Spektrum DX4R pro problems

Spektrum DX4R Pro Problems & Solutions: Fix It Yourself!

Spektrum DX4R Pro is one of the most used transmitters out there. Despite being famous and widely used, it does have some issues. Fortunately, fixing those issues is extremely easy if you know them beforehand. 

So, what are some of the Spektrum DX4R pro problems? 

Since Spektrum DX4R Pros require intense power, dying batteries are frequent. The DX4R Pro can also suffer from interference due to other stronger signals. Sometimes the buttons of the DX4R Pro may need to be repaired or replaced. Lastly, it’s possible that DX4R Pro isn’t synced properly. 

Anyhow, that was only a portion of all the possible problems. We’ve also discussed the solutions in easy words for you. 

Stay with us till the end if you want to know more about the problems. 

Troubleshooting Spektrum DX4R Pro: 3 Problems & Solutions 

Spektrum DX4R pro is one of top models ever released by Spektrum. It directly competes with other top brand transmitters head to head. 


Spektrum DX4R Pro reviews are usually great and reliable. But users often run into trouble. And running into problems in the middle of flying is enough to ruin your experience. Trust us, we’ve been there. 

That’s where prior knowledge can give you a solid edge. Knowing about the possible problems helps you avoid running into them. It also helps you solve a situation really fast. 

And it’s just not transmitters. Imagine, you’re driving a Redcat Volcano. By simply knowing the problems of Redcat Volcano 18; you can get out of any situation. 

It can occur due to several Spektrum DX4R Pro parts. For example, a dying battery or a broken switch. 

If the transmitter is exposed to high frequency, it may lose control. 

Because of that, you’ll have to try multiple solutions to pinpoint the problem. Luckily, they’re easy to do and don’t require too much effort. 

Problem 1: Faulty Batteries Can Cause Transmitters to Lose Control

Unfortunately, many Spektrum DX4R pro users have complained that they faced control problems. Losing control all of a sudden is a problem you don’t want to face at any cost. 

Because there’s a chance of damaging your RC vehicle really badly. That’s why many users often get frustrated when faced with this problem. 

Solution 1: Check the Batteries

In most cases, sudden loss of control happens due to a dead battery. If not dead, it’s possible that your batteries may be dying. 

Dying batteries can also stop your Traxxas ESC from turning on. That’s why this problem shouldn’t be underestimated. 

Batteries don’t usually die easily. But charging the batteries with a bad charger can ruin battery health. It can also happen due to bad wiring. 

On top of that, incorrect battery reading is also a probability. 

In such cases, changing the batteries is the best solution. But before that, you may want to check the batteries first. 

Start by taking out the batteries and cleaning them with a clean towel. When you’re done, put them on the battery charger

Now check whether the battery is charging or not. You can also use a digital multimeter to look for a reading. 

If it’s not fixed, then you’re out of luck here. The best possible course is to get new batteries right away. 

Luckily, for you, we’ve listed some of our best picks- 

You can choose any one of them you like and get started right away.

Solution 2: Recalibrate the Batteries

Draining the batteries out is also a great option. But you’ll have to go a little further. This process is called battery calibration. To do this, you’ll have to drain them entirely. After that, keep charging the batteries till they’re full. All the while, the device has to be turned off. 

Check if calibrating solves it for you or not. 

Source: rctech.net

Problem 2: Interference Signals Can Interrupt the Spektrum DX4R Pro

High-frequency signals can also interrupt transmission signals. Appliances like microwaves, and internet routers can cause your DX4R pro to lose signal. 

Solution: Remove High-Frequency Devices Around the Area & Rebind the Transmitter

To solve this problem, you’ll have to make sure you’re not around any high-frequency device. Because some devices can have strong signals which will cause interference. 

You can either remove them from the area. It’s the only solution. Getting away from them as much as possible is also a great idea. 

After that, you’ll have to bind the Spektrum DX4R Pro. 

Spektrum DX4R Pro binding is pretty easy. It only takes a minute. After that, make sure you’re on the same channel. 

If you aren’t sure about binding, check the Spektrum DX4R Pro manual. It’ll guide you through the binding process.

Interference in signals can also happen due to a weak receiver. In that case, replacing your current receiver is a good option. 

Replace it with a Spektrum DX4R Pro compatible receiver.

Problem 3: Spektrum DX4R Pro Switches Can Get Broken

When driving your RC vehicles, transmitter switches are used intensively. That’s why it’s pretty common to have your switches broken. 

Solution: Repair the Switches

You can always send your transmitter back to Spektrum. The repairing process costs about $50 to $100 at the very least. 

But you can attempt to fix it yourself as well. For that, you’ll need a 3-pin switch. 

Start by taking the back off of the transmitter. After that, unscrew the switch cap and remove the switch’s base. Now, place the new switch and solder off the wiring

Problem 4: Spektrum DX4R Pro Isn’t Synced Properly

Sometimes Spektrum DX4R Pro may not sync properly with the receiver. When that happens, you’ll have to unbind and rebind the transmitter. 

This can be fixed by doing a Spektrum DX4R Pro binding. 

Solution: Bind the Transmitter With the Receiver

Start the procedure by turning your transmitter off. After that, change the throttle position downward. 

Now, place the bind plug in the data port. Activate the receiver by inserting a battery. It’ll flash when it’s ready to be connected. 

Turn on the transmitter while holding the bind switch. Check the receiver’s LED light. If it’s stable, then it’s successfully bound. 

These are some of the problems that Spektrum DX4R Pro users face. Spektrum DX4R Pro being discontinued is also a problem. 


Other than that, sometimes a Spektrum DX4R Pro firmware update can solve most issues. So, don’t forget about that either. 


How to update Spektrum receivers?

Before everything, you’ll need to download the Spektrum updater tool. Open the program and plug in the USB programmer cable. The receiver will turn on and show you a serial number. Register the receiver by using the serial number. Download the file from the Spektrum community and install it. 

What receivers work with Spektrum DX4R Pro?

Spektrum DX4R Pro uses the latest DSMR transmission technology. It’s usable with any receivers but compatible Spektrum receivers are the best. It’s way easier to update and compatibility ensures a better signal. With all benefits considered, Spektrum receivers are the best option. 

Does Spektrum DX4R Pro Have Telemetry? 

Yes, the Spektrum DX4R Pro transmitter has a telemetry system. But there’s a condition. It’s not built-in. Because of that, you’ll need a telemetry receiver and sensors. Luckily, they’re always available and you can buy them online. Simply browse a little and look for Spektrum telemetry sensors. 

Final Words

That was everything we could collect on Spektrum DX4R Pro problems

If you struggle to fix it yourself, don’t hesitate to visit a repair shop. There are experts who specialize in these fields. Also, don’t forget to claim a warranty if you have one. 

Finally, have a nice day.

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