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Redcat Volcano Problems & Troubleshooting

You have Redcat volcano 16 and 18, but you’re having some issues. Well,it’s not only you who is facing this tough situation.

But, what can be done to solve these problems? Here I am going to share it. Although Redcat volcano 16 and 18 share the same issues. So, I’m going through all the possible problems that can cause your Redcat problems.

So, what are the Redcat volcano problems, what to do to fix it?

Redcat volcano can show up with many problems. Such as lack of charge, making a weird noise, and uncontrollable speed. To solve these issues you need to do these things. First, ensure the battery is fully charged. Check for loose gears, if there are any then adjust the gears or just replace them.

But, that’s not all about the troubleshooting. In this article, I’ve covered some most common problems of Redcat Volcano 16 and 18. Read the article to know more.

A Quick Overview

Redcat Volcano
Source: Redcat Racing
Problems ReasonsSolutions
Vehicle is not moving or steeringThere is no transmitter switched on
Lack of electricity supply to the battery pack.
Activate the transmitter.
Replace the battery pack and check the connections.
Grinding noise coming from vehicleToo-loose gear mesh
Rusted gears
Adjust the gear mesh.
Change the gears

Vehicle automatically makes a side turn
Adjust the steering trim
Broken Servo gear
Trim the transmitter’s steering wheel.
Change the servo gears
Control issuesLow transmitting battery power.
Receiver antenna that is broken or missing
Switch out the transmitter batteries
Change the receiver.
Unable to charge battery packFaulty connection
Lousy battery pack
Using the incorrect charger
Replaces the battery pack
Apply LIPO chargers for LIPOs and NiMH chargers for NiMH.

Problem 1: Vehicle Is Not Moving or Steering

It is a most common issue with Redcat vehicles. But it also has some fixes as well. Today I am going to share these fixes with you. 


There are many reasons for not moving or steering your vehicle. Fun thing is that almost every Redcat has the same issues. Such as Redcat volcano 7 is not moving issue. Some of them are as follows:

  1. There is no transmitter switched on
  2. Dead transmitter batteries
  3. The ESC is not enabled
  4. No electricity is being supplied to the battery pack.

Now let’s see how can you solve these problems.


By following these steps you can solve the issues.

  • Activate the transmitter.
  • Change the transmitter’s batteries
  • Activate ESC
  • Replace the battery pack and check the connections.

If you have still any other problems then the next section may help to run your Redcat gen 8.

Problem 2: Grinding Noise Coming From Vehicle

Your vehicle is making annoying grinding noise. Worry not, there are some quick fixes for that. 


Your vehicle is making a grinding noise and there can be the following reasons.

  1. Too-loose gear mesh
  2. Rusted gears

Let’s look at some solutions to these issues.


Get rid of the problem you can simply do these easy steps.

  • Adjust the gear mesh
  • Change the gears

However, if you have trouble changing the gears just contact an expert. Also, you can go to the manufacturer.

Problem 3: Vehicle Automatically Makes A Side Turn

Your vehicle is not going forward and that annoys you. I am going to share some tips to fix the problem, read the article.


This side turn of your vehicle is really annoying. There can be these possible reasons to happen this issue.

  1. Adjust the steering trim
  2. Unstable Servo Saver
  3. Front wheels are toed out excessively
  4. Realigning or replacing the steering servo horn is necessary.
  5. Servo gears were broken

Let’s review some possibilities for resolving these problems. 


So, after doing some research I’ve come to this solution which can solve your automatic side turn issue.

  • Trim the transmitter’s steering wheel.
  • Fasten the servo saver
  • Set the front wheels’ toe at 0 degrees; consult the setup guide
  • Check the servo horn and replace it if necessary
  • Change the servo

Above mentioned step can solve your issue in no time. But is still your car is not moving or responding then the next section is for you.

Problem 4: The Vehicle Has Control issues

Redcat Volcano rc car
Source: Horizon Hobby

For newbies it’s hard to control the vehicle. Because it takes some time to master the skills. But what if you mastered the skill but it’s now your vehicle that has the control issue? Let’s see how to fix it.


You’re trying hard to control your Redcat volcano but you failed to do so. So, what can be the reason for this? Let’s see what are reasons behind this issue are.

  1. Low transmitting battery power
  2. Broken or Mssing Receiver antenna


To solve this problem you can just simply do this:

  • Switch out the transmitter batteries
  • Change the receiver

It should now steer correctly no matter which way you turn the wheel.

Problem 5: Unable to Charge Battery Pack

Battery pack is the most important part of the RC vehicle. The first and foremost thing is to always take good care of your battery pack.


Battery issue is one of the annoying things that can happen. But, what could be the reason for not taking charge? Let’s see.

  1. Faulty connection
  2. Lousy battery pack
  3. Using the incorrect charger

If this is your problem, there are a few things you can do to fix it.


Here are some solutions that can be done to solve the problem.

  1. Test the connection.
  2. Change the battery pack
  3. Apply LIPO chargers for LIPOs and NiMH chargers for NiMH.

If that doesn’t work, try using a different set of batteries. And if all else fails, you may need to take your car to a mechanic to get it fixed.

Above mentioned fixes are for both Redcat gen 7 and Redcat gen 8. Try these easy-to-troubleshoot your Redcat gen 8.

Maintenance of Redcat Volcano

Redcat Volcano rc
Source: RC Driver

Driving RC cars may be a lot of fun. Here are some maintenance suggestions to help you have fun for years to come.

Chassis Cleaning:

Your RC chassis may become covered in a range of objects, including dirt, grass, and grime. So, you can just simply clean the chassis after every use. Let’s see how you can clean your chassis.

An old paintbrush, cotton swab, old toothbrush, and rag are some of the best cleaning tools for the chassis. Dirt and debris may easily be removed with these four tools. 

While cleaning make sure you’re paying close attention to some particular ares. Steering, suspense, and drive train. To prevent any damage it is important to clean these areas.

Screws and Moving Parts: 

After each run, it’s a good idea to quickly check the entire car to make sure all the screws are still secure. Check that there isn’t too much slippage in the moving parts. 

Any screws that are fastened into metal components need to be secured with medium thread lock. In particular, the motor mount. On any component of your RC car, never apply a permanent thread locker. Heat is the only way to remove permanently locked threads, but doing so will harm the car.

Additionally, looking for cracks and excessive wear can help you avoid future problems. Finally my last advice is keep the RC car clean and take proper maintenance.

Here you can also check a post of a family playing with Redcat Valcano and Traxxas.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why My Redcat Volcano Is Not Working?

There can be many reasons for this. To solve this problem you need to do troubleshooting. First, try plugging the car into a different outlet. If that doesn’t work, check to ensure that the car is properly plugged into the transformer. If it is, and the car still doesn’t turn on, then you might have a faulty transformer. 

Why does My Redcat Volcano 16 Runs Slowly?

There are a few common reasons why your Volcano 16 might be running slowly. One of the most common reasons is that the engine is not receiving enough air. This can be caused by a dirty air filter or by the carburetor not being properly adjusted. Try cleaning the air filter and adjusting the carburetor. 

Why Redcat Volcano 18 Bounces While Driving Fast?

This problem can happen if there is any dirt inside the rims. Also, this can happen if the axle is bent. To get rid of this problem you can clean the rims or just simply change them. The driveshaft and axle both need to be changed if needed. However, for further assistance, you can contact the manufacturer. 


This is all about the Redcat volcano problem. In this article, I’ve tried to cover both Redcat volcano 16 and 18. As I’ve mentioned before that both Redcat volcano 16 and 18 shares the same problem. 

Hope you are now clear with everything. Good luck

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