or not. 


  • Can provide enhanced speed and performance
  • Solid motor, the service quality is top-notch 
  • Fits well with the vehicle 
  • Easy to install hence a good pick for novice players 
  • Doesn’t overheat to gives ease of use 


  • Improvement in overall product quality will be much appreciated

Product Overview 

Next up we have another much-needed upgrade product. It’s the Hobbywing Electronic Speed Controller. The name speaks for itself and what it does to your car. 

Still, you must be wondering why is it important for you to have, right? 

Well, high speeds are tough to control and take more time to stop or to react to situations. Therefore, it’s a must to have speed control in your car. Why is the upgrade necessary, then? 

To be specific, the upgraded product that we are suggesting is great at its service. It has more control that can make a big difference. It’s incredible in speed control at a very affordable price. 

Therefore, it’s a very good buy for the price. Moreover, it’s very easy to use and install. So you don’t need to face extra hassles regarding the installation process. Later on, the use of this product is also handy enough. 


  • Good buy for its service
  • The price is affordable 
  • Very good at controlling speeds
  • Easy to install
  • Ease of use adds extra points to its scoreboard 


  • At times it makes some weird sounds and causes troubling performances.

Product Overview 

Next up we have a full metal gear servo. The product name is Redcat Racing Gear Servo. Another good quality product with extreme durability. But there’s more to it-

This product is great at providing a satisfying range of speed and velocity. It is also good at adjusting engineering speed. Moreover, it’s immensely good at its service. 

It is quite lightweight yet good at its service. But, they are not exactly perfect for heavy-duty use. So before picking this upgrade make sure that they suit your using pattern.

Also, they are water-resistant which is definitely a plus point. Having a waterproof servo will ensure that you’re running well while contacting wet surfaces. 

Furthermore, the price is extremely reasonable. So you are going to get a very satisfactory performance at an affordable price. Moreover, the product will last long. So investing in it will be really wise, no doubt about that. 


  • Made of superior quality metal
  • Extremely good at its service
  • Water-resistant and durable
  • The price is affordable 
  • Lightweight yet fluent at its work 


  • The screws that come with the servo don’t fit perfectly. 

Product Overview

The last product on our list is a Lithium Polymer Battery. It comes from the brand Turnigy. The product name is Turnigy Lipo Pack. It’s quite a reliable battery which can ensure better battery life. 

This product is our favorite because it offers the best service at a very affordable cost. Therefore, you’re going to get a very good service for its price. 

The battery’s minimum capacity is 5000mAh. It ensures that you’re going to get a strong battery performance. Quite a good deal for the price, which actually makes this upgrade our favorite. 

It is equipped with heavy-duty discharge leads to minimize resistance and sustain high current loads. So, choosing this will make you better off, no doubt about that. 

If you think you would prefer this upgrade and it suits your needs, then you should definitely consider this product. It’s quite a good deal for any user. 


  • Materials are good in quality
  • The battery is designed to provide a superior quality performance
  • Battery capacity is satisfactory
  • Good service comparing the price range, extremely reasonable price 
  • It can sustain high current loads


  • They are not exactly perfect for heavy-duty use

Why Are These Upgrades Important? 

We have already got basic ideas about some of the best upgrade products. But knowing only about the products keeps you ignorant about a lot of things. 

Without knowing why these upgrades are important, you won’t be able to make decisions for the enhancement of your vehicle performance. Therefore we added this part where we thoroughly explained which upgrade is necessary for which reason. 

Why Is Motor Upgrade Necessary? 

Redcat Volcano EPX comes with a 3300KV motor. But if you’re a speed enthusiast and looking for even better and tough performance, you can upgrade the motor. 

Therefore, we suggest you choose an upgraded brushless motor that has a capacity of more than 3300KV. Better if you can choose a motor that comes with 3500KV or more. 

It will ensure that you’re getting the best outcome. An enhanced vehicle performance with a better speed increment. Moreover, it can produce more torque per hour. 

As a result, your vehicle will have a smoother and better run, for sure. Any professional RC car user who is interested in speedy racing and bashing will love this. 

Redcat Volcano has a good quality motor obviously. But if you’re a heavy-duty user and opting for more, then try to upgrade it for the better. 

Should I Upgrade The Speed Controller & Servo?

Certainly, this is one of the most common questions regarding vehicle upgrades. Every RC vehicle comes with a servo and speed controller. But the one that comes with the product might not be able to provide your desired service. 

Speed controllers and servos are designed to control the speed when necessary. Excessive speed increases the risk of accidents and mishaps. Moreover, without a speed controller, it’s tough to hold a grip on extreme speed when necessary. 

Servos are also designed for the same purposes. They are also in charge of providing torque and velocity. Therefore, these two components are extremely important for a safe and smooth vehicle ride. 

So the Redcat volcano already comes with a servo and speed controller. But the upgrade is necessary only if you’re looking for enhanced speed. Because when you’re running at an enhanced speed, you need to have an even better controller. 

Otherwise, the chances of mishaps can’t be reduced. Therefore, we suggest you a good quality controller and servo for your Redcat Volcano EPX. 

Will The Upgraded Lipo Pack Be Worth It? 

Same as before, Redcat Volcano EPX comes with a battery obviously. But for more efficiency and better performance, some users want to upgrade it. For this purpose, they choose Lipo packs with more capacity. 

Choosing a battery that is capable of providing more power is definitely a plus point. It makes the vehicle run at a better and enhanced level. This is true for Traxxas Slash 2WD upgrade too. The built-in battery that comes with this RC car is 3500mph. 

Therefore, if you are looking for better performance you need an enhanced battery. So we suggested you an upgraded battery that has a capacity of 5000mph. 

So, for better performance and enhanced vehicle rides, you might need to shift to an upgraded battery. It doesn’t mean the previous one was bad in quality. That was just not so perfect for a professional ride. 


Question: How fast does the Redcat Volcano EPX go?

Answer: There’s no certain answer for this question. Because the vehicle will not be able to provide the speed in all conditions. On top of that, a brand new car is always good at providing better speed than an old one. Redcat Racing’s quoted top speed of 20 mph. So at best your car will run around the speed of 19 mph. 

Question: Is the Redcat Volcano EPX waterproof?

Answer: Yes, the Redcat Volcano EPX has a waterproof electronic speed controller. Therefore, it can pull off a very reliable and strong run. Moreover, its aggressive tires are very powerful. Hence they can run on wet surfaces as well. 

Question: Is Redcat RC good?

Answer: Yeah, they’re pretty good. They have a good range of premium quality cars. But they are mainly focused on mid-range sectors. Honestly, they are a very good pick for beginners. So if you’re looking for a perfect brand to start with Redcat racing is good.  

Question: Are Redcat RC trucks any good?

Answer: Redcat RC trucks are extremely good and praiseworthy. They are very solid in quality and the price range is also amazing. They are very fun to run and the reasonable price range makes it a good pick for the users. These trucks are suitable for beginners. 

To Sum Up

That was all from our side. Now is the time to part ways. Before saying goodbye, hope that you’ve got the necessary insights about redcat volcano epx upgrades

So adding the upgrade products with your speed monster, you’re going to get even better results. More speed and more reliable performance will ensure a much thrilling racing and bashing experience. 

Don’t miss out on the chance of enhancing your riding quality. So pick the convenient upgrades and enjoy. Our best wishes to you.

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