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Can You Run Sensored Motor with Sensorless ESC? Let’s Find Out!

So, you have a sensor motor and a sensorless ESC in your garage. And you have no idea if they are compatible? Nor can you tell the difference between them.

Now you are imploring if you could run a sensored motor with sensorless ESC?

It’s possible to use a sensored motor with a sensorless ESC without any issue. The motor is going to function as a sensorless motor in this case. As ESC would detect rotor synchronization depending on back EMF produced. So basically a sensorless ESC will operate a sensored motor as a sensorless motor.

Not sure yet? Well, do not worry. Because we have this guide for you. Here we give the answers to all your concerns.

So, let’s get started!

Can a Sensored Motor Work with a Sensorless ESC?

Choosing an ESC for your RC motor is very important. Here’s someone who chose the compatible ESC with a brushless motor.

Yes, it can work. You can take a sensored motor and use it with any sensorless ESC. And it should work fine without affecting any kind of issues.

The motor, in this case, would simply behave as a sensorless motor. That too, without any use of the hall effects sensors. Also, the ESC would make out the rotor synchronization established on the back EMF generated. 

In other terms, sensorless ESCs should run a sensored motor as a sensorless motor.

For apparent reasons, it will not be possible to take a sensored ESC. And then making it congenial to a sensorless motor. 

So suppose the sensored ESC possesses the aptitude to run as a sensorless ESC. Then the motor would be regaled as sensorless synchronization, as well.

Now let us inform you about the basic difference between both kinds of motors below.

sensored ESC
Source: Radio Control Info

The Difference Between a Sensored And Sensorless Motor

There is a substantial distinction between a sensored and a sensorless motor. Both are a part of Electronic Speed Controllers (ESC)

And knowing the difference is very crucial as it would increase your understanding of it. And you will be able to figure out the answers to this issue without difficulty.

So you may ask, what’s exactly a sensored brushless motor

Sensored brushless motors are simply a brushless engine combined with the hall effect sensors. The sensors instruct the engine regulator regarding your rotor’s direction. Also, this system can be incredibly helpful in directing the startup series for your engine. 

A sensorless motor does not possess a built-in hall effect sensor. Hence, it utilizes the back EMF to identify the rotor position. It is the voltage that is generated by the engine. 

Thus, they employ it to retain the speed accordingly.

So, if you have got a crawler, you can figure out between sensorless or sensored motors. 

The process might be a bit complex. But not as complex as comparing 100c vs 50c vs 80c lipo. This thing is for sure.

So basically it is the main discrepancy between these two types of motors. 

Now let us know the difference between the ESCs in the next part!

sensored brushless motor
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What is the Difference Between the Sensored And Sensorless ESC? 

Now, just like their motor difference, the ESCs also have distinctions of their own. So, knowing about sensored vs sensorless brushless motor is important.

Now again, you may be imploring, what is exactly a sensorless ESC?

A sensorless ESC does not usually possess a built-in effect for linking the motor to itself. Hence for the startup, this type of ESC sends power to your engine. Then it gets the voltage signal back. 

After that, the ESC can properly apply the magnetic phasing. Then it should start up your motor. This is basically how it tends to navigate. For best performance, you have to employ it at the full speed.

A bit different than connecting ESC to a brushed motor.

Contrarily, a sensored ESC already contains built-in sensors. It helps with its rotor movement. Thus, the power pulses which the ESC sends to your motor tend to be perfectly timed. 

The advantage of the sensored ESC is the improved productivity straight from zero RPM. This is why you will see smooth throttle when controlling. That too, without any stutter.

So, that was the basic difference between both the ESCs. 

Now, let us have a look at all the advantages of a sensored brushless motor.

Advantages of a Sensored Brushless Motor with Sensorless ESC!

A sensored motor is capable of accelerating smoothly and powerfully right from zero RPM. Also, they are apt to generate more torque at a slower speed. That is when you compare it to any sensored brushless motor. 

Moreover, sensored motors usually are equipped to enable the safe operation of your motor. The reason behind this is that it continuously monitors its condition. 

In some cases, the ESC may not run if there’s something wrong with your sensor signals. 

Another chunk of data captured from the sensored brushless motors is actually the motor temperature. It is an incredible way for data logging the temperature of your motor.

That’s all about the advantages and benefits that you can get from a sensored brushless motor.

Now as you can see, using them with a brushless ESC should not be difficult. Also, it is not supposed to cause you any functional difficulties, as well. 

Rather it would perfectly detect the rotor synchronization. That too, without any hall effect sensors. 

And your motor will simply function as a sensorless motor. Moreover, it will run smoothly. 

How cool is that!

sensored brushless motors
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That’s all regarding the advantages. Hopefully, the article will render useful for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a sensorless brushless motor?

Sensorless brushless motors are just brushless motors yet without the built-in sensors. A sensorless brushless motor needs sensorless brushless motor controllers. Only then it can work. They are often used as an ESC or brushless electronic speed controller.

What does a Sensored RC motor mean?

A sensored brushless motor tends to possess built-in sensors in them. This sensor can recognize the position of an internal rotor at the start-up. Then it allows for an abrupt start. Also, it can provide a seamless performance initially.

Can I use the Sensored ESCs with my sensorless motor?

Yes, a sensored ESC can be used with sensorless motors. Also, if the ESC is a hybrid one, there should not be an issue. Sometimes, you may want to configure the sensorless brushless motor. The start-up, torque, and velocity tuning help operate a sensored ESC with a sensorless motor.

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