sky viper m200 nano drone troubleshooting

Sky Viper M200 Nano Drone Troubleshooting [Easy Guide]

You take your Sky Viper M200 drone to perform some sick stunts. But all of a sudden it doesn’t work as it is supposed to. We know the frustration and embarrassment.

So, we brought reliable solutions for your Sky Viper m200 nano drone problems.

The common problem people face with a Sky viper m200 nano drone is unresponsiveness. Other problems include the drone not flying properly, drifting sideways, and crashing during stunts. Some people also face blades and propeller issues due to improper calibration and physical damage.

We know! You can’t wait to fly and perform stunts with your drone again. That’s why we won’t waste your time anymore. Let’s see what you can do to make your drone perform like Jackie Chan once again.

Sky Viper M200 Problems – Easy Troubleshooting Guide

Alright, now moving on to the sky viper m200 troubleshooting. Do you remember how we proceeded with the striker spy drone troubleshooting? We hope so.

We’ll start with the most common problems first and will gradually move along. Let’s have a quick over first. Follow the table below.

ProblemsPossible ReasonsSolutions
Drone Is UnresponsiveMIscalibrationObstructed RemoteLow BatteryPhysical DamageCalibrate the DroneClear out obstructionInstall Li-Po batteriesInspect the problems
Don’t Won’t Fly ProperlyFaulty InstallationRe-install blades
Drone Drifts In Random DirectionFaulty HardwareSoftware/Firmware IssuesInspect and fixUpdate the software/firmware
Drone Crashes During StuntDamage to The BodyWiring IssuesCheck for damageChange faulty wires

So, we’re going to start with the first problem.

Problem 1: Drone Is Unresponsive

The most common problem people face with a sky viper m200 drone is unresponsiveness. There are numerous reasons why a drone won’t respond or take off.

We’ve seen many people talking in the Sky Viper forum regarding this issue. Let’s find out the possible reasons behind this issue.

Reason 1: Miscalibration

The first reason is the miscalibration or improper calibration of the drone. You should always launch the drone from a leveled surface. When the drone is launched from an uneven surface, it loses calibration and stops responding.

If that happens, you need to re-calibrate the drone properly and try flying again. Let’s check out how you can do that.

Solution: Calibrate the Drone

In order to calibrate the drone, turn it off completely. Wait around thirty to fifty seconds and turn it back on. Now put the drone on a flat leveled surface and try again. It should work now. Watch the video to learn how to calibrate a drone properly.

Reason 2: Obstructed Remote

Another common reason that people aren’t aware of is the obstructed remote. If the remote signal gets obstructed anything will prevent the signal from reaching the drone’s receiver. Always use your drone in an open place if your remote has weak signal strength. 

You’re lucky that your drone is only unresponsive, many people have lost their drone because of that. It’s recommended to follow the range limit the drone company has provided.

Solution: Clear out Obstructions

If your remote is getting obstructed by anything, change the place. Go to an open place where there are no electronic devices within your 30 feet. Other devices and obstructions like buildings may interfere with the radio signals. 

If there’s no obstruction but still you’re getting low signals to try changing the remote. Also, if you’re using a wifi network make sure to try changing to channels that don’t overlap.

Reason 3: Low Battery

Battery problems are common in m200 drones. If the batteries are unable to provide proper power, the drone won’t be able to thrust. Also, normal batteries deliver low power compared to high-density Li-Po batteries.

Solution: Install Li-Po Batteries

Normal AA-sized batteries deliver low voltage and don’t last long. On the other hand, Li-Po (Lithium Polymer) batteries have high-density polymer and lithium. As a result, it delivers four times better performance and lasts longer.

Power-hungry devices like drones need powerful batteries like Li-PO. It’s high time you replace your normal batteries with Li-Po ones.

Reason 4: Physical Damage

If your drone encountered any physical damage, it might be the reason it’s not working as expected. Some drones can take light shocks and damage. However, nano drones like m200 are built with light materials to provide better maneuverability.

Solution: Inspect the Problems

Inspect if there are any physical problems and whether it’s visible or not. If there’s a broken or cracked part, replace the part with a new one before attempting to fly again. If the problem is not visible then hire an expert to find out the problem and fix it.

Problem 2: Drone Won’t Fly Properly

sky viper drone manual

Another common problem people face with Sky Viper m200 is sometimes the drone doesn’t fly properly. We’ve seen similar issues with the Propel batwing drone earlier. There are several reasons behind this problem. Let’s explore them one by one.

Reason: Faulty Installation

One of the main components of a drone is the blades. In most cases, people don’t install the blades properly. As a result, the drone won’t fly as it is supposed to fly. The blades need to be installed properly and exactly based on the model.

Solution: Re-install Blades

Every drone comes with a user manual. Follow the user manual to properly install the blades. The installation process may vary depending on the model. 

So, make sure you follow the manual thoroughly. If the manual is confusing there are tutorials available on Youtube.

