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Spektrum AR620 Problems: 3 Problem with Fixes!

Imagine your plane is flying in the sky and you’re controlling it from the ground. Suddenly, your plane loses signal and it crashes. How terrible would that be?

The reason could be the receiver you’re using or the transmitter you paired with it. If you’re into RC, you may have witnessed or heard about such issues.

This problem is also common with Spektrum AR620 receivers. Let’s take a look into other Spektrum AR620 problems.

Spektrum’s AR620 problems are not many. A binding problem is common with all receivers. The binding process varies sometimes. So, read the manual beforehand. Also, incompatible transmitters lose connection. A turned-off transmitter needs to rebind to the receiver. In this case, set up a failsafe.

In the next parts, we’ve discussed all the problems elaborately. Not just problems, we’ve given easy solutions. 

To know more, keep reading!

Spektrum AR620: 3 Problems with Simple Solutions!

The Spektrum AR620 is compatible with many RCs. Here’s someone who fitted a Spektrum AR620 with an RC plane.

Successful flying requires a well-functioned receiver and transmitter. There’s no exception to RC devices as well. 

Spektrum AR620 receiver is proven to be reliable and reasonably priced. Nevertheless, every device falters at any stage of its life cycle. So does this receiver.

The problems may differ from user to user. But, three common problems are faced now and then with AR620. 

Let’s address the three problems with appropriate solutions. 

Problem 1 of 3: Binding Problem

The whole point of binding is to pair up the receiver with the transmitter. Without binding, your transmitter can affect others’ planes flying in the same field. 

Binding makes it safe for the transmitter to talk to only one unique receiver. However, binding could be a little tricky.

Different manufacturers have different processes. There comes the problem. This makes binding difficult 

There are other binding problems of Spektrum receiver to deal with. So, it’s better to know how to correctly bind the receiver to the transmitter. 

Solution: Binding AR620 with Compatible Transmitter

Before jumping to the steps of successful binding, always read out the manual. Even in this case, read the Spektrum AR620 manual first before proceeding.

Now, let’s come to the pain point. How to bind AR620 with its compatible transmitter?

  • First thing first, power up the receiver system.
  • Then, press the bind button in the receiver. You’ll see a flickering orange flashlight.
  • Now, hold down the bind button that’ll be on top of the transmitter. It’ll turn it on and you’ll get a bind message popped on the transmitter screen.

As soon as it turns on and binds, the orange light becomes steady. This indicates a successful binding of the AR620 receiver and its transmitter. 

The solution to the binding problem was easy, wasn’t it?

Let’s move on to the next problem.

Spektrum AR620
Source: ArduPilot Discourse

Problem 2 of 3: Transmitter And Receiver Compatibility Issue

If you’re getting a new receiver, it must be compatible with your current transmitter. Otherwise, it’ll take a longer time to bind or won’t bind at all.

This is not all. Sometimes it binds well but when you choose a low-power setting it locks. Moreover, it won’t reset until both TX and RX aren’t power cycled.

The problem you may be facing is because of your outdated transmitter. This Spektrum AR620 RX doesn’t complement with Spektrum first generation DX8.

So, if you’ve got a G1 DX8 transmitter with an AR620 receiver, you got the root cause. Now, let’s see the solution.

Solution: Binding with Spektrum DX8 2nd Generation

Spektrum AR620 receiver binds perfectly with a second generation Spektrum DX8. Also, this latest RX model works well with DX9 and DX18. 

However, there may be other problems associated with Spektrum DX9. Look out for those if AR620 doesn’t bind with it.

Also, make sure to check the transmitter’s modulation before purchasing. The AR620 has DSMX/DSM2 modulation. It’s best to purchase one with DSMX modulation. It’ll help to set up a failsafe position. 

If these didn’t help then check out the next solution.

Spektrum AR620 receiver
Source: eBay

Problem 3 of 3: Receiver Won’t Work Due to Sudden Shutdown

Turning off the transmitter which is already bound with the receiver, is a bad idea. Never turn it off once it’s in the sky.

But, your transmitter can get turned off due to a low battery or other accident. If this happens in an ongoing flight, your receiver won’t work. You can’t have control over flying which may result in a flight crash.

This problem intensifies because it loses signal for Spektrum AR620 channels. Once it happens, you can’t regain the same signal.

This entire problem hinders navigation for your plane that’s in the sky flying. So, what could be the solution? Let’s find out!

Solution: Set a Failsafe

The solution to the problem is setting up a failsafe. It mainly handles the problems related to powered-off transmitters and receivers.

This setup only works with newer modulations, like DSMX, ACCST/ACCESS, and more. So, make sure you have one.

Failsafe assembles a similar set of Spektrum AR620 multiple channels every time with a hopping pattern. This rebinds the receiver with the transmitter. 

If you’re flying a Spektrum DSMX or FHSS system already, you won’t face this problem. But, anyone with DXM2 must go through this solution.

This is all on our part. We tried to track down the most common problems related to Spektrum AR620. The solutions are also easy and doable.

Hope it helps!

Spektrum AR620 multiple channels
Source: ArduPilot Discourse

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Spektrum DX6i a Good Transmitter?

Yes, Spektrum DX6i is a good transmitter. Its plus point is that it’s compatible with all Spektrum model receivers. This is not common for every transmitter. Also, it has easier options for programming. You can find a battery display at a reasonable price. It’s a much updated version of DX6.

How to Update Spektrum AR620 Firmware?

To update Spektrum AR620 firmware, you must have a registered account. Log in to add your Spektrum RC devices. Use your PC. Once a firmware update is required, Spektrum will send you the link. Open it to bring changes. Although, you need a specific USB cable for connecting the PC with the receiver.

Does DX6i Support Telemetry?

Yes, DX6i supports telemetry. All the newer versions of DX6 support this. DX6i is an advanced transmitter with an easy programming facility. You don’t need to spend a fortune to get this. Telemetry made the flying process easier and safer. You’ll see telemetry on the screen of the D=X6i transmitter.

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