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Shoe Goo Vs Silicone: Which One Is Better?

So, it is always the big question whether using shoe goo or silicone is more preferable. Whether it is a RC device or something else, you need to choose the one that gives better service.

Don’t sweat because here we offer a detailed guide on shoe goo vs silicone.

Firstly, both shoe goo and silicon possess great flexibility. However, shoe goo provides a much stronger holding power than the silicone. Despite being stronger shoe goo is removable if you need to do any further adjustment. Plus, shoe goo dries clear and maintains a seamless color which silicone can’t.

Not sure yet? Do not worry! Because, we offer this comprehensive guide for you where we address all your queries. You are sure to find your solution here!

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A Brief Comparison: Shoe Goo Vs Silicone

To figure out which one is better between shoe goo vs silicone, we need to consider a few factors.

Factors such as the flexibility, holding power and removability of it. Along with that, the transparency is another factor that matters a lot in case of repairing.

These factors will determine which one is more suitable to use. Or which one will give you better results.

Here, we have created a snapshot of all these factors. Just to make your job a bit easier. So you can just have a brief and primary idea by taking a glance at it.

Have a look!

          FactorsShoe GooSilicon 
Flexible bondYesYes
      Holding Power ExcellentAverage
Removable YesNo
Transparency YesNo

Here you go! This was the brief comparison between shoe goo and silicon!

Now let us get to the detailed discussion.

In depth Comparison 

In this section, we will discuss all those above mentioned factors in detail! 

In choosing between the two, all these factors matter a lot.

In this section, we will see which one has got better transparency. Which one dries clear. So you would not be able to make out any difference in the color after application.

Or which ones hold the strongest bond and are more durable among the two.

We believe that this in depth discussion will be a great help in your decision making process.

So, let us dive right in!

Holding Power 

So suppose you are flying your RC drone. You won’t like if any part of the drone body is broken or damaged. You need to hold them together in a strong bond.

RC drone

In terms of adhesive holding power silicone can not beat shoe goo.

So you have any damages or cracks in your RC drone or tires. A shoe goo is able to fix it. 

At the same time, it provides an extremely strong bond. 

One thing to keep in mind though. Shoe goo is not the same as super glue. Just like the difference between RC tire glue and super glue.

Silicone on the other hand, can not provide such a strong bond as the shoe goo. They mostly are good for silicon material, not any other type of stuff. 

Anyhow, you are not going to get a strong bond with silicone. Like you would do with shoe goo.

However, you might get similar results from gorilla glue. It especially works in repairing ring lights.

Winner: However, our winner here is the shoe goo.


A shoe goo gives out a strong bond yet it is removable. Which makes it more appropriate for repairing any type of stuff. Especially the hard and solid stuff like RC devices.

Sometimes, you msy mess up while using the adhesive. So, there is a scope for you to correct that if you are using shoe goo.

However, silicone does not provide the same advantage. It is not easily removable. 

So, if you mess up or apply it incorrectly, there is barely any scope to correct that. Even if there is, the stuff is somewhat going to get ruined.

So, you have to be extra careful with that.

Winner: So, in this case, shoe goo is our winner again.


One thing when you are repairing anything, like an RC drone or any parts of it. It is important that it dries out clear and transparent.

You may ask Can Shoe Goo repair soles?

Yes, Shoe Goo is an outstanding adhesive as well as sealant. It permanently and handily permanently repairs any problems with all sorts of footwear. Shoe Goo is perfect to mend all types of soles, as well.

So, suppose you are repairing your drone’s broken body parts. You would want it to leave no trace that it has been fixed up clumsily. Would you?

You would obviously want the adhesive to be invisible.

When you use shoe goo, it dries clear. After you are done repairing and it has dried, you would find no trace of it. Since it becomes transparent and maintains the seamless color.

You can check latest price for Shoe GOO 110212 Adhesive in this case.

On the other hand, silicone can not exactly ensure that. It does not dry clear or transparent. It is quite visible even after drying. Which makes it a bit of no-no for repairing your favorite shoes!

So, once again, shoe glue is our winner, without a doubt.

Which One Should You Choose?

So, we hope you have gone through the in-depth comparison between shoe goo and silicone already.

True to the name, Shoe Goo is composed precisely to use on part of drones. Plus they are hands down the most perfect and best shoe glue

That too, works for almost anything . 

Starting from a detached body part to a broken one. Even RC tires with foam.

As shoe goo dries clear, you will be able to maintain a seamless color. It will not seem as if it has been broken and repaired before.

Granted that, both silicone and shoe goo are flexible to a good extent.

Nonetheless, silicone is one type of sealant that is used primarily for binding specific surfaces. For example, glass, metal, as well as plastic together.

Being very flexible, they can be mostly used for DIY chores. Like for sealing out water from all sorts of surfaces.

So, if you weigh both of them down, shoe goo comes out as the winner. And it is our recommendation as well.

So, that was it! Go through the guide carefully and decide which one you actually want.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What can shoe goo be used for?

Shoe Goo is used mostly for footwear. It is used as the pliable adhesive for your separated shoe parts. Also, works as sealer or fillers for worn out shoes. However, it is also used on wood, rubber, glass, metal as well as concrete.

Can you repair shoes with silicone?

You might be able to use silicone to renovate a worn outsole. However, the success of your repair may be debatable. It varies depending on which product or material you are working with. And shoe goo is one tried-and-true product that is precisely used for this purpose.

Is silicone a sealant?

Yes, Silicone is the type of sealant. It is used primarily to attach together glass, plastic or even metal surfaces. Another job of silicone sealants is that they seal water out from all types of surfaces.

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