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Spektrum 1024 Vs 2048: Choose the Best One

The remote controller is an integral part of RC devices. For safe rides and flights, a strong connection between the remote and the device is a must. 

This connection is largely dependent on the Spektrum version of the remote. But which one is better between Spektrum 1024 vs 2048? 

Well, Spektrum 2048 is more updated compared to Spektrum 1024. Thus, the range of Spektrum 2048 is more. It is more advanced with a higher video quality than Spektrum 1024. However, the price of 2048 is also more than 1024. But Spektrum 1024 lacks many features.

This is only the starting. There are many more details in these differences. Please keep scrolling to know it all!

Short Comparison 

The Spektrum 1024 and Spektrum 2048 are two popular modes of remote RC devices. One might wonder about the differences between them. There are many distinctions between the two RC modes just like tt02 & tt01

To know about all the differences you must spend some time. Anyway, I am here to save your time. I’ve gathered the major differences between the Spektrum 2048 and spectrum 1024 in a table. Check it out!

Factors Spektrum 1024Spektrum 2048
Features LessMore
RangeLess More
Video Quality 1080p HD4K UHD
Tone AlertLimitedYes
Price LessMore
Product LinkCheck Price on AmazonCheck Price on Amazon

You can understand the basic differences between Spektrum 2048 vs 1024 from this table. However, there are many more details of this information. Keep scrolling to the next section to get rid of your doubts!

Spektrum 2048
Source: Hobbyconcepts

Extended Comparison 

I can understand your curiosity about the best RC drones and cars. And I will do my best to quench your thirst for knowledge. Without wasting any more time let’s jump into the details of the differences!

More Advanced 

The Spektrum 1024 and 2048 are not equal in terms of advancements. Rather one was released after the other with some major upgrades. Can you guess which one was released later?

Well, you can understand from the name. Spektrum 2048 was released after Spektrum 1024. For this reason, it has many more advanced features than the previous one. So it is a more advanced mode for RC remote controllers or transmitters.

Due to the latest design, Spektrum 2048 has more helicopter channels compared to Spektrum 1024. However, these channels are more useful for expert users.


The range of the remote controllers depends largely on the mode they are operating. So the range is a very significant factor for the signal modes. With more range, the remote can work at a far distance without any connectivity issues. 

The range of Spektrum 2048 is more than the range of Spektrum 1024. This is due to the addition of extra features in Spektrum 2048. The 1024 model can work up to 1.5 km. Whereas Spektrum 2048 version can work at the 2 km range without any trouble.

range of Spektrum 1024
Source: The Hobby Warehouse Ltd.

Video Quality 

The quality of the video transmitted is hugely dependent on the signal mode. With more advanced modes, the quality increases significantly. Spektrum 2048 is more advanced than Spektrum 1024. So the video transmission in this mode is of higher quality. 

Though the transmission quality is lower in 1024, it is not that bad. The video is very much workable. So you don’t have to get too worried about the quality. 

Tone Alert

The alert system is a very important addition to RC devices. A tone alert is a part of the alert system. Not all RC remotes have this alert system. To have this, the signal modes must support the tone alert mechanism. 

Both Spektrum 1024 and 2048 have a tone alert system. However, the alert is somewhat limited in the 1024 version. That means it does not have a fully functional alert system. On the other hand, Spektrum 2048 has a full-functioning alert mechanism. 


The term closeness used in this comparison is a vague term. This closeness can not be defined by a number. Rather it can be decided on the experience of using the two modes. 

While using the Spektrum 2048, the user will feel closer to the RC device. This is because of the fast and clear transmission systems. This feeling is not the same in Spektrum 1024. Because it lags in some aspects.


Now let’s talk about the prices of remotes that come with the Spektrum 1024 and 2048. The price of the remote does not depend on the signal mode only. Several factors control this price. However, the signal mode has a significant effect on the price.

The price of Spektrum 2048 is greater than the price of 1024. This is due to the use of advanced features in the 2048 version. It comes with many benefits over Spektrum 1024. As a result, the price also gets increased. 

Here are some of the best Spektrum receivers compatible with both 1024 and 2048!

For multiple channels, and usage check out Spektrum AR620.

You can get a strong transmitter connection, you can choose Spektrum SR215.

Another great receiver for 4- channels are Spektrum AR410.

This is all in the discussion of the major differences between Spektrum 1024 and 2048. If you are still confused about them, keep scrolling. Below I will try to choose the best between these two for your convenience. 

1024 version
Source: RC Mester

So, Which One Is Better?

Choosing between these two is as hard as choosing between the DSMX & DSM2. Though Spektrum 1024 is comparatively older, it is still a good model. However, it lacks in some aspects more than the 2048 version.

The video quality of Spektrum 2048 is better. It also has a larger range. But the price of 2048 is high. So the overall cost of the remote will increase. If you can compensate for some aspects, 1024 will be better for the budget. 

If budget is not a problem, go for Spektrum 2048 and enjoy all the latest specs! I hope that now all your doubts and confusions are clear. Here’s a picture of old and new Spektrum receivers that will interest you!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best Spektrum transmitter?

The best Spektrum transmitter is the Spektrum DX18. It has many new and special features than the previous models. There are 18 fully working channels in this transmitter. The presence of wireless trainer functions has increased its value. It also comes with built-in telemetry and voice alerts.

What protocol does Spektrum use?

Spektrum uses two types of TX protocols for connectivity. These two protocols are DSM2 and DSMX. The DSM2 protocol is resistant to noise, interference, and other transmissions occurring on the same frequency. The DSMX protocol is also very useful. By using these two, Spektrum functions properly. 

Is Spektrum better than FrSky?

No, Spektrum is not better than FrSky. The radio link of FrSky is superior to the radio link of Spektrum. The antenna health of FrSky is more. Also, the antenna placement is perfect. Spectrum lags in all these aspects. Overall the radio link of FrSky is more robust than that of the Spektrum. 

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