Removing Paint from Lexan

Removing Paint from Lexan (DIY 5-Step Guide)

Removing paint from the Lexan is a pretty delicate job, to be honest. Even the slightest blunders can leave deep scratches over the Lexan. Don’t get scared because by following the right steps you can easily accomplish it.

So, what is the best way of removing paint from Lexan?

There are specific fluids to remove paint from Lexan. But nail polish remover, nitrous, or brake fluid can work just fine. Other than that you will be needing cotton balls. Soak the cotton with the fluid and rub it over the Lexan to remove the paint. 

There are more details to learn about the removal process of the paint. We have given full details about how you can remove paint from Lexan. 

So, why not jump down and enlighten yourself? 

How to Remove Paint over Lexan

It’s a delicate job to remove paint from Lexan. Simply cleaning your RC won’t do the work. And if you’re not careful enough, you might damage your RC. So it’s best to take all precautionary measures and assemble all the necessary tools before the operation.

Let’s go through all the necessary materials required for the job:

Things You’ll Need to Remove Paint from Lexan

Removing paint over Lexan is really easy. It’s also easy to find the fluids you need to remove paint. We have listed a few of the effective fluids you can use to remove the paint. 

These are polycarbonate paint removers on the market. But it can be hard to find. 

Other than the listed items, you’ll be needing cotton balls or pads. Using paper napkins can be an option. But cotton balls have a better observation. So the removal process is easier. 

Nail Polish Remover

This is the most available fluid out of the rest. The nail polish remover on Lexan works perfectly. Also, with a bit of effort, you can bring all the paint out. The paint sits on top of the Lexan like a coating. 

The nail polish remover makes the coating lose its adhesiveness. 


Using nitro to remove nail polish might seem extreme. But nitro removes the paint over Lexam really easily. This is the most effective way to remove paint from Lexan. Although, it might be difficult to find nitro. 

Brake Fluid

While being an effective brake fluid is also really easy to get your hands on. Brake fluids are really strong. It can even take the color of your car. So be careful while using brake fluid. Use brake fluid to remove paint for all sorts of paint removal. 


Having a hard time finding quality brake fluids for paint removal? How about taking a look at some of our recommendations?

You’ll find great value using them. We’ve tested the products ourselves and they do an absolutely great job!

These are all the easy to get and effective things to use for removing paint. 

5 Step Method to Remove Paint from Lexan

There are a lot of fluids you can use to remove the paint. But no matter what fluid you use, you have to follow the same technique. 

For your ease of understanding, you have divided the process into 5 different steps. Check out the steps below. Let’s learn how to remove paint from RC body?

Step 1: Tape the Lexan

First, make sure to cover the spots where you don’t want to remove it. If you don’t want to remove paint from a certain area, cover it up. Such as, if you just want to remove the paint from the side, make sure to cover the rest of the area.

Also, make sure you take the Lexan cover off the RC. Otherwise, the remover can touch the components which can get damaged. 

Using tape for this detail makes sure you have a picture-perfect removal process. 

Step 2: Damp the Cotton Ball in the Fluid

Now that you have prepared the car, it’s time to get the fluid ready. You must use a cotton ball rub over. Cotton balls can absorb and hold a lot of fluid. So while you are rubbing on the Lexan the cotton will not go dry. 

Also, cotton is soft enough so it will not scratch the Lexan. 

Step 3: Rub the Paint Off

It is better to use a circular motion to reduce scratches. Even if the cotton balls are soft enough not to. But the removal process becomes easier through the motion. You can also try the swiping motion. 

Step 4: Use the Fluid a Second Time

Usually, the first time leaves a few specs of paint on the Lexan. To remove this, you can damp another cotton and rub the specs off. It might take time to do it over again. But this will make sure all the paint has been removed from the Lexan. 

Source: Hobbies Direct

Giving a second rub can also remove overspray as well. So if you ask, how to remove overspray from Lexan? 

Here’s your answer. 

Step 5: Dry the Lexan

The final step in this removal process is to dry the Lexan. No matter what remover you use, it needs to evaporate before you paint again. Even if you are planning to keep it transparent, dry the Lexan. 

Use dedicated Lexan body paint on your RC when you paint. You also need to use paint thinner on Lexan. Without this, the paint might be too thick to use. 

These are the steps you need to follow to remove paint from Lexan. While repainting the body, remember to lay a thin layer of paint. Each RC comes with different sizes of motors. If the paint is too thick, the motor might not fit. 

Things to Keep in Mind While Removing the Paint

There are a few other things to make sure of while you are removing the paint. No matter what remover you use, it is safe to wear gloves. Gloves will protect your finger from strong fluids. 

Removed paint can cling to your fingers. Wearing gloves can eliminate this problem. 

Also, the paint might be sitting inside the Lexan shell. Usually, the details of an RC are stickers that sit on top of the shell. The paint is usually white which sits inside to reduce the reflection. 


Moreover, if you are painting your RC again, make sure to do it on the inside. When you paint the outside of the Lexan shell, the paint can rub off. The RC gets a lot of hits when you are driving it. So, it’s better to paint the inside. This way the paint will be reserved. 

Also, increase the waterproof protection of your RC components. Even though most brushless motors are water-resistant these days. Try waterproofing your esc too.


How Long Does it Take to Remove the Paint?

With nitrous, the paint can be removed instantly. If you are using nail polish remover, it can take a bit more time. Although brake fluid works the best also, it takes a similar time to nitrous.

What is Polycarbonate?

Another name for polycarbonate is Lexan. Polycarbonate is a durable piece of transparent plastic. Other than RC shells, polycarbonate can be used for a lot of things. Such as; windows and bulletproof glass. 

Can I use a Scrub to Remove Paint from Lexan?

Never use a scrub to remove paint from Lexan. Scrubs can leave deep scratches which will ruin your RC shell. Cotton balls are really soft and can absorb a lot of remover fluid. 


That’s everything you need to know about, removing paint from Lexan.

Do remember to use a small amount of remover at a time. You can always get more in the next round. 

Have fun painting your RC again!

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