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4 Common Reasons Behind SCX24 Charger Blinking Red

You have bought an SCX24 crawler and are ready to race off-road like a pro. But while charging, the charger starts blinking red.

You might think it’s strange. But what’s more strange is that it doesn’t stop blinking.

You may now wonder why the SCX24 charger is blinking red?

The main reason behind the SCX24 charger blinking red is a damaged or defective battery. Try replacing the battery to fix this issue. Tightening a loose connection can also help with the charger blinking red. Sometimes due to a defective production unit,  the SCX24 charger can blink red. In that case, replace the charger.  

Don’t worry, we’ve put up a thorough guide on overcoming these difficulties. A quick device fix is within your reach. The procedure is straightforward and uncomplicated.

Let’s begin.

SCX24 Charger Blinking Red Light: Troubleshooting

The battery is the fuel of an RC car. Properly charging a battery is very crucial for the car’s performance. 

However, troubleshooting a battery charger can be frustrating. Suddenly your SCX24 charger might start blinking red. But this problem is not similar to the charging problem of the ronin is refusing to charge.


Apart from blinking red, SCX24 chargers might blink red and green too.

There are several possible reasons behind this. But don’t worry, We have listed the possible reasons and their solutions for your convenience.

Reason 1: Broken Charger

The most common and obvious reason for blinking red lights is the charger is broken.

This could happen due to physical damage or factory issue. 

Also, reckless handling might cause the charger to break off.

Solution: Get a New Charger 

If you have a warranty on your device, you can go to the dealership. You can ask for a replacement. Otherwise, you need to buy a new one.

SCX24 chargers aren’t readily available everywhere. As a result, you may have to run into trouble finding the charger.

SCX24 charger cable

But wait! There’s good news. There’s an amazing charger that is compatible with SCX24 and can be found easily. 

Now, from my years of experience collecting RCs, I know a few things or two. One of them is finding the right chargers. 

When I came across the Blomiky 7.4V 800mA 2S Lipo Li-ion Battery Balance Charger, I didn’t know you could charge SCX24 with it. But after probing around I discovered this and I cannot recommend it enough. Not only is it compatible with your SCX24 but it also provides fast charging. 

Reason 2: Loose Connection 

Another key reason for this issue is a loose connection. This happens in many cases when the battery or the charging plug is loosely connected.

This might cause connectivity issues and result in blinking red and green.

Solution: Repair the Connection

While connecting the battery to the charger follow the scx24 charging instructions. Check to see if any of the connections are loose or not. 

If you find your battery connection to be loose, then get a good wrench and fix the bolts that connect the wires to the main battery brick. This should solve the issue. 

Reason 3: Defective Unit

You have checked everything and all connections. But the charger is still blinking red and green. This could be because the charger unit is broken. You need to check the charger.

Production errors or faults may happen and you might get unlucky with your purchase.

Solution: Replace the Charger

If everything is okay and it’s not working, go to the retail shop. Show them the problem and ask for a replacement. 

I’ve previously mentioned how much I love the Blomiky 7.4V 800mA 2S Lipo Li-ion Battery Balance Charger. You can use this as a replacement for your old SCX24 charger as well. 

Reason 4: Battery Problems

The battery could be another reason for the error. Li-po batteries are very sensitive and can be dead in no time.

Blomiky 7.4V 800mA 2S Lipo Li-ion Battery

Sometimes, a small mistake can damage the battery or its charging capacity. This will result in no charging and light blinking.

Solution: Replace the Battery

Check your battery for physical damage. You can also check to see if the battery is in good shape.

If your battery health and voltage are not good, replace them. You may also need to depuff the battery

If you find your batteries to be damaged beyond repair, then get some new LiPo batteries. Personally, I’ve tried a lot of LiPo batteries for my SCX24 but I always fall back on two batteries in particular. 

Using one of these will save future troubles from happening with your SCX24!

Lastly, you should always follow the proper way of charging SCX24 batteries. Otherwise, it will be more prone to damage. 

Now you may wonder, how to charge an scx24 battery?

To charge an SCX24 battery you first need to grab the USB charger and plug in gently. After you plug in you’ll notice that red or green light is blinking. Keep in mind that you need to charge at a rate of “1C” or 1 times capacity. 

Tips on SCX24 Charging

Here are some tips and tricks on SCX24 charging which will make things easier.

  • The charger you use must be compatible with LiPo batteries. Never discharge below 3V per cell or charge above 4.2V per cell.
  • Never leave LiPo kits alone while they are charging or after your car has crashed.
  • When you’re not using the car, disconnect the battery pack.
  • Battery packs and electrical adapters should be kept where children and animals can’t get to them.
  • Make that the Lithium Polymer charger’s voltage and current parameters match the battery pack.
  • When you are charging batteries, make sure they are not near anything that could catch fire.

Hopefully, these tips & tricks will help you in SCX24 Charging. Another thing is that you can always upgrade the scx24 charger to a better one for better performance.

That’s all about this discussion!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does the axial scx24 take to charge?

It usually takes around 45-60 minutes to fully charge the battery. Make sure you have connected the battery properly. Make sure the polarity is right when you connect the battery packs to the charger. If the battery takes more than 60 minutes to charge, check your battery and charger.

Why is my charger light red and not green?

If the red light on the charger is on, the battery is at or below 10%. It must be charged before being disconnected. The Orange stage indicates that charging is underway but has not yet been completed. A full charge is indicated by green light.

How long does an SCX24 battery last?

The Factory default SCX24 battery will last around 30 minutes. This may vary depending on your usage. But if you want more run time, you need to upgrade them. A good Li-po with 40-45 minutes runtime will cost you around 30-40$. This will upgrade your endurance too.

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