Spektrum DX4C Problems

Spektrum DX4C Problems: [5 Problems & Solutions!]

Spektrum dx4c is a good choice for those who want better control at a good price. You can also better adjust through it. It has a lot of amazing and wonderful features.

But still, it is not perfect in everything. You might encounter a number of problems at the time of use.

So what are the spektrum dx4c problems?

Spektrum dx4c is not binding with the receivers is one of the many problems that it shows. There are also others like Spektrum is not saving the data of settings and low voltage issues. Another issue is a low servo throw while steering. You can also face connection issues between dx4c and the servo.

Wait, I have many more to let you know. To know more about them with proper explanation, go through the article.

Let’s start our journey.

Troubleshooting Spektrum DX4C Problems: [5 Problems & Solutions]

You can guess the popularity of spektrum rc dx4c among people by spektrum dx4c reviews. People love to use them for driving their RC cars, trucks, lobbies, etc. Spektrum dx4c setup is also easy.

Source: worthpoint.com

You can also face many problems with Spektrum dx4c. You can find many of the problems’ reasons and their solutions in the spektrum dx4c manuals.

But there are also some problems that you can’t find in the manuals. Here I have explained to you about all these problems and also the solutions to them. You can solve them by yourself.

So, let’s start knowing about them.

Problem 1: Not Binding with the Receiver

Is your Spektrum dx4c not binding with the receivers? Have you put the wrong receiver? Because there are some Spektrum dx4c compatible receivers that only work with them. 

If you have put any wrong receivers, then it won’t bind with the Spektrum dx4c transmitter. So, you need to know about Spektrum dx4c receivers.


All receivers are not well-suited with them. So, what you have to do is find a compatible receiver and connect it.

Now I’ll tell you what receivers work with Spektrum dx4c. They are compatible with DSMR, DSM2 receivers. They will bind to DSMR Rx receivers too.

SR4215, SRS4210, SR415, SR410. DSM, Orange, and Targethobby receivers are not compatible with them. 

Looking for receivers compatible with Spektrum Dx4c? Well, you can try out our recommended picks:

Spektrum SR215 2-Channel 2.4GHz DSMR RC Sport ReceiverGet It from Amazon
Spektrum SR515 5-Channel 2.4GHz DSMR RC Sport ReceiverGet It from Amazon
Spektrum SR315 3-Channel 2.4GHz DSMR RC Sport ReceiverGet It from Amazon

Get the best out of your Spektrum DX4c by using the above-recommended receivers.

Want to learn the tricks to binding Spektrum avc? For this, you need to

  • First, switch off your car and the radio.
  • There is a bind port on every receiver. Put the bind plug inside it.
  • Power on the receiver and hold the “bind” button.
  • You need to wait for those LEDs of the receiver so that they stop blinking. 
  • Calibrate the avc.
  • The receiver will flash again for some time and then become solid.

Now I’ll tell you how to calibrate spektrum avc.

  • First, you need to set the avc. There is a trigger under the steering. Pull it to full throttle and push it to make the full brake. 
  • There is also a wheel there. Turn it to the full left side and the full right side. The setting of avc is complete.
  • Now again the LED will flash and it will do it for once. The calibration is complete.

Follow all the above steps to calibrate and rebind the receiver in the same way. 

But sometimes the problems can be in the transmitters and receiver’s lack of response too.

Source: Anything Off-road

Problem 2: Low Servo Throw in Steering

Sometimes the steering becomes fixed and you can’t move the steering too much. The angle of steering travel becomes limited. And you can’t steer it on the left side and right side as much as you want.

It happens when you turn on the actual dual rate of the controller. It creates a low servo throw in the steering. 

It may also occur if you have set the wrong ending points. Or you have accidentally set the ending point.

I’ll tell you the solution for both of them. Read along!


You can notice a button D on the control which is on the right. Look in the manual to know their exact position. It turns on/off the actual dual rate. 

Hold down the button or switch for some time so that it turns off.

If still, you cannot solve the problem, you may have set the wrong ending points. To solve this you need to go through some steps,

  • First set the endpoints of the transmitter at the maximum(150%). Then bind it and calibrate the active vehicle control(avc). 
  • Now remove the bind of the plug and set the endpoints you prefer. Turn it off again and you need to bind and calibrate the receiver of the Spektrum.

As a result, the avc software will set the ending points at maximum throw. Now you can move your steering as much as you want.

Problem 3: Settings Not Saving

You are making changes to your settings but your Spektrum dx4c is not saving the data?

It can happen for any reason. There is not any fixed reason behind it. But I have got the solutions ready for your problem.


First, reset the model you are using. Then go do a different model. And copy the blank profile to the model you have just reset.

Now, bind the receiver to the dx4c transmitter. Change the switches you prefer to change. Rebind the receiver with the transmitter again.

Then power off those receivers & transmitters. Turn on the transmitter again. Now all of your settings will be saved.

Problem 4: Connection Lost Between DX4C and Servo

Does your servo lose its connection with the dx4c Spektrum while playing and driving your cars?  Is your servo wearing out sooner than you expected?

Then the problem is in the dx4c receiver compatibility.

If you put the wrong receivers, the servo will wear out soon and they will not get the proper voltages they want.  As a result, it’ll lose its connection with the dx4c transmitter.


Use the receivers for Spektrum dx4c as I have mentioned above. Among them, SRS4210 suits this better.

Problem 5: Low Voltage Issue

Spektrum dx4c radios need more voltages. So low voltage won’t only make the RC throttle less responsive, it will also affect the performance.


Use high voltage batteries like NiZN. You can also use alkaline batteries.

That’s all. I have mentioned some common problems related to dx4c. And also the ways to solve them. Follow those ways carefully. And remember to go through your manual first.

There are also some solutions mentioned in the manual. Everyone should go through a manual before doing any troubleshooting.

Source: remotebits.com

The receiver should be compatible too when you connect them to control many cars together. 

Sometimes the update of firmware makes some receivers incompatible. So always make sure that your transmitter is the updated one or not as it gets updated every time.


What are the steps to program a remote of Spektrum?

You can program the remote of the Spektrum in 5 steps by using auto-search. First, switch on the television. Then hold the buttons of “Menu” and “Ok” together so that the buttons of inputs blink. Hold the power on button of the tv. Then press the “up arrow” until the tv turns off. Now it’s complete.

How will you define the avc of Spektrum?

The avc stands for active vehicle control. It helps to upgrade the best performances of RC cars, trucks, etc. Through this, you can dial more stability. This will help you to store more power so that power doesn’t lack off. That’s why you can drive your RC cars on any surface you prefer.

How can Gain help you and how many of them are?

Gain can guide you and help you to make your vehicles run through a straight line and to control their spins. You can set it by some value. You can also fix the gain value from 0 to 100. The most common value set for gain is 50. There are two types of gain. They are steering gain and throttle gain. 

Bottom line

Now you have all kinds of spektrum DX4C problems and the ways to solve them.

If you don’t feel confident troubleshooting by yourself, take expert’s  help.

It’s time to part our ways. Goodbye and all the best with your spektrum DX4c!

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