SC10 vs Slash

SC10 vs Slash: The Ultimate Comparison


Slash and SC10 are from different companies. They both have been making a name for themselves. Choosing between these two is giving customers quite a headache. 

The main question is, which one would be the best pick between SC10 vs Slash?

SC10 is ideal for racing. Slash should be your go-to car for bashing. It’s also faster and more durable. SC10 has a lower chassis and is less expensive. Slash has better battery life. It’s also more upgradeable. SC10 has smaller wheels. Performance-wise, Slash is a bit better.

This will not be enough to help you make your selection. For additional information, see our in-depth comparison.

Are you ready? Let’s get this show on the road. 

SC10 vs Slash: Basic Differences 

Before we get into the specifics, let’s take a brief look at the main characteristics that distinguish these bad boys!

Time is a luxury nowadays. Keeping that in mind, we have created this table for you. Hope this helps-

Feature SC10 Slash
Length  22.1 inches 23.1 inches
Transmitter Tactic TTX300 3-channel TQI- 4 channel
Wheelbase 12.3 inches 12.8 inches
Chassis Lower Higher
Shocks Plastic Oil-Filled Aluminum Oil-Filled
Motor  540 3ST brushed 550 2IT brushed
Price Less expensive More expensive
Speed Slower Faster
Suitability  Racing Bashing

Did we whet your appetite? We’ll go into the specifics that will help you decide between these two.

SC10 vs Slash: Head-to-Head Battle

Getting into the world of RC cars can be very fun indeed. But you have to know which car you are investing in. Hopefully, this guide will paint the picture a little clearer. 

Chassis Durability

A chassis is essential for any vehicle or crawler to be dependable and strong. Because these are both off-road crawlers, the chassis is quite important.

Both RCs have a metallic chassis. It’s also higher to give you greater ground clearance. Slash has a raised chassis of 106mm compared to SC10’s 108 mm.

The lower chassis of Slash allows the wheels to absorb more shock. It also leads to lower friction and better zigzag protection.

Want to be a force to be reckoned with in the RC universe? Getting good quality tires for Traxxas Slash will take you a long way. 


A lot of individuals care about appearance when it comes to RC. We can’t tell which one appears better or gives off a better vibe. Because they both have a high-end look. 

You’ll find some variation in the bodies. Slash has a higher body than SC10 due to the thinner shock absorber. And due to larger wheels.

A larger body comes with a larger weight. This size difference has an impact on speed, handling, and durability.

Both SC10 and Slash come with a painted body. With Slash, transparent bodies are available too. You may customize it as much as you want. 

Quality of Shocks

The shock’s aim is to attenuate the spring motions. If they are excessively stiff, the automobile will be rough. Too much softness isn’t good either. This will cause the automobile to lose response.

When it comes to Traxxas cars, you’ll get premium-quality shocks for Slash You can upgrade this later if you want. 

Slash, unlike S10, features a shock shaft made of hardened aluminum. Titanium Nitride is used to coat this. This enables for much more consistent shock performance.

Speaking of shocks, Are you looking to upgrade yours? Here are our best two-

Product 1 Product 2

Now that you have a fairly good idea about shocks, we may carry on. 

Battery Life and Runtime

Both the RCs come with Li-Po batteries. Lash supports both 3S and 4S batteries. SC10 just supports 3S. 

Your Slash will support up to 5000 mAh battery. If you pick SC10, it supports up to 3800 mAh. Due to their battery differences, Slash has a higher runtime.

It must be noted that there isn’t a big difference when it comes to runtime. Slash will give you 20 minutes while SC10 will run for around 18 minutes.

Unfortunately, batteries don’t come with the pack. You’ll need to buy their batteries separately. If you spring for a higher power battery, your car will have a higher runtime. It will also be faster.

Engine Power

SC10’s engine power exceeds that of Slash. High-quality nitro engines are used in the former. They are truly made for advanced racing. 

When it comes to engine power, SC10 reigns supreme. It has a powerful 800+ horsepower compared to the 700+ full throttle engine of Slash.

This is why SC10 has faster acceleration. 


Speed is where these two premium RC cars have a huge difference. Slash may reach speeds of 68+ The top speed of the SC10 is a modest 18.9 mph.

Even if you upgrade SC, its highest speed is 28 mph. Slash’s incredibly powerful 3500kv brushless motor plays a role here. SC makes use of a brushless motor with a 3000kv voltage.

The RC’s weight also plays a part when it comes to speed. Since Slashes are heavier, the effects of aerodynamics are better on them.

Racing or Bashing?

Despite their similarity, they serve different purposes. Knowing your objectives may help you make a decision.

If you are all about racing, SC10 is the way to go. This is because SC10 is easier to handle and they have faster acceleration. 

Slash’s are no slouch in races either. Their top speed makes them a formidable opponent. But they can be a bit difficult to handle. Your car may also flip over. 

Final Decree 

At the end of the day, both RCs are almost similar. Slash is just a bit ahead. It all boils down to what you are buying the RC for. 

If price is your concern, SC10 is more affordable. Are you looking for some light racing? Slash would be the ideal pick. 

You can’t go wrong with either of these two cars. 


Question: How long does Slash’s battery last?

Answer: This depends on how you are using the battery. Remember to not overcharge the battery and take proper care of it. If you do so, the battery might last for 5 years.

Question: Why is my SC10 suddenly running slower?

Answer: First thing you should check is the battery. See if it ran out of charge. You may need to replace your battery if it has gone bad. There might be problems with your motor too. 

Question: Why is Slash so expensive?

Answer: Slash is made with durable materials in order for it to last longer. Some of them might be extremely expensive, resulting in a price increase.


And that’s all we have for today when it comes to SC10 vs Slash. 

We hope our comprehensive guide makes it easier for you to choose your dream RC. You are about to embark on a wonderful adventure.

 Hope to see you again. Till then, take care.

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