spektrum dx5 series problems

Spektrum DX5 Series Problems – Let’s Find Out

Transmitters are as important as using a really good RC. Because with a faulty transmitter you cannot have fun on the track. That is why you need a suitable transmitter. 

So, what are the Spektrum dx5 series problems?

The most common problem this transmitter faces is it stops working. Sometimes it stops responding while on the run. Also, sometimes the receiver doesn’t connect to the RC and the transmitter goes to binding mode on its own. And the failsafe mode starts on its own as well. 

These problems can be fixed really easily. We have covered all reasons and solutions to the problem. So, let’s get started on the problems and the solutions!

Quick View of the Problems & Solutions

When you are an RC enthusiast using a suitable transmitter is a must. But all transmitters can face a few problems. But the problems are fixable. If you have a Spektrum dx5 pro, the solutions will still work. Cause both share the same architecture. 

The Spektrum DX5 faces a few problems as well. In the table below you can have a glimpse at a few problems and their solutions. 

The receiver stops working while using the RCBattery voltage is low or the connection with the battery is weakChange the battery and fix the link
The receiver will not connectThe transmitter and the receiver are too near or too far from each otherRemove the abstractions. Also, put the transmitter and receiver within 8 to 12 feet.
The receiver will not bind with the RCBind mode starts on its ownBind the transmitter with the receiver properly
Failsafe mode turns onAntenna issueChange the antenna. 

So, that was a quick look at the problems and their solution. Down below we have started on the problems. Also, we have mentioned how you can fix them. So, let’s begin! 

The Receiver Stops Working While Using the RC

Receiver Stops Working
Source: RCGroups

The receiver stopping working is the most common problem. This is a really serious problem. Because your RC can get lost or crash onto something. So, fixing this might save you from buying a whole new RC. 


The main reason why this problem occurs is pointed out below. 

  • Battery voltage low
  • Connections to the battery are broken
  • Connections on the RC are broken


The key points of the problem are given below.

  • RC stops working middle of operating
  • Signals from the transmitter getting disrupted


You need to change the battery of the RC or the transmitter. You should also check the battery connections on the RC and the transmitter. If the connections are broken, attach the connections again.

To attach the connections you need a soldering machine. Attach the battery connections to the main board. You also, have to check if the battery is fully charged and the voltage isn’t low. 

The Spektrum smart battery issues are becoming really common. So make sure the battery isn’t the issue. Cause this can ruin the transmitter as a whole as well. 

The Receiver Will Not Connect

Spektrum RC reciever
Source: Spektrum RC

The second problem we have here today is the receiver is not connecting. Now the problem can be on both the RC and the transmitter. Because both the RC and the transmitter need to be connected. 

But the reason for this problem is really simple. 


The reasons why this happens are pointed below

  • The RC and the transmitter are too near to each other
  • The network is disrupted by some other object
  • The vehicle and the transmitter battery might be low
  • RC model is not compatible


The symptoms to this problem is quite simple

  • The RC is not connecting to the transmitter
  • The transmitter is turning off after turning on


Move the RC and the transmitter 8 to 12 feet from the receiver. Remove any disrupting objects between the RC and the transmitter. Replace or charge the battery fully before testing. Make sure your model of RC is compatible with the transmitter. 

If the transmitter is not working with your RC, you need to use a different transmitter. You might face the same problem on the DX5 rugged. In that case, do a spektrum dx5 rugged firmware update. The Spektrum dx5 rugged review suggests so. 

Receiver Will Not Bind With the RC]

spectrum dx5e reciever
Source: Spektrum RC

When you get the RC and the transmitter, you need to bind them. Binding the transmitter with the RC is the process for them to work. But sometimes the binding stops working. So, what are the reasons for this happening?


The reasons for this happening are listed below

  • The transmitter accidentally put on the binding mode
  • The binging button is broken


The key points of the problem are given below

  • RC and transmitter lose binding
  • RC and transmitter stop working in the middle of operation


If your RC and transmitter are losing bind, you need to fix the binding mode. Also, the binding button might be accidentally pressed. In that case, the binding will need to do once again. Make sure to bind the transmitter with the receiver properly this time. 

Failsafe Mode Turns On

When you are running your RC, you might face this problem. The failsafe mode protects your RC from being short and getting lost when the connection is lost. But sometimes the failsafe mode starts on its own.

This is a common Spektrum dx5 rugged problems as well.


The reason for this to happen are mentioned below

  • The antenna on the transmitter is damaged
  • The antenna on the RC is damaged
  • The connection to the antenna is cut


The key points of the problem are given below

  • The RC stops accelerating momentarily 
  • The RC stops taking command and comes to a full halt


The solution to this problem is, you need to fix the binder button. Also, if your RC is already in binding mode, make sure you bind it again. On top of that, be careful when using the transmitter. It might go to the binding mode by accidental presses. 

And these are all the most common problems you might face with this transmitter and the binder. Check the spektrum dx5 rugged manual for DX5 rugged if you are facing the same problem. 

If the problems on the transmitter aren’t fixed properly, there might be problems with the RC as well. Such as a problem with the Spektrum servo on the RC. 

Some Additional Tips

Keeping the transmitter healthy is really important. That is why we have provided some tips you can follow. 

  • Don’t put too much pressure on the wheel. Putting too much pressure can make the wheel loose. And the responsiveness of the transmitter can decrease. 
  • Using the right battery is crucial. Because too much or too little voltage can short the transmitter. Also, the battery on the correct voltage has the best range. 
  • Bind the RC with the transmitter properly. Make sure the RC and the transmitter you are using are compatible. Otherwise, the transmitter and the RC may occur some difficulties.

Alternatives/Are It Worth The Problems 

A Proper Maintenance Guide 

If you want your transmitter to last longer, there are a few things you can do. And the things you can do is listed below.

  • Using a tennis racket grip tape on the handle of the receiver. The grip on the transmitter is really smooth. So dropping the transmitter is really common. Using a tennis racket grip will make sure you are holding the transmitter properly.
  • Make sure hair or other dust doesn’t get in the way of the wheel. That is when the wheel will get jammed and stop working. 
  • Clean the transmitter with a microfiber cloth and isopropyl alcohol. Apply the alcohol on the cloth, not on the transmitter. 
  • Attach grip on the acceleration trigger. The trigger is really fragile, so it’s better if you don’t push your anger out on that.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does the Warranty Cover?

The warranty of the transmitter only covers any defects in the material. It also covers any defect in workmanship. The warranty period lasts only 1 year. You will get a completely free transmitter if the other one has any defect within 1 year. 

Does Repairing the Transmitter Void the Warranty?

If you repair your transmitter, it will void the warranty. The warranty will also be void if you open the internals of the transmitter. But you can tune the transmitter and your RC through a PC. this won’t void the warranty. 

Is the Transmitter Waterproof?

The transmitter isn’t waterproof. Although the transmitter is water-resistant. But you should not wet the transmitter. Because this might ruin the transmitter. Also, the damage made by water isn’t valid for warranty replacement. 


That was everything you had on the spektrum dx5 series problems. 

This transmitter is one of the really good ones on the market. But this occurs some problems as well. But it’s really easily fixable. 

Good luck with your DX5!

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