Here’s an extra tip from us. While reinstalling the blades on your drone make sure the green blades point forward. Also, the blades will go according to your drone’s motor function. If the motor goes clockwise the blades will go clockwise too. 

Likewise, if the motors go anticlockwise the blades will go anticlockwise too. So, make sure the blades go according to your motor’s rotation pattern.

Problem 3: Drone Drifts in Random Direction

Drone Drifting

In number three, we have the most irritating problem with stunt drones. There are times when the drone drifts or shifts in the opposite direction as you want. We know how embarrassing it becomes at the time when you want to do some stunts with your drone.

Reason 1: Faulty Hardware

Faulty hardware might be the reason your drone is shifting abnormally. It’s common for any electronic device to malfunction without any forecast. 

Well, it’s a drone, not a weather report, right? Nah, we’re not making fun of it. We know how serious the issue is.

Drones have high-power motors, normally drones have four motors in four wings. All of these motors spin at the same RPM and speed. If any of the motor’s RPM differs from the other three it will cause unstable flying behavior. 

Additionally, if the propeller has any crack or damage it might be the reason too. The propellers need to be installed according to the manual and in the right orientation. 

Solution: Inspect and Fix 

Inspect whether the problem is in the propeller or the motor is the main culprit. If it’s a motor sync issue you might need to change the motors. Replace the propeller if it is damaged or reinstall it in the right orientation.

Reason 2: Software/Firmware Issue

Software or Firmware issues in drones are rare but it’s not like they don’t occur at all. All the drones go through rigorous taste before getting launched in the market. Sometimes, software bugs or firmware issues might cause drifting and unstable flying.

The firmware is the core component that establishes and maintains proper communication between the software and hardware. As a result, faulty firmware may cause many unexpected issues. Let’s find out how we can solve these issues.

Solution: Update the Software/Firmware

Look for a software or firmware update from the company. Many people overlook or completely ignore updates. 

But it’s recommended to regularly check for software updates. If there’s an update available, apply the update immediately. It will fix the issues in no time.

Extra Tip: Before using your drone always perform a precautionary check. Performing a check beforehand can save you from a lot of headaches afterward. While doing a precautionary check make sure you go through this checklist below.

  • Calibrate the compass.
  • Check the battery level.
  • Check for obstructions.
  • Check the blades/propeller.
  • Check the components.
  • Double check the Remote.

We hope by following this checklist, you’ll be able to enjoy flying your drone without any interruptions. Best of luck.

Problem 4: Drone Crashes During Stunt

Drone Crashing

Many people have complained that the drone is crashing immediately after attempting to fly it. Well, it’s a common issue, let’s find out the reason behind this. 

Reason 1: Damage to the Body

If the drone encountered any crash before it might have damaged the internals. Check if the drone has any cracks in the blades or body. Also, whether there are any dents or broken elements. Your drone might have any of the physical issues mentioned above. 

Solution: Check for Damage

Check for any physical damages and fix them. If the blades are broken, replace the blades with new ones. You can use propeller guards to protect the propeller from shock and unexpected damage.

 If there’s any broken part, take help from an expert to change and replace the parts. If you don’t have proper expertise don’t attempt to change anything.

Reason 2: Wiring Issues

Another reason behind this problem is wiring issues. Drones have many wires inside to transmit signals from the remote to the propeller. Also, the battery connector wires supply power from the batteries to the motors. So, they’re crucial elements for a drone. 

If any of the wires have any leaks or loose connections it may produce many complications. Also, oftentimes crashing the drone to a hard surface may damage internal wirings. Don’t worry we got the solutions for you. 

Solution: Change Faulty Wires

There can be leaked fluids that need to be cleaned before using the drone again. Also, If any wire cracks, leakages, or burns are visible consider changing the wires immediately. Try using good quality Li-Po connectors for better power supply.

Faulty wires in a drone are serious and can have your drone permanently damaged. So, make sure you don’t overlook the matter and take immediate steps to fix it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Long Does The Sky Viper Nano Drone Battery Last?

Sky Viper Nano Drone batteries can last on average up to 6 to 8 minutes used with good batteries. And, it takes up to 20 minutes to fully charge the batteries again. If you fly the drone continuously with fully charged batteries it will last around 8 to 10 minutes.

How Do I Reset My Sky Viper?

To reset your Sky Viper controller settings hold the F trim and B trim together for at least 3 seconds. To reset your Sky Viper’s wifi settings hold the L trim and R trim together for 3 seconds. Before you do that, make sure the controller and the drone are paired.

How Can I Charge My Drone Without A Charger?

You can easily charge your drone without a charger using the USB port. First, turn off the drone entirely and plug the USB cable into the drone. Now, plug the other side of the cable with a fast charger brick. Finally, connect the brick to the power source.


Thank you for reading the article. We hope you have got the solutions to your Sky Viper m200 nano drone problems. We tried our best to collect the problems along with their reasons and easy solutions.

Now we’d like to hear from you. Let us know whether this article helped you to fix the issues with your drone. We’ll meet again. Till then keep rocking.

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