Ronin is Not Charging

Ronin is Not Charging [Here’s What You Can Do!]

While DJI Ronin is an exceptional gimbal, it’s not free of flaws. Especially when it comes to the charging criteria. One moment the gimbal is charging just fine and then it’s just not responding to the charger!

So, why is ronin not charging?

The charging issue can occur when the port has debris or dirt in it. Again a defective cable, adapter, or power outlet can be the reason. You might not have completely inserted the power, after all. Connect the charging station that results in an unreliable connection. 

This is only the beginning. To understand why ronin is not charging, you need to know more. 

So, come along and check all the possible reasons and fixes!

Why is Ronin Not Charging?

Whether the ronin or the battery of dji spark isn’t not charging there must be some reasons. At first, we’ll go through the possible reasons for the occuring problems. And then you’ll get to know the troubleshooting methods for the respective issues.

But before everything, let’s clear the air a bit. Do you know the proper way to tell if ronin s is charging?

You can tell if your ronin s is charging or not by looking at the LED indicator. As the device receives the electricity, the lights on the battery should step up. If that’s not happening then something is probably wrong.

Now that you know about the charging technique, let’s get started!

Reason 1: Dirt and Debris 

Your device is more likely to come into touch with dirt. And lint if it is still in your pocket. This is able to access the charging ports.

Dirt and Debris
Source: DJI Forum

Power transmission will slow down when foreign materials build up over time. The charging port might cease functioning if the dirt is particularly thick.

Reason 2: Faulty Cable

The most frequent reason for charging problems is a broken charging cord. Cables can be damaged in a variety of ways, exposing exposed or broken wires. Additionally, your cable may not be functioning as it should due to cuts and bends.

Reason 3: Battery Issues

Your battery’s state will decide whether it will charge or not. Batteries typically lose their capacity to charge fully as they get older. However, if you’re not charging the batteries properly, they might get broken as well!

Additionally, your phone won’t switch on if it is entirely dead. You can also find out here the ways to charge lipo batteries without a charger.

These are the quite possible reasons that can occur for ronin not charging.

How to Fix a Ronin Charger?

While certain repairs of ronin could need a little rewiring. You can attempt various remedies to make your faulty charger functional again. Well it is different from fixing drone batteries. Following the certain measures: 

  • Some outlets made in Europe feature separate switches. Surge protectors with switches, breaker panels, or light switches may be seen in American houses. A tripped breaker may need to be reset.
How to Fix a Ronin Charger
Source: YouTube
  • All of the system’s wires should be unplugged. After a brief delay, carefully and correctly reconnect all of the cables. Make sure all the network is secure and precise before reseating.
  • A substantial portion of the charging behavior is controlled by the device. Rebooting sometimes solves issues with charge detection.
  • Outlets are sturdy but not infallible. Check out the multimeter advice below to make sure an outlet is operational.
  • The issue could be caused by bare wires and insulation. Which has been pulled off of them, or wire shielding. Furthermore, connect the cable in before giving it a little wiggle at either end. 
  • The charger only operates occasionally when you move the cord. The copper wire in the cable is corroded. Substitute the wire with a fresh one if at all feasible.
  • Find any flipped breakers whenever you open the fuse box, then flip them back. Typically, all of the switches in a column or row face in the same way
  • Check within the charging device if you don’t hear or feel a click. Whenever the charging wire connects. With USB-C and Lightning charging ports.
  • See if the issue goes away by using a new USB charging cord and adapter. Replace each one at a time to identify the offender. There are various types of Ronin chargers available

For example, DJI Part 46 57W Battery Charger and DJI Ronin-S Part 8 Battery Adapter are good replacements to try. Oh! Don’t forget about the cables too! If you’re looking for a heavy duty cable, check out AGOZ Braided Type C Fast Charging Cable Cord.

However, 5FT USB C Gimbal Stabilizer Charger Cable offers an extended cable for better flexibility. In the end, the choice depends on what you prefer.

  • The sheet metal casing of a USB port is simple to bend back into form. if it has developed a deformity with time. Because the little tongue within the charging port is out of position on newer USB Micro. And USB-C devices, bend it back into place.
  • While the battery may survive longer than the device’s useful life. The relationship can also occasionally be inverted. See if the battery needs to be replaced by looking at its condition and age.
  • You can eliminate potential issues by checking the cable and wall outlet using a multimeter.

These few guidelines you can follow if ronin is not charging. You should also be careful about the DJI Ronin app issues as they are quite prevalent.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you charge a ronin?

Use the USB power adapter and USB-C cable to charge the grip. provided by plugging into the gimbal’s USB-C connection. To switch on the grip, press the power button once. When turning on the gimbal, click and hold the power button for a few seconds.

How do you charge Ronin 2 batteries?

Battery recharge to finish charging, use the included Charging Hub. Before using it for the first time, the Ronin 2 Intelligent Batteries. Depress the Release button to reveal the charging port cover for that port.

Why is my Ronin-S beeping?

Beeping indicates an issue with a high load on the motors. And the Ronin-S enters motor protection mode as a result. This often denotes a serious issue with the camera’s balance.


Hope you have no more confusion about ronin’s not charging. We hope the query is crystal clear to you now. 

You should be able to determine the source of ronin’s charging issues. Using the advice provided above. The methods provided here should assist in resolving the charging issue.

Go to a service center if you are unable to solve the issue. Or purchasing a fresh Ronin charger.

Till then, best of luck!

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