Rustler Vs Stampede

Rustler Vs Stampede: Which Is Better For You?


Choosing between rustler and stampedes is always frustrating. Both are great RC cars. Can’t pick the right one?

It’s okay, we’ll do that for you.

So, which is more fun to play with between rustler vs stampede?

Rustlers have comparatively higher speed, higher engine power, and a lightweight body than a stampede. But when it comes to wheelie or stunt performing, stampedes are better. They drive more like a truck. On the other hand, rustlers are smooth track cars.

But that isn’t enough to decide. Read along and know all about rustlers and stampedes.

Rustler Vs. Stampede: Basic Differences

In order to decide the best pick, you’ll have to compare the two properly. You’ve to do the same when comparing bandit with rustler.  

In that case, the table below will give you an overall glimpse of both. 

Rustler Stampede
Chassis is closer to the ground Chassis is higher from the ground
The size of the tires is medium-sized. The size of the tires is almost bigger than the body of the car.
The steering system is track-based The steering system is based on stunt performance
Cost price is high Cost price is affordable 
Ground clearance is less Ground clearance is high
Max speed on the track is 70 kph  Max Speed on the track is 60 kph 
Handling is easier Handling is tough
Performing a wheelie needs hard throttle Performing a wheelie is easier
The Center of gravity is nice and low The center of gravity is high up
After bashing, landing is not smooth After bashing, landing is smooth 

Wanna know more about all the differences? Hop on to the head-to-head comparison of rustler and stampede.

Rustler vs. Stampede: Head To Head Battle

To pick the best one for you, you’d need to analyze all the factors well. So go over these factors and enjoy the head-to-head comparison. 


The speed of both models is satisfactory. But if you want a winner, rustler takes the lead. Rustler is best both on-track and off-track. 

On-track includes smooth roads, BMX tracks, etc. Off-road includes grass, sand tracks, etc. Though the tires of a stampede are made for off-road, the performance is better in a rustler.

The reason is, stampedes are heavier than rustlers. That’s why the effects of aerodynamics are better on rustlers. 


Rustler’s handling is good for racing. Whereas, stampedes handling is better for stunt bashing.

Because the chassis is closer to the ground in a rustler, the center of gravity is low. This creates a good balance when the car is moving at high speed. Also, the drift coefficient increases due to this.

On the other hand, the chassis of the stampede is higher from the ground. That’s why the center of gravity of this model is higher. This helps when the vehicle is on air. 

This makes the landing of the vehicle nice and smooth. Smoother landing keeps the inner materials of the vehicle safe. 


As stampede is a full-on monster truck, its suspension is far better than rustler. The bigger the tire, the better the suspension. That’s why it’s easier to make a wheelie in a stampede if that’s your thing.

Keep this in mind, you can rollover stampedes if you haven’t got good throttle management. 

But the suspension of the rustler is tight. This gives a hard grip on the race tracks. Which is good according to the perspective of racers. The quality of suspension here is average. But it’s good enough if you are not into freestyle bashing.

Engine Power

The engine power of a rustler is more than a stampede. High-quality engines are used in rustlers. Because they are made for advanced level racing.

Though a stampede is heavier than a rustler. Rustler wins the tug of war between these two. The reason is, the engine gives more power to the rustler. 

Thus, the instant acceleration of a rustler is more.

Build Quality

As both models are from Traxxas, the build quality is almost the same as that of Redcat Blackout and Volcano. But the designs are a bit different. 

Rustler has a sporty outlook with small tires. Also with a spoiler at the back. The spoiler gives a good aerodynamic shape to the car.

Stampedes are more like a truck. With big tires and also two small tires behind the car. These two tires help in performing a wheelie and landing.


Durability depends on the usage of the cars. Freestyle bashing with your rustler might cause damage. Because the landing is not so great.

And if you want to do track racing with your stampede, the big tires might be damaged. The tires of stampedes are high maintenance. 

So, it’s better to use specific models of tires for specific purposes.

Now, you must know all the differences between rustler and stampede. You must’ve decided what to buy. 

If you haven’t, read the final verdict to know what’s best for you.

Final Verdict

Want to go fast when bashing and stick to pavement and light off-road duty? Get a rustler. 

Want to do a lot of off-road bashing, tall grass, rough off-road?  Get a stampede.

Want to do both? Get a rustler and put stampede-sized tires on it.

Here are our top favorite RC tires for both:

Product 1
Product 2

Basically, rustlers are the best of both worlds. But you should get a stampede if you are a fan of freestyle bashing.

So with that, you can start making your choice. Consider all these factors and align them with your purpose. You’ll get your winner.


Question: Will a stampede tire fit on a rustler?

Answer: Yes, it will. But you will have to change suspension and servos to fit it perfectly.

Question: Is Traxxas rustler good?

Answer: Rustler is one of the best two-wheel-drive stadium trucks of all time. There’s no shortage in the build quality of the rustler.

Question: Why my Traxxas stampede is going slow?

Answer: There is a possibility you did not fully charge your battery. Or the motor is not working.


Hope you got your winner between rustler vs. stampede. You should always prioritize your taste in how you use your RC vehicles. That will help you choose the best one for you.

Let us know which model you bought. 

Till then, happy racing with your RCs.

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