s107 helicopter troubleshooting

Conducting A 3-Step SYMA S107 Helicopter Troubleshooting


The SYMA s107 is a very fun chopper to fly. However, it’s prone to malfunctioning. And the reasons can be very silly. You don’t want that, do you?

You must be asking, how to do s107 helicopter troubleshooting?

Your SYMA s107 helicopter might have multiple issues. You have to replace your battery in case of power problems. Using more powerful batteries for better performance is also an option. If your helicopter is not flying right, you have to replace your gyroscope parts.

You can apply the fixes yourself with a detailed guide. And that is exactly what we have prepared for you. So, what are you waiting for? 

Let’s dive right into the details-

Why is My SYMA S107 Not Working?

The SYMA s107 can face a multitude of problems. Usually, they are because of a faulty gyroscope or a dead battery. You can charge a dead LiPo battery, but you’ll have to replace the gyroscope. 

Point to note, the SYMA s107 helicopter is an indoor RC aircraft. If you try to fly it outdoors, the sunlight will interfere with the radio signals. This is a common reason for s107 helicopters not flying properly.

Let’s take a look at the problems, and the solutions we have for them.

Problems Related to The S107 Helicopter Battery

If you’re facing a power problem, it might be because your battery is overcharged. This can also cause your battery to swell. Also, if it’s flying a few inches off the ground, it’s a battery problem.


Take out the two screws on both sides of the helicopter’s front piece. That’s where the battery is located. If the battery is swollen, you can depuff your lipo battery rather than replacing it.

If you want to replace the battery, you’ve to solder a new battery onto the helicopter. The SYMA s107 uses a 3.7 volts 150 milliamps battery. On that note, here are some batteries you can use for your s107 helicopter.

You can replace the battery in three ways. You can solder out the wires on the helicopter board. And then, solder in the wires of the new battery there. However, the board is very cramped. That makes the possibility of burning other wires high. 

Splicing and soldering the wires of the new battery there is also an option. But the electricity flow might not be smooth if you don’t splice two wires together perfectly.

The better way would be to solder out the wires on the battery side. On both the old and new batteries. And then solder the wires attached to the helicopter onto the new battery.

First, cut off the yellow Kapton tape placed over the solders on the battery. Then you have to proceed with the soldering. Make sure not to let the heat touch the battery while doing this.

After you’re done soldering, place the battery back in place and screw on the front piece.

You can opt to use a 3s or 4s lipo battery for your s107. In that case, you might have to fit your battery under the helicopter. However, the chopper will fly for longer with a powerful battery.

Problems Related to The Gyroscope

In case your s107 is not flying properly, it might be a loose bind in the gyroscope. Or it might be damaged blades or gyroscopes. You can identify it simply. Hold your copter in your hand and turn it on to spin the blades. If they start swinging abnormally after a while, you’ll have to change the gyroscope.


To replace the gyroscope, you need to buy a spare. SYMA has spare parts available for you to buy according to the models. 

After buying the gyro, remove the old battery.

Step 1: Remove The Upper Part

Take out the small buckles that attach the shaft of the blades to the gyro. Then take out the screw on top of the gyro with a small screwdriver. Now you can remove the upper stick.

Remove the four screws on the shaft of the upper blades. This way you can remove the blades from the shaft, and then the shaft from the gyro.

If only your upper blades malfunction, you don’t need to replace the entire gyro. You can install a new set of shafts and upper blades after this. That should be enough after you reinstall the upper stick. 

Step 2: Replace The Gyro from its Base

If the whole gyro is malfunctioning you need to take it a step further. After removing the upper blades and shaft, remove the lower ones in the same way.

Then, you need to unscrew the base of the gyro and take it out. Install the new gyroscope carefully. 

Step 3: Reinstall All Parts of The Gyro

Reinstall the upper and lower shafts and blades. Remember that the lower and upper blades face opposite directions. The blades on the same shaft face the same direction.

After installing the new gyro, blades and shafts, attach the upper stick to the gyro. With this, your s107 has a new gyroscope installed.

This should fix your flight problem. 

Extra Tip

Remember not to fly your SYMA as it’s an indoor RC helicopter. Exposure to the sun may damage your controller and receptor. Moreover, the SYMA s107 can’t deal with anything stronger than a mild breeze. So using it outdoors is dangerous for the chopper and the people around.


Question: What will happen if the soldering iron touches the battery?

Answer: The heat of the soldering iron will melt away the cover of the lipo battery, as well as heat the battery up. Lipo batteries are prone to exploding when in contact with oxygen, so they might explode.

Question: Can you use any wire to solder into the battery?

Answer: We recommend using the same wires. Every wire has its unique resistance and current flow. So, using different wires might cause fluctuations.

Question: Can I replace other parts as well?

Answer: Yes, you can replace any part of your SYMA s170 helicopter. Spare parts such as the blades, hind fins, etc. are available for you to buy.

End Note

That’s it for today. As a parting note, I hope you’re not confused about how to do s107 helicopter troubleshooting now. 

Make sure to follow the steps accurately to avoid any mishaps, and you should be good to go.

Until next time, see ya!

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