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Quit Dealing with Spektrum NX Series Problems Forever!

Spektrum NX series transmitters are pretty popular among RC aircraft enthusiasts. But they also come with a variety of problems. You’re also here for a similar reason and I’m here to help you out.

Here’s a glimpse of Spektrum NX series problems.

You’ll find that the aircraft won’t bind with the transmitter. This happens when the transmitter and the aircraft are nearer. Or, the transmitter has no charge at all. So, you must maintain a distance between the transmitter and the drone. Also, you must recharge the transmitter fully.

Just like this, you’ll get to know about more transmitter problems and respective solutions in this article. Stay tuned till the end if you want to solve your Spektrum transmitter issue.

A Quick View of the Problems & Solutions

The drone is not binding to the TransmitterYou kept the transmitter closer to the drone during the binding process.

A large metal object is near the transmitter or drone.

Incorrect bind plug installed.
The transmitter battery has almost no charge at all.

The transmitter and receiver version doesn’t match.
Keep the transmitter a few feet apart from the drone. And reset the flight battery. 

Keep the drone and transmitter away from the metal object.
Ensure the bind plug is plugged into the bind port.

Recharge the batteries or replace the batteries if damaged. 

Find a compatible receiver with the Spektrum NX series transmitter.
The drone isn’t connecting with the transmitter (after binding)Wrong model memory in the aircraft.The transmitter is bound using another type of DSM protocol.

The remote receiver or receiver extension is damaged
Use a model memory on the transmitter compatible with the aircraft.

Bind the aircraft to the transmitter.

Don’t connect the damaged receiver or receiver extension.
When the receiver is at a short distance from the transmitter, it goes into a failsafe mode. Damaged receiver antenna

The main and remote receivers are kept very close.
Replace the antenna

Make sure the main and remote receivers are at least 2 inches (51 mm) apart.
The receiver isn’t responding while operatingThe battery voltage is too low

Damaged wires between the receiver and the battery
Make sure the flight battery is completely recharged.

Check the damaged wire connections. Replace the damaged connectors with new ones.

PROBLEM 1: Drone Not Binding to Transmitter

It’s a serious concern when your aircraft isn’t binding to the Spektrum transmitter. This means either there’s a problem with your aircraft or there’s a problem with the transmitter.

spectrum nx transmitter
Source: youtube.com

Reasons and Solutions:

Just like when Traxxas receiver has a binding problem, the Spektrum NX series can have problems too. In this case, you should watch out for five specific reasons. Take a look at the list below that are responsible for not binding the transmitter. 

I’ve also included solutions for respective scenarios. So go through it and see what’s causing stress to your flying experience.

  • If you keep the transmitter closer to the aircraft during the binding process, it won’t bind. That’s why you have to place the powered transmitter at least 3 to 4 feet away from the aircraft. Then, disconnect the flight battery and reconnect it to the aircraft.
  • The problem will arise if there’s a large metal object sitting too close to the transmitter or aircraft. It hinders all the binding signals. So, you should make sure there’s no heavy metal object near the transmitter or aircraft.
  • Having an incorrectly installed bind plug can also cause a binding problem. If that’s the case for you, check the connections. Install the bind plug in the bind port. Then, bind the drone to your transmitter.
  • Sometimes binding problems may happen due to low transmitter battery voltage. You should check if there are any damaged battery cells. If the battery is faulty, replace them with new one. Or else, recharge the battery completely.
  • You must be careful about the compatibility too. If the transmitter and receiver aren’t compatible, the bind won’t work. Yes, the Spektrum receiver might also have problems. So, you must ensure both devices are updated to similar versions.      

PROBLEM 2: Aircraft Not Connecting with the Transmitter 

Now, what if the binding process is done but you can’t link the aircraft to the transmitter? Surprisingly, this issue happens for similar reasons as Problem 1. But there are other reasons too.

Aircraft Not Connecting with the Transmitter
Source: youtube.com

Reasons and Solutions:

You’ll find connecting problems with the transmitter for the following reasons:

  • The model memory of your transmitter isn’t compatible with the model memory of the aircraft. So, you must select the right model memory on the transmitter.
  • You’ll feel such a problem if the transmitter requires a different type of DSM protocol. And to solve this you have to bind the aircraft to the transmitter.  
  • Also, this happens when the receiver or receiver extension is faulty. Mind that you shouldn’t use a damaged receiver and replace it immediately.

PROBLEM 3: Receiver Went to Failsafe Mode

Now, sometimes you might see that the receiver went to a failsafe mode. And it happened when the receiver is very close to the transmitter. 

Reasons and Solutions:

There are two specific reasons why the receiver acts this way when it comes closer to the transmitter. Take a look at the reasons below:

  • The receiver antenna is cut or damaged. If that’s your case, you should replace the receiver antenna immediately with a DX7 antenna. Or, you can just contact Horizon Product Support. They’ll take care of the matter for you. 
  • When the main receiver and remote receiver are closer to each other, you’ll face this problem. So, you should keep them at least 2 inches apart to solve it. 

PROBLEM 4: The Receiver Can’t Respond During Operation

While operating the transmitter, there are times when the receiver doesn’t respond. It’s a serious problem because you can’t operate the aircraft without a receiver.

The Receiver of spectrum nx
Source: Flying Giants

Reasons and Solutions:

Basically, such a problem arises for two reasons. These are:

  • Low battery voltage. Without a full battery, the receiver won’t respond. So, you must ensure full charge of the battery by recharging it.
  • The battery connectors became loose or the wires got damaged. But you have to check it first and then replace the damaged wires. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What to do if the receiver loses its bind?

If the receiver loses its bind, you have to rebind the receiver. Do it using by following the binding instructions in the manual. It usually happens when the bind button is pressed before the transmitter is powered on. 

Does NX6 have 7 channels?

Yes, NX6 has 7 channels. But the seventh channel has only some limited functions. It helps in increasing the radio’s capabilities and allows the pilot to make great use of the SAFE technology. 

Does NX8 have forward programming? 

Yes, NX8 has forward programming. In fact, all NX and iX series have this programming technology. It’s basically evident in all G2 DX transmitters. 


That’s it! Hopefully, by reading this article you’re now aware of the most common Spektrum NX series problems and their solutions. Try to figure out the reasons for the problem and then solve it accordingly. And be careful dealing with dead batteries. If you don’t dispose of them properly, they could harm you and the environment. 

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