spektrum dx8 gen 2 problems

Spektrum DX8 Gen 2 Problems: 5 Reasons and Solutions!

Some problems have arisen with your Spektrum DX8 gen 2 transmitters. Right now, you’re unsure of the exact nature of the issue.

However, as you are probably aware, you should check into it as quickly as possible.

So, what’s causing my Spektrum DX8 gen 2 problems?

One of the most common Spektrum DX8 Gen 2 problems is the old battery. Sometimes resynchronizing it and reconnecting the battery works. Furthermore, a damaged antenna can be a problem too. You need to replace the antenna. Also, outdated firmware can cause glitches so you need to update the firmware.

You will also want special instructions to fix the Spektrum DX8 gen 2. Hence, this information will be discussed in detail later on.

Let’s go through them.

5 Problems and Solutions for the Spektrum DX8 Gen 2 Problems

It’s not uncommon that your Spektrum controller will have some issues. It is not completely similar to Spektrum DX6e problems. These are pretty typical of such devices. Additionally, the fixes are really simple.

So let’s look at some Spektrum DX8 gen 2 problems and appropriate solutions.

Spektrum DX8 gen 2
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Problem 1 of 5: Old Battery of Spektrum DX8 Gen 2

Sometimes a bad charger or wiring might prevent the DX8 battery from charging correctly. The batteries, therefore, deplete fast.

Your device may occasionally show the wrong charge rate. This could be a little deceptive.

Solution: Reconnecting and Calibrating Batteries

You must first remove your batteries. 

Afterward, with a fresh paper towel, clean the spot. 

Then, reconnect the batteries. Check to see whether the batteries are charging at this time.

You might also try calibrating your battery packs. 

To accomplish this, completely drain them, and then completely charge them. 

Keep the gadget off while it charges. Check to see whether the issue is fixed when it has been charged. If not, then you have to change the batteries. 

Spektrum DX8
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Problem 2 of 5: High-Frequency Exposure

The frequency and channel of your transmitter must match those of your device. For level length, transmitters often use 6, 26, and 80 GHz frequencies.

Now, if a nearby frequency interferes with the frequency of your gadget, it will lose signal. You will therefore give up control over your device as a result.

Solution: Getting Rid of High-Frequency Equipment

Make sure you aren’t near any high-frequency equipment to resolve this problem. This might involve a microwave, an amplifier, etc. If so, you should relocate to a location with less interruption.

Resynchronize your controller with your RC car after that, then try it out. It should now begin to function!

Problem 3 of 5: Damaged Antenna

The broadcast range may also be impacted by the state of your antenna. Your antenna won’t properly transfer signals between both the transmitter and receiver if it is damaged.

Solution: Replacing Antenna

Ensure your antenna is fully extended first. Check to see whether it’s working after that.

If not, replacing the Spektrum DX8 antenna is the appropriate course of action. But make sure the antenna feeder is compatible with your transmitter.

Problem 4 of 5: Using an Ineffective Battery or a High-Voltage Surge

If you use the wrong batteries, they might stream your Spektrum dx8 with absurdly high voltage. The batteries might therefore lead to an imbalance in pressure and power. Your DX8 may have a system failure as a result of this.


Make sure you’re using the appropriate batteries for your DX8. The best battery for the DX8 is often a 2000mAh 7.4V Spektrum LiPo battery.

Because when the battery is fully charged, it is designed to switch off. Consequently, it becomes less susceptible to overcharging. Additionally, a proper voltage flow protects your controller from harm.

Spektrum DX8 antenna
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Problem 5 of 5: Outdated Firmware

A problem with the Spektrum DX8 Firmware Update may prevent your DX8 from delivering the correct signals. In these situations, faulty or defective firmware may be at blame for the disaster.

Here’s someone who faced the same issue with outdated firmware.

Solution: Update the Firmware

You must connect your Spektrum product to the company’s website in order to upgrade your DX8. 

Then enter the serial number of your device to get the most recent update. 

Afterward, transfer the update to the SD card using your PC. After inserting the SD card, turn on your TX.

The firmware for your DX8 would successfully be upgraded, which should resolve the issue.

There are various types of Spektrum DX8 gen 2 controllers. I’ve compiled a list of excellent controllers.

The best Spektrum DX8 controller you can buy now is Spektrum DX8e.

Another reasonable DX8 controller is of course the Spektrum DX8 Gen 2 itself. You can check the price on Amazon.

I hope this information aids you in selecting an appropriate controller!

If somehow the problem persists after you’ve exhausted all of the aforementioned options, you should seek expert help. It’s possible that you won’t be able to find a solution.

Spektrum DX8e
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Does Spektrum Telemetry Work?

Telemetry devices from Spektrum monitor the signal’s quality. sending this data back to the transmitter after arriving at the receiver. where it is shown using a well-known “signal bar” scale on the LCD panel.

What Is the Smallest Spektrum Receiver?

The SPM4650 is the smallest Spektrum receiver. It has advanced by one or maybe two levels. For me, weight and features are the most notable features. This is the smallest full-range, high-speed receiver available. Spektrum customers who do not want to spend money on Crossfire.

What Voltage Does Spektrum Receivers Use?

3.5 volts is the minimum working voltage for Spektrum receivers. The system should definitely be examined in accordance with the recommendations. 4.8 volts is the lowest permissible voltage for ground testing.

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