Rustler vs Slash

Rustler vs Slash: Face-Off


Rustler and Slash are quite renowned for their various versions and performances. They give the customers a wide variety to choose their desired one.

Both of them are produced by Traxxas and have a wide range of features. So, It’s normal that anyone would want to get one of them as their next RC. 

But the question is, which one’s a better suit for you between Rustler vs Slash?

Though they are both racing class cars, Rustler gives you a better on-road performance. Whereas Slash is more suited for bashing and off-road. Rustler is faster in terms of speed and handling. But Slash is stronger and more durable.

Not enough to convince you to go for one? Let’s get aboard and figure out which is a better suit for you.

Rustler vs Slash: Basic Differences

Before rushing into the details, let’s take a quick view of the key differences that define these bad boys!

Feature Rustler Slash
Price More Less
Design Dynamic Rugged
Body Smaller Larger
Wheels Bigger, 2/4WD Smaller, 2/4WD
Ground Clearance 1.1 inches 3.5 inches
Acceleration and Top Speed More Less
Handling Easier Harder
Durability Less More
Acrobat Ability More Less
Special Feature Self-righting

Now, we’ll be moving on to the details that will help you choose between these two.

Rustler vs Slash: Head to Head Comparison

Comparing Rustler vs Slash isn’t like comparing between two different classes like truggy vs buggy. As both of them belong to the same truck class. So, it’s tougher to choose one.

But worry not! We’ll be discussing them in detail so you can choose your own.

Price & Outlook

The most important question- How much do they cost?

There are different models of Rustler and Slash available in the market. So, you have to decide first which models are you comparing.

But Slash is cheaper in terms of equivalent features.

About the outlook, this is completely subjective. Rustler has a comparatively more modern outlook.

On the other hand, Slash has more of a rugged look. It’s up to you which is your style!


Slash has a longer and larger chassis along with a rear and front bumper. As a result, it has a larger body than the Rustler.

So, Slash has more strength. On the other hand, with a smaller body, Rustler wins the agility race.

Ground Clearance

Because of a bigger chassis, Slash has 3.5 inches of ground clearance.

This lets the wheels absorb more shock. It also results in low-friction performance, better protection in zigzag areas.

On the other hand, Rustler has a smaller and lower chassis with only 1.5 inches ground clearance.

Acceleration and Top Speed

Because of 2WD and 4WD variations, the top speed of both of these monsters varies.

2WD Rustler can run at a maximum speed of 35mph. On the other hand, 2WD Slash has a top speed of 30mph.

When it comes to 4WD, both of their speed gets almost twofold! 4WD Rustler possesses a max speed of 65+ mph which makes it untouchable! 

On the other hand, 4WD Slash has speed variations based on the battery power. Unfortunately, batteries and chargers don’t come with the pack. You have to get a good battery for your Slash separately.

Here are some 4WD Slash peak speeds in accordance with battery power:

Battery Specifications Maximum Speed (mph)
3000mAh NiMh 35+ 
5800mAh 2S LiPo 45+ 
5000mAh 3S LiPo 60+ 

If you want to push it even further, get a higher-powered battery. It’ll enable you to run faster.

Despite having a smaller body and wheelbase, Rustler has larger wheels. It’s a big plus for handling.

Worn-out tires negatively impact your handling. So, if your tires are off after using them for a long time, get some quality tires for your Slash. They might help with its handling.

As we can see, even though there are varieties of Slash, Rustler wins the speed race.


Well, it’s not only the look of Slash that’s rugged. It just loves to take beatings!

With its front and rear bumper, strong build, it endures a lot! It’s the perfect bashing titan with its durability and body.

On the other hand, Rustler is comparatively less durable due to its nimble body. But it has an advantage in speed and handling.

Acrobat Ability

In terms of acrobat ability, Rustler is miles ahead of Slash.

With a nimble build, it has more agility and it just loves to wheelie! it’s also more aerodynamic because of its clipless body mounting.

On the other hand, Slash isn’t a very good suit for jumping and other acrobatics due to its size.

Special Feature

Here comes the one thing that only Traxxas has been able to implement- self-righting. This feature enables your car to get back in position automatically. You simply have to push and hold the “set” button on the remote for this.

Sounds lucrative, right? Unfortunately, this is bad news for Slash lovers. 

Rustler comes with this flagship feature of Traxxas.

Which One Should You Get?

Couldn’t decide on your fighter yet? If you’re still looking for our opinion, we’d have an answer.

Rustler has some lucrative features, it lacks a bit of durability and off-road advantage. On the other hand, Slash comes with a little bit of everything.

But if you’re worried about speed, replace the stock speed control and motor with a 3S speed control and a 3500 brushless motor.

For even better performance, install a good cooling fan with the motor. If you don’t know which one to get, here are our top cooling fan picks for your Slash:

Product 1
Product 2

This will take care of the motor overheating issue. Now your Slash is a different kind of beast!


Question: Is Traxxas Rustler VXL waterproof?

Answer: Rustler comes with an almost waterproof technology that lets you drive both in the sun and thunder!

Question: Is Traxxas made in the USA?

Answer: Yes, they are located in Texas. The parts are manufactured from Taiwan and assembled in the USA.

Question: What does TSM mean?

Answer: TSM- Traxxas Stability Management. It lets you control your Traxxas model easily on slippery surfaces.


As we’re here, you’ve probably found your next fighter between Rustler vs Slash.  We hope we’ve been able to help you with your big decision. Happy bashing!

Don’t forget to comment on which one you’re getting!

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