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How To Tackle 3 Common Spektrum Dx6e Problems?

Dealing with transmitter problems can be the most frustrating experience. You can’t fly or run your RCs if you don’t have a spare transmitter. Moreover, you don’t want to buy a new expensive transmitter over a few problems.

That brings us to this question. How do you fix Spektrum Dx6e problems?

One of the main problems of Spektrum Dx6e is a broken switch. You can replace a broken switch easily by soldering a new one. Tighten or adjust your sticks with the outer and inner screws if necessary. If you’re facing binding problems, try changing your conditions a little or rebinding it. 

Are you still confused about how to do them? Don’t worry. If you’re willing to spend a few minutes, we can help you with the details. 

So, let’s hop on-

3 Probable Problems Of Spektrum Dx6e

The Radio Controllers are one of the most used components in one’s RC journey. So, they tend to wear out faster than the toys.

We all know how the Spektrum Dx6e comes with the built-in telemetry feature that gives you real time updates on signal quality and battery voltage. However, even this amazing transmitter is prone to damage.

Some common problems are parts coming off. Or, the sticks becoming loose. Sometimes, the transmitter and receiver have problems binding.

We’ve talked about these three problems and their fixes here. If you’re having one of them, give the details a read-

Problem 1: Broken Switch

Transmitters are often more used than the RCs. Switches are used quite aggressively as well. It’s natural for switches to come off or break. 

Remember that unlike the other Spektrum transmitters the Spektrum Dx6e doesn’t have forward programming. So, you have to be extra careful with these.

If you’re facing a situation like this, you need to replace the switch. Let’s take a look at how you can do that.


You can choose to send your Dx6e transmitter to Spektrum. They can repair it for you. You’ll have to pay for the shipping and hourly repair fees, however. This will cost you around $50-100 depending on your location and repairs.

If that’s not possible for you, don’t worry! We’ve steps you can follow to do the repair yourself.


For this, you’ll need a new switch. However, Spektrum doesn’t sell switches separately. So you’ll have to buy a 3 pin switch for your Dx6e transmitter. 

You can buy a FrSky 3 position long switch. The switches, if we compare between Frsky and Spektrum, match enough. So you can use them as replacements.

Apart from the switch, you need screwdrivers and basic soldering tools. 

Step 1: Take off The Back of The Transmitter

Take the back of the transmitter off. You’ll have to unscrew 8 screws and take off the label underneath. 

Don’t remove the rubber plates on the sides of the transmitter. After removing the screws, don’t pull on the back too hard. That might tear on the wires.

Step 2: Remove The Broken Switch

Screw off the switch cap and remove the broken switch base from the case. Then you need to solder the wires off the switch pins.

Be careful not to damage the wires in any way. Or you’ll be stuck with wiring problems to solve.

Step 3: Solder-In & Set The New Switch

Solder the red wire on the outer pin of the switch. The black wire should be soldered on the middle pin. After soldering the wires to the switch, set it into the case. 

Make sure the unused pin faces upwards and put the switch into the hole. Then, put on the switch cap and screw it tightly. 

Put your case back on the transmitter. And there! You have a new switch placed in your Dx6e transmitter.

Make sure to use the right kind of batteries as a defective battery can decrease the performance of your transmitter. I always get the HHZ Rechargeable 2S Lipo Battery for my Spektrum Dx6e.

Problem 2: Loose Sticks

The sticks on the Spektrum D6xe can be loose out of the box for some. Or it might have gotten loose over a period of time. Either way, you can tighten them in the same way. You can even adjust the length of the sticks! Here’s how-


To adjust the length of the sticks you’ll need a small hex ranch. Spektrum Dx6e comes with one, so use that. You just need to put the ranch in the small hole on your sticks. Push it hard to unlock the sticks. And then, you can screw the sticks to your desired length. 

For tightening the sticks, you need a small screwdriver. Be careful with this. Or you might have to deal with a stripped screw hole in the plastic

You’ll see 3 holes around each stick on the transmitter. The outer holes control the tension, the one controls the ratchet function. 

To tighten the sticks, turn the screw in the outer holes clockwise. You can loosen them by turning counterclockwise as well. 

You can enable the ratchet function by turning the inner screw clockwise. The more you turn, the more aggressive ratchet you’ll get. You can disable it similar to the tension as well.

Problem 3: Binding Problems

The Spektrum Dx6e can sometimes face some binding problems. Make sure to note which UMX you have between DSM2 and DSMX. Your Dx6e will not bind with DSM2.

Keep in mind that the range of the Spektrum Dx6e receiver is about 1/2 mile. So, if the range is crossed anymore than that then you’ll face binding problems.


Binding is probably the most common problem that Dx6e users face. To combat this problem you have to first know the process of binding. So, exactly how to bind Spektrum Dx6e?

To bind Spektrum Dx6e you need to first press the bind button of the receiver. This is make the light flicker. After that you need to hold down the bind button of the Dx6e and turn on the transmitter at the same time. Once you do that you’ll notice that the lights become stable. This indicates that your Spektrum Dx6e has been successfully bound.

Make sure to keep a good quality bind plug during the binding process. I personally always use the Spektrum Male/Female Universal Bind Plug. It’s always the best to get bind plugs that are compatible with your transmitters.

The next thing that you need to do is find a compatible receiver. Now, you may wonder what receivers work with Spektrum Dx6e? You can use any receivers that uses the DSMX or DSM2 protocols with your Spektrum Dx6e. So, you don’t necessarily have to use Spektrum receivers with your Dx6e transmitters. You can use receivers from Parkzone, JR and E-flight.

Make sure you don’t have an older UMX. The binding problem is at times just a range problem. You can solve it by making sure to do the following while binding-

  • Try outdoors
  • Make sure the receiver is at least 0.5m above the ground
  • Move about 30-100 meters away from your receiver

If all of this doesn’t work then try updating your Spektrum Dx6e.

To update your Spektrum Dx6e go to the Spektrum website where you’ve registered your transmitter. After that click the download update option there. Then open the downloaded file and put it in the SD card of your Spektrum Dx6e. Now insert the SD card back into your transmitter.

Always try to use the Spektrum Smart ESC Programming Update Box as the SD card. Otherwise you may run into more problems.

Now, if your Dx6e is beyond repair then try getting a new one. You can easily find the Spektrum Dx6e with the receiver and Spektrum Dx6e without the receiver on Amazon.

Hopefully, you’ll be able to successfully bind with your receiver now.


Question: Can I replace Dx6e with Dx6?

Answer: Yes, you can. The basic difference between a Dx6 and Dx6e is the programming. You can do what you can in a Dx6e with a Dx6. So switching from Dx6e to Dx6 should be no problem.

Question: Do I need to use flux while soldering the wires on the switch pins?

Answer: It’s your choice. You can choose not to use flux on the pins. However, we recommend using a tiny amount for the best results. This way, there’ll be no problems while soldering.

Question: Which screwdrivers should I use?

Answer: You can use a medium screwdriver for the back of the transmitter. For the small holes for stick adjustment, use a small Phillips head screwdriver. They are usually available in a store.

End Note

Hopefully, this article answered your questions about Spektrum Dx6e problems. If your problem was one of these, make sure to follow the instructions properly. I hope that will fix your problem.

Until next time, see you!

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